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  1. Stevie88

    January Arrivals

    Apparently signing for Livingston.
  2. Stevie88

    January Exits

    He definitely isn’t in a position to be arrogant, absolutely not. His attitude is apparently part of the problem here & he is supposed to be one of the top earners at the club, had a bit of interest in him before he came... who knows, might of went to his head?!
  3. Stevie88

    January Exits

    Oran said at the Q&A night that players who weren’t applying themselves properly wouldn’t train with the first team, never mind play for them. If he’s not showing the correct attitude then he doesn’t deserve to be playing... I see all the theories above, but could Heaton just have underestimated Scottish football & showed a little arrogance, which Stubbs & Oran didn’t/don’t like?
  4. Stevie88

    Samson to Sunderland

    I wish Sammy all the very best, he’s been a great servant to the club & will always be considered as a club legend. The timing however is f**king bizarre. Never heard anything like this....You’re number 1 goalkeeper retiring out the blue leaving us in the lurch during an already shambolic season. [emoji849]
  5. Stevie88

    Speculation Thread

    Oran said the exact same tonight at the Q&A night. He will look at the Irish league but not until the summer. Sounds like he will expects a busy January none the less.
  6. Stevie88

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    A very good idea as I’m sure folk out with SMISA would happily donate a few quid for the Christmas meals. I for one am glad SMISA have donated £500 towards the cause.
  7. Stevie88

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    It won my vote.
  8. Stevie88

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Great signing & just what we needed, a bit of pace and width. Another good bit of business from Oran!!
  9. Stevie88

    New Manager?

    I hope it is Goodwin who is appointed, would give the place a much needed lift.
  10. Stevie88

    Stubbs can go now

    I see that the usual post match interview on the St. Mirren twitter page hasn’t been posted tonight... I hope thats a sign that this clown is away. I really have no idea why he was given a 3 year deal, madness. Jack Ross leaving proves that these contracts mean nothing, if a bigger team wants our manager & he wants to leave, he goes. The only thing a 3 year deal to a manager does is cost you a f**king fortune when it goes spectacularly wrong, like it has now.
  11. Stevie88

    Speculation Thread

    Would be a good signing. Probably too good & doesn’t fit the profile of player that Stubbs likes .... centre half or centre mid, shite & hardly any first team appearances.
  12. Stevie88

    Stubbs can go now

    Stubbs is clueless, it’s quite clear for everyone to see. The way he comes across when he’s interviewed, his recruitment in the transfer window & his “tactics” are all a shambles. I know it’s early days & normally would prefer a manager to be given time but I really can’t see it working with Stubbs in charge. When he is eventually sacked it’s going to be the most expensive one, him & his backroom staff on 3 year deals & the hopeless players he’s signed on either 2 or 3 year deals. HUGE mistake!
  13. Stevie88

    Speculation Thread

    Ah, forgot at Rogers!
  14. Stevie88

    Speculation Thread

    Would like to see us enquiring about taking Scott Wright on loan from Aberdeen. He’s now 21 & playing regularly will definitely help his development.
  15. Sunderland are infact interested in Jack. He goes on holiday tomorrow so can’t see anything happening one way or another in the coming days. He has also said he’s in absolutely no rush to leave St. Mirren but time will tell.