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  1. Listen, it’s time we get a bit real. If I’m JDH’s agent I’m telling him to do nothing at the moment. You’ve got an offer from Saints, worst case scenario you sign it. Otherwise, you get better money at another club and you go there. That’s football. Worth wringing your hands over?
  2. Check this forum for the first time in weeks... first unread post^^^^ ....Reminded why I hardly ever check here anymore 🤣 Hope you’re well FS. Hope you enjoyed that today. Hope you enjoyed Wednesday too. Best Saints team in over 30 years. Thanks to Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp. What a job they’ve done.
  3. We are closer to the top six than bottom. Game in hand on all the teams below us. And that’s despite forfeiting two games against our rivals [emoji122] And we’re in the semi of the cup too!
  4. Don’t you just love to see it. And we knocked the only team above us in the form table out the cup 🤣 These are almost unprecedentedly good times.
  5. Posts like this send a chill down my spine. Terrifying how common this view has become. ‘They’re old and they’ll die soon anyway’ f**king hell.
  6. Can’t match the 1968 team and go 12 unbeaten, can we? Surely not. Hibs are a good side that are in form and they’re at home. This manager though, this team... something special going on here.
  7. When you consider that we had a COVID afflicted squad, were signing keepers on the morning of matches and other similar madness and we’ve have had off field issues gift two of our rivals three nil wins against us... and we are STILL not in the bottom two, you are right I’m very pleased with that. If you miss me that much you always reach out on Pie and Bovril and twitter. Came back here to get that question answered, which I did, thanks HSS... see the forum hasn’t changed at all in my absence. Will let you get back to it 🤣
  8. A quite remarkable position given our well documented off field issues.
  9. Well there has. Last season was one of them 🤣 Going through the league cup group stage unbeaten itself was an achievement given our record in that competition since we won it. The fact we have also went five unbeaten against top flight teams at the same time, and four of those games were against teams who finished in the top five last year, is quite something. It’s a remarkable run of form and the management and players deserve full credit.
  10. Is there a run that’s made up of league and cup games that surpasses it in the last 50 years? If so, when?
  11. Thought that was it. Best top flight run for over 50 years, amazing stuff from the team and manager [emoji1316]
  12. We’ve went longer than nine games several times in the wee league. Didn’t we win nine in a row under Hendrie or something similar? Doing it in the top flight is a whole different ball game though.
  13. Lol at how dead this forum is. Quick question for the stattos on here though, asked it elsewhere but haven’t got an answer yet. When was the last time we went nine competitive games unbeaten in a top flight season? Is it 1968? Jim got something historic going here. Is the fantastic St Mirren info site gone for good, or is has it just been down all weekend?
  14. I think they only post them when we win bud, so you’ll get one tomorrow. This forum still a thing?
  15. Ah well take the point given the circumstances. Good to see big Jon on the scoresheet yet again, what a player he is.
  16. I’ll be at 30,000 feet while this game is getting played. Hoping to land to find us in 3rd position. COYS.
  17. Both the old firm signed goalkeepers this summer. Either could have taken Hladky. Neither did. Maybe their scouts and managers are both wrong, or maybe he just ain’t that good.
  18. Confirmed. Wonder if he’ll get a game. Found his level I think.
  19. Not just what he’s done for us - although he ya been brilliant in all of those three games. Jak is younger and played at a higher level than Vaclav. There’s a reason for that.
  20. I’m sure a defence with Alnwick at the back would never finish 11th and need a penalty shoot out to stay in the top flight 🤣
  21. Worked out fine for us right enough. Alnwick is better than him.
  22. Ho-hum 🤣 Even I thought he’d do better than mid table English league two ffs. The reason bigger and better clubs wouldn’t touch him is simple. He’s just not that good.
  23. Jim’s juggernaut rolls back into Paisley town after a couple of away games. Imagine if we won this too? Why not. We beat the Staggies 2-1 in Paisley in November in the last meeting between the sides, a delightful late winner from our current captain Sam Foley. If we did win we would go third and - assuming Dundee Utd don’t beat Celtic - we would stay there for at least a week. Of course this will be a tough game, County had a good start to the season winning their first two games. Stuttered in the last two though. Took the lead against Killie midweek then drew and then took the lead against United yesterday and then lost. Means they’re only one point above us having played a game more. Our team will be full of confidence and I think we will do enough to edge it. I’m going to go for a fourth St Mirren 1-0 win in our last five games. Miss some chances to get the second then grind it out again.
  24. Hope he finds it before then the cup game’s aren’t till October... Regardless Jim has made no secret of his desire to sign a striker. We can’t - and won’t - have Obika and Morais as our only forward players by the end of the month. Morais is a good squad player who will get a lot of minutes for us this season, mostly from the bench.
  25. What about the double winning promotion in 2006? Keeping us up in 2004? Our first cup final in 33 years? Gus turned us from a club who spent most of its time in the second tier - one top flight season in the 15 years prior to us winning the league in 2006 - to a club who now spends most of its time in the top flight. Just three second tier campaigns in the last 14 years. What an improvement.
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