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  1. In the group stage we have drawn: St Mirren Morton QOTS Partick Thistle Queens Park Belter of a group and all great away days - apart from Morton. If only we were allowed to go... Jim Goodwin, Alex Rae, Jack Ross and Alan Stubbs have managed us in these group stages in 4 consecutive seasons. Only Stubbzo managed to get us out the group. Surely we won’t go out early doors again..
  2. As you’d expect given the gulf in budgets.
  3. FT 3-0 Shrug. As always our season won’t be defined by our results at Parkhead or Ibrox. For us to get anything in these games we need a bit of luck and we didn’t get that today, we had a stonewall penalty turned down at 1-0. The foul was clearly in the box and the ref has given a free kick. Doubt that will get mentioned much in dispatches but oh well. Get the Celtic game out the way on Wednesday then a big one at Hamilton on Saturday. It’s games like that that will define our season.
  4. Denied a stonewall penalty theft.
  5. Never ceases to amaze me the state some of our fans get themselves in when we lose at Ibrox and Parkhead. Every single time. The tactics are correct. If we had opened up the game would be over by now. Rangers have much better players than us so the smart thing to do is keep it tight and try snatch something.
  6. HT 1-0 Going as expected really. Defended relatively well, most of Rangers efforts have been long range they’ve not had many clear cut chances. The goal was a cross that deflected in off McCarthy’s hand. Bizarrely the commentators decided it was Goldson who was about 6 foot away from McCarthy when it went in. That’s why you get the big bucks eh Clive? Long as it’s 1-0 we have a chance of snatching something. 2nd goes in its goodnight. Alnwick looks good, an improvement on Hladky too me.
  7. No surprise that McAllister has been dropped, he was hopeless last week. Be interesting to see how Sheron does and where he plays. We will almost certainly lose and we may get a doing. Just want to get these two games out the way before the real stuff starts again against Accies on Saturday.
  8. Hahah this aged well. There’s a reason no other Premiership club wanted Danny when we released him: he isn’t good enough for this level. If/when Obika leaves us I suspect he will have his pick of 5 or 6 top flight clubs.
  9. If he was that good he wouldn’t be at Dundee. He scored 1 goal in 10 games for us. The way some of our fans have got their knickers in a twist about him you’d think we’d missed out on Messi. I’m sure we will sign a striker who scores more than 10% of the time before the end of August.
  10. Or indeed any top flight club. The reason he was at us and is now at Peterhead isn’t to do with his ability which is unquestionable. It’s to do with the fact he’s injured most of the time and has been for years.
  11. Picture worked perfectly for us for the full 90. Couldn’t hear commentators first half but heard them fine second half. Would suggest that people who had problems with the stream today that the problems lies with their internet connection or other hardware. Things working fine at Saints end.
  12. FT 1-0 Yas. That’s a big three points. Fantastic stuff. Livi are a good team, a top 6 team, and they came at us second half but I think we deserved to win today. Defensively we were excellent, Dykes was kept quiet by the two centre halves Shaungessy and McCarthy. Tait was brilliant and got the goal too. Ground it out toward the end. Goodwin’s got the team so well drilled. Top 6 Tony? Stop it.
  13. McAllister off - forgot he was playing - Morais on. Livi much better second half. Holding on a bit... 1-0 still.
  14. HT 1-0 Yeah we’ve been good. Pretty scrappy game but we’ve edged it and deserve to be ahead. The goal is in the only real bit of quality in the game. Lovely cross by McGrath and the left back is in their to stick it in the net with a diving header. Goodness knows what Tait is doing up there, fantastic. He’s been brilliant. Solid at the back and that threat going forward, thanks Motherwell. Expect a rally from Livi second half, they’ve been pretty toothless. Would love that second goal to settle it.
  15. What a goal that is. What a ball that is from McGrath, diving header from the left back Tait. 1-0. Yas!
  16. Goodwin’s the best manager we’ve had since Gus. As the league position in his first season shows.
  17. I take it the captains still injured? Happy with the line up, delighted Foley is starting. Just, don’t lose. Can quite imagine the soaked breeks on here afterwards if we do [emoji28]
  18. He’s been rubbish in July though, which seems to be the issue here. Will see where he ends up. The top clubs certainly won’t touch him. Yo Yo club like Newcastle? Maybe. Is that a step up from another yo yo club like Villa?
  19. TopCat

    Paisley Pubs

    Paisley pubs buzzing tonight.
  20. His - and villas - form has been awful since January. Can see him going down with them.
  21. Not surprised he’s not got a contract yet. One of those that our fans thought he was much better than he actually was. Best keeper in Scotland? Spare me. Will end up in a second choice gig at some Eastern European or English lower league club.
  22. Two and a half years later and it’s still true [emoji41] Delighted he’s staying. Good bit of business from Jim and Gus, sure Ryan had other options.
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