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  1. Peter Martin is being a total prick on the commentary. Have to say, TBH, it's 0-0 going on 3 or 4 for Sevco.
  2. For anyone with an android box and kodi the game is in Sports>Sportsdevil>firstrowsports.eu
  3. I was also at that game and there was no way 1723 were in attendance I was in the main stand and, looking out, there was no one behind the Love St end and only a smattering of fans in the North Bank. Somewhere between 723 and 1723 would likely be the reality and it was certainly the lowest crowd I ever witnessed in all my time as a supporter (1976-)
  4. Stenhousemuir 2005-06 in the Challenge Cup. Official attendance was little more than 700.
  5. https://twitter.com/StMirrenActive/status/701079442039422977
  6. The right way to do it... https://youtu.be/GDoqv74egBM
  7. The ref at Sellick Park (in the game referred to above) was Eddie Smith, the same ref who gave the greenyins the last minute free kick at Love St. from which the diving sushi scoffer scored.
  8. Same rule applies in Renfrewshire.
  9. Adidas have withdrawn as one of his sponsors. Has anyone done a predator joke yet?
  10. Had he pled guilty a year ago, when he was charged, Sunderland could have saved over 3 million pounds in wages. Wonder how they feel about that?
  11. and another view https://www.facebook.com/blair.hunter.1865/videos/1665960447010516/
  12. Not the best quality but better than nothing https://www.facebook.com/paddy.ogormley/videos/845638068878723/
  13. Celtic hifi for sale. The bass is ok but the treble is f**ked. Offers invited.
  14. Bitton was the only one wearing a lack armband today.
  15. /Dived against us whilst playing for Hearts in 2000-1 to win a penalty...f**k him,
  16. The main doubt I have is how will the SMISA/GLS ownership differ from the current board? Will they be able to generate more revenue? Will they be able to deal with "cash flow" issues After setting up a repayment schedule to GLS from fans' contributions, how much over and above that will be made available to the playing budget?
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