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  1. Really easy way for the SFA to deal with it - points deduction for any sectarian incidents. Then it would soon become self policing amongst the supporters. Think the SFA will love the ££ coming in as a result of it too much tho
  2. I agree except it's someone to play wide right, not left.
  3. Because he scores goals which is something we could do with
  4. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3089660/kenny-miller-quits-livingston/
  5. Kenny Miller has left Livi. Unbelievable. Can we sign him???
  6. Liam Smith has signed 1 year deal with Ayr United. Best of luck to him. Thought he could have done a job in the SPL with us
  7. We should appeal to have Bairdy's red for punching Lee Miller at TFS overturned
  8. Good night. Thought Stubbsy spoke very well. Some of the questions were awkward and embarassing tho and it's clear some folk have some sort of a vendetta against him already.
  9. Tam McManus reporting on Twitter that there were English Championship scouts at the Hibs game raving about McGinn.
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