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  1. Doesn't seem that long ago he was on trial with us, sure he played a couple of friendlies.
  2. TopCat

    Alex Gogic

    Gogic now saying he would be open to staying in Scotland. Sign him up Robbo!
  3. Shame we don't get to give him a proper send off. He correctly swept up at the player of the year awards the other night, what a signing he was. As i've said before he is one of the best Saints players i've seen in 30 years, he was a real joy to watch.
  4. Jones was a huge disappointment. Zero goals in the league, zero assists in the league. Dud. Ronan on the other hand...
  5. Ridiculous kick off time given the distance, 12 noon on a Sunday? FFS. Had the fear this game was going to be crucial and i'd feel obliged to go. Thankfully it isn't, and as a result I won't be there. Fair play to any buddies getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to make that journey for an end of season kick about.
  6. He has the most assists in the team this year, and he's a defender who has missed large chunks of the season.
  7. Obika was a fantastic signing, 12 goals in his first season - which was cut short by COVID - was a superb return and one none of our current strikers will match over a full season. Last season and this season he's had major fitness issues however, and he's about to turn 32. I fear he is past it so i don't think we should sign him again.
  8. There were no other contenders. If we had got him before our first game instead of the end of August i think our season may have gone a bit differently...
  9. Difference there of course that Malky was employed in the summer, not February. But yeah I would give him longer than the first quarter. For me if we are in the bottom three at Christmas (or it becomes clear we are going to be) then he should be sacked. If not, then carry on to the end of the season.
  10. Not surprised to see him linked with a big move, he's a fantastic young player who has a big career ahead of him. Think it's best if he moves on and gets away from our boo boys, i just hope we get a big sell on percentage in place. He could make us a lot of money in the future.
  11. Not that arsed, it would be good to win but if we lose it's no big deal. As anyone who seen the game on Saturday will know, The Saintees are not going to win three games in a row, we are safe. Plus it would quite funny if the Fakes were to get relegated automatically. Let's go all out for the win and make it entertaining either way. If we are going to get the higher prize money of 7th, 8th, or 9th we will need to win this, a draw is no use to either team.
  12. Yep he was another great signing this summer. Good job by Robinson to get him tied down for another year, fantastic player.
  13. Didn't Greive score the winner v the Fermers ???? Correct, Ronan's was the equaliser
  14. So McGrath covered numerous shortfalls with his penalties, he stopped playing well in the summer (when we stopped getting as many penalties) left in January, and in February we still had the same points as we had the season before? Who covered the shortfalls this season? The loan market is absolutely vital to all Scottish teams. Celtic are going to win the league and two of their best players have been Carter-Vickers and Jota, both of them are on loan, I don't think their fans mind much. We certainly wouldn't have won the league cup without Dummett, Newton and Goncalves, all of whom were on loan. Let's hope that Robinson is already identifying potential loan players from the English market for next season. A club like us would never be able to sign a player as good as Ronan without the loan system, and we are going to need to replace him. But yes i agree with the last sentence. Robinson will get the summer and will be judged on his recruitment at Christmas time. Let's hope he delivers progress.
  15. Look forward to it. In the meantime here's hoping for some more Connor magic to keep us up in the next few weeks. He scored the winning goal against St Johnstone, Aberdeen and Dundee the last time we played all three...What a player.
  16. Yeah i agree. Sadly we've spent the vast majority of the last 30 years below 9th. Finishing 7th and being in 6th still not good enough for some, clearly.
  17. These utterly shite players did get the club it's highest finish in a generation last season, and they were even higher than that in February. Where do you think we should be finishing? No one has a problem with the manager wanting to build his own team in the summer, it's how he's went about it is the issue. He'll rightly be out the door if he relegates us.
  18. If he is not league one level surely they're not going to get a decent fee for him? Wolves release players every year who go on and do well at better levels than that, they decided not to release Ronan.
  19. So, why do you think Wolves give him a new deal last season? There's several bigger clubs interested than Hearts and Aberdeen, but again, it doesn't matter to us. He's not our player and he certainly won't be playing for us next season. It's been an absolute pleasure watching him in the meantime. SR?
  20. Yep, be more than usual this summer. Robbo wants to gut the place, which is fine i suppose. Just needs to keep us up in the meantime.
  21. Why do you think Wolves gave him a new contract last year, if he is a League One Player? He's also attracting interest from clubs at home and abroad at a higher level than league one. No matter, he's not our player and he never will be, been a pleasure watching him this season. I dread to think where we would be without all his match winning performances. McGrath is nowhere near as good as Ronan and i agree i'm not surprised he isn't getting a game at Wigan. He has never - and will never - be anywhere near an EPL club.
  22. Come back in two months for proof. There will be several contracted players leaving the club in the summer, regardless of what league we are in.
  23. You say that like it was some unattainable goal. 5th gets European football this year. Ross County - who finished below us last season and were below us all of this season, till Robbo - are in the fight for European football.
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