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  1. Be interesting to see how long this one plays out for. Hopefully PSV would be willing to act quickly on a loan deal considering our season has already begun and he is not in their first team plans at the moment.
  2. Seems a little similar to Popescu, where the agent has tried to bag a few extra quid. As soon as that happens, relationships break down and its no longer about wanting to play for the badge. Jim would have had a list of players and like I would imagine, you fail with one target, you move on to the next without looking back. I'm glad the club stood their ground. As you mentioned, a player that would have been our highest earner, as a striker would have to be a guaranteed goal machine to justify his worth.
  3. Is there any clarification over how many people will be allowed to watch PPV. Is it only to the total of last season season tickets total, or is it an unlimited amount of people? The only reason I ask this is because of the difference between paying £12.50 per PPV vs what a season ticket holder has paid per game for season.
  4. Defence options currently look like this: Left back: Tait/ At a push Erhahon Centre Half: McCarthy | Shaugnessy | Baird | If needed Foley | If needed Sheron Right-back: Tait | Baird | MacPherson | Flynn (when fit) To me, the most pressing position is left-back, with the others covered not as bad as first looks. Keeping McCarthy and Shaugnessy fit and free from suspension will be key in the middle. Agree we need a striker and that will most likely be worked on as we speak. Wouldn't surprise me if its another loan player with the season so close to starting.
  5. Is Shaughnessy the next defensive target following any potential deal for Gogic gone?
  6. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. 25 year old Mitch Rose, a box-to-box midfielder most recently with Notts County is a target accordingly to one of the tabloids. He is the brother of Spurs player Danny Rose. On the subject of strikers, could we possibly run with Obika, Morias and one more (hopefully Jakubiak) if budget was stretched? There may be one or two midfield options who can play high up off the one striker as an alternative option? I'm not sure if there is potentially a striker within our reserves who could make up a 4th striker position. Morias gives us flexibility in games to either move out wide or partner Obika. A player with similar attributes would be good.
  7. Some of the best memories at Love Street are of your PP days. Outstanding performance. 10/10 every week. Leap like a salmon!
  8. I read something from earlier that said Celtic were willing to take a £1m hit on prize money to vote through the last proposal of league reconstruction back in 2013, the one that we knocked back along with Ross County. It was a terrible idea the whole plans at the time, instead of just adding more teams to the top flight, they wanted to break the top divisions into 3 mini league part way through the season.
  9. The 11-1 vote is a complete joke. Only to please the old firm. It should be down to a majority vote out of the 12 clubs or a fairer percentage of clubs rather than seeing either side of the old firm kicking it out.
  10. I've been following these guys on Facebook. Some really cool stuff.
  11. I've said it before and I think this is the only fair outcome, especially for clubs in the lower leagues. It's what they do with the predicament of either awarding Celtic the title or making season null and void with no champions, which I think should be more of a challenging hurdle to get over.
  12. I think it is the reality now. The pool of players available and good enough/ready in Scotland is shrinking. I think this was something the board and manager identified, hence our link up with the company that provides stat resources to players across Europe. We can certainly try and bring players into our youth set-up, though until they are ready its a bit of a waiting game. Nick McAllister was a player we picked up from Queens Park in the summer. Hasn't quite made his way into the first team yet though.
  13. Time will tell Ricky. I am sure there has been discussions been all parties over possible future ventures and it will move at its own pace. As the deal is due to completed at the end of next year, I wouldn't expect any change to act immediately once the deal is complete. I'd imagine phased improvements will happen over the next couple of years, whether that is cosmetically or through workforce in the community.
  14. Why didn't you re-join SMISA for a couple of weeks at least, attend the meeting the other week and raise all of these doubts you have at the Q&A? Do you honestly think the people that have St Mirrens best interests at heart would put such a proposal forward if it never had St Mirrens best interests at heart to grow? Feeling like a record player, though if you think this proposal was dreamed up over a couple of weeks and had no scrutiny behind it, carry on thinking like that. Thankfully you are a minority that has nothing positive to say.
  15. Kibble are a separate entity. I could understand your argument if a fan paid 300k to SMISA. I don't claim to know the whole ins and outs though surely it makes logical sense, that Kibble taking a percentage to go on the board is more beneficial, as this is a long-term commitment for them, for what they propose to provide in resources to the club? Remember...51% is a majority and that is what SMISA will have if Kibble agreement goes through. In my personal opinion, it is more appealable to have an experienced organisation join the board, especially when they have resources there to help build the clubs future. Whatever your opinion, this has not been an overnight proposal.
  16. Have you never given it thought that in the time of building a business, you see room for improvement or alternative ways of generating additional income in that period of time? There is always room for change for the better. Buy the buds is 4 years in and within that time, like any business I am sure there have been may learning curves, just like GS when he took the chairmans role has learned a far deal greater than he did before about the running of a football club. The club will STILL be fan owned regardless if the Kibble proposal is approved or not. Kibble are not here to take over, they are here to help generate extra revenue whilst boosting their own profile. As you are very aware, SMISA itself is run by many volunteers who already have full-time jobs elsewhere and dedicate a large chunk of their time to the association. Something I think that at times, these people get very little credit for. I know I am explaining points that you already know and will result in a negative reply, as you have nothing positive to say about either SMISA, Kibble, GS or St. Mirren Football Club in general.
  17. Its a shame that you tarnish all old firm fans with the same brush.
  18. I don't think he is a smisa member therefore wouldn't be in attendance. Can tweet away if he likes
  19. Possibly the club don't want to disclose that publicly, as there is a possibility he may be back and they don't want the player to feel like he doesn't have a future with us.
  20. It brings more expertise onboard, exactly. With a successful organisation like Kibble involved, I personally would feel more comfortable post takeover, with another business minded head added to the club to help runnings.
  21. From what I read, my understanding is that Kibble benefit from using our facilities as well as exposure for the brand tying in with St Mirrens community values. In return St Mirren get the highly beneficial access of resources that Kibble have, including a helping hand in areas of the business through employment options. After all they are a CIC company so cannot profit a return. They are not here to take over, far from it. SMISA will be majority shareholder at 51%, by time the deal is in place, if it is voted in. GS with his shareholding % along with Kibble will have places on the board due to their shares value and will all have valuable input, though it will be SMISA controlling things by that point with business minded people surrounding them.
  22. Behave myself? You are the one trying to put a negative spin on every topic on here. Every last topic. Agenda against the board, no praise of players, just negative negative negative. Did he play on Sunday? No Did he play against Rangers? Yes, because we relied on extra defenders at the back. Did he play against Broxburn? No Will Flynn play right back on Saturday if McGinn is still at saints by the transfer window? Most likely He is no longer first choice right-back at the moment.
  23. He's now currently sitting behind Flynn in the pecking order and I couldn't see that changing anytime soon. We have also filled our centre half roles. He's out of contract end of season, not getting a game (at the moment). Jack Ross was the man that brought him to the club. Hibs could have openly looked to sign him on a pre-contract though want him now. It really wouldn't surprise me if the club had spoken to Paul about the interest and he has said he would like to speak to them. Same thing happened with Naismith, ironically the man he's looking to fill the boots of. We sold him off early to Ross County as the player was keen on the move early.
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