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  1. Rumours were Allan back to Hibs
  2. Chic saying we have made enquiries for Shankland who has already scored twice
  3. My Morton supporting mate reckons Tam O’Ware is heading our way I see it was confirmed he played his last game today for Morton
  4. I’m suppose to be at hospitality for my 40th for this game but despite the disappointment of it probably been postponed I would be more disappointed to lose if we are not at full strength
  5. Not sure but Lewis Morgan’s Mum May be alluding to him being unwell at the moment on twitter[emoji51]
  6. You could see this result coming a mile away after the unrest of the week. Hopefully we can somehow get a point
  7. How on earth would Chick Young have a clue who’s on their shortlist or not ????‍♂️
  8. My Morton supporting mate thinks he’s utter pish
  9. I think it’s quite clear I have completely forgotten half a dozen good young players from the old firm [emoji23]
  10. Interestingly though I see Div has said on twitter he’s not one of the two he’s heard so he would be an addition
  11. Sorry for offering an opinion [emoji102] I’ve never even heard of this lad in my life before. That’s not to say he could be an decent addition, he very well could be. The reason I’m underwhelmed is we have seen the likes before of young unheard of old firm players on loan. Rory Loy, Paul McDiving Cheating bastard McMullen and Jamie McCart to name a few. The above all never worked out. The one exception to the rule was Paul McGowan of course. However, he did feature the first team beforehand. I’ve no idea if Hill has or not. Saints are trying to win the title so it’s a big risk. If he signs he will get my full support.
  12. If true it would be incredibly underwhelming
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