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  1. Hope Shanks does well. Always thought he gave his all n looked hurt that he couldn't really produce for us! Played in a poor saints team.
  2. A good point well presented, I thought!
  3. Yeah in theory you build up to success. Unfortunately the crazy thing that is Scottish football shows that good teams can quickly go bad n there are no algorithms to predict the way thing pan out! (Other than the ultimate Scottish champs obvs) I say grab it while we can, the time is now, lets do it, no time like the present .........blah blah blah
  4. Do folk actually have their smartcards yet? I bought mine n the boys on the 19th and have nothing to show for it yet!
  5. I bought two ST's at the ticket office yesterday and was told that there were only 4 seats remaining in w5 and none were together. If those seats sell then the section will be sold out until the 1st of July when un renewed ST's would be released for general sale! TBH I was left with very little choice with only a few dozen seats to chose from most of which are towards front of W1.
  6. Mooy has been successful at every club he has played for since leaving us! The move to Man City was for development purposes, they have done similar with NY red bull players. Smart move from City, making 10 mil from a player who never played a competitive game for them!
  7. Doesnt matter where he is, if the Dundee CEO is away to meet with him that meeting will be arranged through Jacks agent. The guy is hardly going to jump on a plane n go looking for Jack!
  8. GREAME SMITH [emoji43][emoji43][emoji43] please god no, he's worse than that welsh keeper, who's name escapes me, we had a few seasons back!
  9. £6k per week? Behave yerself, a third of that!
  10. Tony Fitz been posting messages on twitter last fee days about making life changing decisions! Are these messages intended for our Stevie? IMO I think Stevie would develop better with us and would potentially be involved in something huge next season!
  11. Seriously mate??? You bought into the buy the buds / smisa thing to better the club, if things go to plan we and you as fans will be involved in the running of the club for many years to come, to pull your subs simply because an item you voted against gets passed by a democratic vote is petulant to say the least.
  12. I see David McCracken hasn't been offered a new deal at Falkirk! I recon he would be an ideal replacement for Webster, he is a better defender imo, is still fit and along with Gary McKenzie would be good for Bairds development! A 1 year deal on the understanding that he won't always start?
  13. You surely aren't suggesting that Gilmour is free from any blame in where we found ourselves this season
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