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  1. Anyone care to post the full interview so that I don't have to give 2 quid to that twat Spiers?
  2. Turns out it DID appear on the scoreboard albeit just "VAR Check"; no reason was displayed.
  3. West Stand on the aisle between W2 and W3. I heard it clearly.
  4. The stadium announcer said "VAR goal check for a possible foul in the build up." Had the board been used it would have displayed the blue background with white lettering saying "VAR goal check - possible foul." as seen at Tynecastle earlier. There's no compulsion to use the board.
  5. You don't remember very well. 😛 He only played against the fans team in the home kit whose keeper was Div. I was keeper for the team wearing the red kit. I did concede 7 but made one magnificent flying potato save from a Lex Richardson piledriver. As others have said I hope both Franks make full and swift recoveries.
  6. A rumour on P&B says that Glen is Stewart Gilmour. Would explain a lot.
  7. United 4 down already and their fans streaming out of the stadium. Delightful.
  8. Hey @HSS, some footage of it was bound to turn up. https://twitter.com/FitbaPatter/status/1567962462346944514?s=20&t=QahgErpToX7z8uIXFf74iw PS...posted as a link rather than the usual embedded tweet so as not to "cause offence" to anyone.
  9. Ironic seeing as the first king called Charles was found guilty of treason.
  10. Some Hearts fans booed the Hearts fans doing the singing. Did you not hear the full thing? As soon as the "silence" started you could clearly hear one shout of "f**k the Queen" swiftly followed by "Naw, f**k you".
  11. Speaking of which, since there's nothing on worth watching, I'm away to listen to some music. Maybe something by The Smiths.
  12. It was the Hearts fans singing GSTQ quickly followed by Rule Britannia and I was born under a Union Flag.
  13. The Chase has been binned by ITV. Thankfully C4 haven't joined in on the pre-emptive grief and are showing Moneybags.
  14. You know, that's exactly what I thought of at the start of the next episode when she was safe and sound in the back of the ambulance. "That was just like all of those Flash Gordon/Buck Rodgers episodes I used to watch at The Regal on a Saturday morning". However, those serials were aimed at children...Shetland is not. Oh look, there's the "You smoked yer leg aff/Ah'm carpets" guy from Still Game as the explosives expert.
  15. What a load of shite, Tosh is still in the caravan with 8 seconds to go but we are to believe in that time she breaks a window or door and gets far enough clear of the blast that she only has wee burns on her hands. Naw. Henshall's acting is truly woeful at times, really wooden. So is Steven Robinson's, his delivery constantly sounds like he's reading his lines off an idiot board. And WTF is the guy from Casualty's accent all about?
  16. I reckon the new stadium announcer (OK I know he's been here for a while but it was his first solo gig today after Campbell's departure) just got it wrong and read out the wrong figure.
  17. 5353 when there were 1400 Hibs fans? I would have said it looked more like just over 6000. Seems very strange that there are a reported 500 fewer home fans than attended the last home game v RC (4557 with 143 away fans).
  18. To anyone who supports Man Utd for no other reason but for vicariously hunting for glory... GIRFUY!!!!
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