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  1. Hamilton, Raith, Morton, Hibs, Saintees. He didn't score against us for Sellick or Hearts. Almost certain he didn't score against us for Aberdeen.
  2. It would look cool by the beach...or maybe not. Anyway, it can be purchased here... https://usalast.com/cross/st-mirren-f-c-parrot-hawaiian-shirt/ Sizes up to 5XL, and that's American sizes which to us would normally come with poles and guy ropes.
  3. The club kitman recently changed his twitter profile picture to an image of option 2, ie the version with the Paisley Pattern on the white stripes.
  4. Having played Newcastle and Sunderland in recent seasons, this continues that tradition of playing big teams from the NE of England.
  5. I finally got a hold of the away programme v Mechelen. It's a four page newspaper style affair. What has ripped my knitting though is that in their wee bit about official St. Mirren information, they list the club address as Paisley (a suburb of Glasgow) There is also an article titled... SAINT-MIRREN: het lelijke eendje van Glasgow which translates as SAINT-MIRREN: the ugly duckling of Glasgow. Geographically challenged cunts.
  6. Option 2 is slightly less horrific than 1 or 3 (which are essentially the same bar the socks) but having no stripes on the back is pish. https://www.smisa.net/component/sppagebuilder/?view=page&id=101&fbclid=IwAR0AyboDrQmg6ooBAGZNXoL2GdaK1UpZO89jYWOTG6krt2er6X8lytOriiY
  7. Well there we have it, South Stand STs are £70 cheaper than the West and Main Stands and there can be only one reason for that. So much for having a fan survey, they've already made up their minds.
  8. Hey, when I do it it's self deprecating.
  9. Huns to win on penalties. Whether that's the German huns or the Scottish ones remains to be seen.
  10. If the ST prices are being announced on Monday then if the West and South Stand adult prices are the same then there will be no bigots. If the prices are different then I for one will not be renewing.
  11. FC Magdeburg achieved that feat.
  12. Surely the players can wear any colour of pants they like. As for the shorts on top...
  13. And yes, you're reading that right...I've had £440 of free bets from bet365 in the last year which Is why I rarely bet anywhere else.
  14. On bet365 (and other sites too I'd wager (see what I did there?)) you can select a time period to see your profit or loss. IIRC it's up to one year. Having nothing to hide, here is my history for the last year.
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