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  1. F-ck this im going home Ian Murray you are f-cking clueless should have watched this shite on Alba!!
  2. We are 1-0 down in a semi final and are effectively playing with no strikers WTF!
  3. No shape no tactics no midfeild nothing upfront our midfeild should all be called Casper as there ghosts! Baird and Gallagher only ones with pass marks... Agnew is a waste of space at least bring on Thomo he'd be more effective!
  4. I can't judge any of these players because of the managers tactics! I think Gallagher looks the pick of the bunch! Thomohawk played up front on his own with no midfield support! Shankland looks OK at best but is that through lack of service and crap tactics? Gallagher has been played all over the Field he's sometimes the only player in our side that has any fight!
  5. I hate saying this but am not that bothered by the Morton match! Yes I will be there only because I have a season ticket! I used to love the Morton games in the 90s there was real atmosphere at these games! Now though the atmosphere at New St.Mirren park is shocking most weeks. And with Murray in charge I don't see him sending a team out to compete in a derby match Morton should have beat us at Crapilowe but after being out played by by a sh-te team we held on for a glorious nil-nil draw!! I hope we beat Morton I just don't trust Murray to put out a team capable of beating them! I find it difficult that St.Mirren have came down from the premier and are being out played and beat by Part Time and sh-t teams! I hope as the game gets nearer my feelings towards the game change I hope Ian (not got a fu-king clue) Murray puts out a team that plays good hard attacking football! I hope the St.Mirren fans sing and chant from beginning to end I hope we tank the soap dodgers! The very best we can hope for is a scrappy St.Mirren win! The most probable result the game will be a draw or a loss! With Murray incharge
  6. It's all a bit fishy Spalding sacked Alex Miller joins without a contract! The fact that it was confirmed at 12 at night and when I picked up the Sun this morning it says Kenny McDowell looks to be St.Mirrens new Assistant manager! Why has Miller not got a contract? Probably because it makes him cheaper to appoint if Murray doesn't get results quick! I vaguely remember him and am happy to see someone with his pedigree and experience within our management team! The fact he came back because he felt he owed St.Mirren something for giving him his first start as a football manager means he cares about the club! Seems like a good appointment to me and far better than Spalding.. But the way it has all unfolded doesn't seem quite right! I don't believe Murray picked Miller I don't believe Danny Lennon picked Tommy Craig when he was appointed! I also noticed in the interview that he's not after the managers job... But that doesn't mean he won't take it if offered! Thought the Board would do something after the Falkirk game but not this and honestly don't know what to think or feel about it. So as a Saints fan of many years going to use a tactic of my own and cross my fingers and hope for the best! Welcome back to the Club Alex
  7. Then Murray will be next to get sacked! I'm not sure this is the right decision by the Board! Mark Spallding was not upto the job so he was let go simple and correct decision IMO! I think Murrays been read the riot act and been told if results don't improve fast your next! I thought Murray was a good appointment by the BOD young ambitious manager who has experience of the league and has a half decent squad great training facilities and a good stadium... Murray has been a disater and I don't blame the Board for his reaults! But by sacking Spalding and not Murray I just hope they don't make the same mistakes as last season waiting too long to Sack the manager!
  8. Murray is pish and needs to go as soon as iMO! I don't think the board will spend usually with a club in this position I would say we need an experienced manager! But we actually have a decent squad we should be in the top half of the league and well away from relegation... But because of Murrays incompetence we find our selfs equal bottom of the league! If or when we do sack Murray the board will probably take the cheap option and promote from within! The names on that list will include Jim Goodwin,Stevie Thompson,Jamie Langfeild and possibly Andy Webster. Talk of Longwell is just stupid a man that's never played professional football who hasn't got particularly good record of results or profit from his Young player's! Goodwin's didn't cut the mustard last year as a coach so probably not him! I would love Thommo to be St.Mirren manager but mybe not just now! My choice would be Andy Webster till the end of the season! With the team we have even a first time manager should have no problems keeping this team in the Championship! Again the worrying thing though end of October AGAIN and our season's a right off! Lets hope the board learn from last season and act soon because with Murray as manager we run the risk of relegation! Webster or Thommo would be my top choices!
  9. Anyone who doesn't blame Murray must be out there NUT on drugs! He's the one who sends the team out with his shit formations shit team selections shit tactics! His loan signings have been shit his permanent signings have been equally as shit! The only thing consistent about Murray is his ability to be SHIT! I blame the BOARD for us being in this league I blame the BOARD for getting rid of Danny Lennon and replacing him with Tommy never a manager Craig and Garry Teale! I thought the Board's decision to appoint Murray was a good one! Murray's had time money and support in his St.Mirren career and has done nothing! The board must act now if St.Mirren have any realistic chance of a play off place!
