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  1. The day the supporters are sallivating over the fact another team are loseing 4 in a row to keep us off bottom of the league is the day the board should be resigning with immediate effect.
  2. I think why SKY continually pump out that EPL is the best league in the world is due to the amount of competition at the top of the league. If you think closely they have Arsenal, Chelski, Manure, Shity, Are aye, Are aye calm down, calm down and the Spuds who are all great games that you would love to watch when playing against each other. On the other side of the pond you have Barca v Madrid, and Bayern v Dortmund. Other than those games would you really open your curtains or dive home to watch any other game in those leagues? Answer is probably not. Hence why it is the best league in the world.
  3. If we get a draw out this ill be getting pished the night.
  4. I believe now we have got rid of ol Danny boy, that this going through periods of 8 games without a win are a thing of the past. Surely Tommo will have us outwitting these diddie teams and we shall start seeing back to back wins more often over the coarse of the season. = a better finnish. C.O.Y.S.
  5. All i remember from that day was the constant banging of the dug-out and the extra-carricular-activities on the beach after dark.
  6. More likely to be.........Plummer cant stop leaky Saints defence.
  7. It just goes to show that if a player can lie to your face about an incident that clearly shows otherwise on tv footage, then they clearly are despicable people some of them. I know i wouldnt want to be friends with people like that.
  8. Just like Rat face saying he didnt bite Chiellini.
  9. Sir Fungus is there today to support Andy i presume. Or maybe hes there to get some managerial tips off our very own tommy. Rock on.
  10. If you didnt know Robben dives everytime time he enters the box, then you dont know football. This twat has been at it for years. Cheats never prosper. Just ask Uraguay.
  11. I here B52 is looking for a new club. Maybe we could offer him £5,200 coz i heard he likes that number.
  12. You must admit, not getting the Hibs job after the great job he did for us , for a guy with no managerial experience must feel like a right kick to the goolies.
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