  10. I remember him because he missed 3 penalties in a row. In the next game we got a penalty and Cambell Money ran all the way up field took the ball of Charnley and scored! I remember him well think he scored 2 goals was sent off 4 times booked in all matches had a touchline row with the manager gobed on player's and regularly reacted to St.Mirren fans criticism! His name is actually James Charnley and got the name Chick because his first job was in a Chicken factory! He did his badges I know that but why would St.Mirren be intrested? Mybe to teach Agnew how to miss time a tackle or back chat a referee and get booked. Liability not Legend! And no thanks as a coach!
  11. I know this will never happen and I'm jocking! BUT when I think about who St.Mirren needs just now... someone who develops youth someone who has experience of the lower league's who has won promotions in the lower league's someone who has experience and has been Premier experience and silver wear on his CV! Shame St.Mirren sacked him! because that man kept a plucky wee Alloa in the Championship last season and brought them to Paisley today and gained a point! WHERE WAS OUR MANAGER TODAY??? Go on then slaughter me!!!
  12. I found it very strange today to see Danny Lennon in the away dugout! And where was our manager???? No yet another baffling decision in a must win game not to be on the side lines. History tells me Danny Lennon is a cup winning St.Mirren manager! Common sense tells me Ian Murray never will be! DANNY LENNON ST.MIRREN LEGEND!
  13. I 100% blame Ian Murray for how poor the team is! The board got it badly wrong last season with managerial appointments that led to us being relegated. When they appointed Murray I thought it was a good choice! a young manager who had ambition and experience in the first division.. But it's not working Murray has got a decent squad he's got the best Training facilities bar Servco he's had a decent budget to sign player's considering the league we're in! No Murray tactics are the reason we are struggling... There is absolutely no movement in our team his starting line ups are baffling as are his formations and substitutions! He's had quarter of the season and if we keep him as manager then I fear we will stay in the same position we are just now if not worse! I hope the board don't do the same as last season and take far to long to address this! The other problem WHEN Murray is sacked is who do we replace him with?
  14. I voted a bit with my heart If I'm honest! But with the squad we have and the set up we have we should be challenging. BUT if Murray can't put out a side that can beat Alloa then I fear for us!
  15. Sitting in Easter Road pissed off WTF Murray No Thompson after he was rested against Raith! AND WHY CARSWELL???
  16. Gk Langfeild RB Watson LB Kelly CB Baird CB Webster DM Goodwin CM Howison RM McMullan LM Gallagher ST Thompson ST Shankland This is what I consider our best formation for Hibs Carswell and Agnew are to lightweight to be considered for starting line up! If we use McMullan right and have a half decent ref he could be a very important player today! Saying all that Murray will probably come out with a team selection from Mars!!
  17. Danny is a Legend showed my 2 boy's about Ralston they met the team had a kick about with there favourite player at the time Hasselbaink! Then after when we were leaving Danny came to say goodbye! I wish he was still our manager if I'm honest! I will certainly give him a round of applause before and after regardless of the result... As for the daft things Danny said true he said St.Mirren was a great club with great fans! If fans do boo him on his return I will be the first to remind them how far we have sunk since he left!
  18. No Ned Kris Boyd was crap Killie took him I wish they would do the same with Ridgers! So yes if he was to find form and Killie wanted him I would be over the moon. I have never seen him play a good game our defence always looks nervous when he plays in Goal! Langfeild is a better keeper doubt Ridgers will have a 12 year career in top flight football? No Ridgers will get 6 months in the top flight and released at the end of the season!
  19. Ridgers is pish hope he stays at Killie and St.Mirren get some money for him!
  20. If Murray is bagged which will be soon if he doesn't get wins in the next 2 games! Stevie Thompson is the name everyone thinks should replace Murray but just a word of warning... He's never managed before and the expectations on him would be Considerable! Having said all that the board will probably go for it because it's probably the cheap option! I would love for Stevie to come in as manager and get us playing well and challenging for the play offs! Just think its too much for first time manager! I don't want Goodwin or Longwell as assistant manager. Goodwin has no experience in management and Longwell has not done a very good job in the development squad imo!! if Thommo gets the job needs someone with experience!
  21. I think we gave a poor Falkirk team a win today! First off the foul on McMullan should have been a red card we should have had at least one more Goal by half time. Player's were making runs and we were getting chances! The second half was a disgrace no player's making runs we sat back and let Falkirk come at us the penalty was dubious From where I was sitting! Again Ian Murrays subs were mind boggling why did he not put on Shankland? No he put on a young boy not proven at any level in Scottish football who at best could say looked mediocre! Taking off Aggy seemed a strange one when he went off what formation was Murray playing? Yes I think the ref was poor made mistakes that cost us Goals! But the Tactics and Approach to the second half was what cost us the game! And last point to the wee Guy calling for Murrays head at the end of the game I think it's still to early for that just yet! And I would urge you to stop spouting your pish 2 seasons ago you shouting sack Danny Lennon! How did that work out??? Honestly I don't want your opinion I moved seats this year so I didn't have to hear your pish can you not just buy football manager and give us all peace!
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