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  1. We always play the u20's in the semi... The final is a first team pre season friendly. Not really understanding why it's a joke? Are all friendlies a joke or just this one?
  2. Do you know the difference between a weighted poll and a non weighted one? About 90% of the people I know are voting no, but I don't for a second believe that will be the actual result. You've said in this thread before you think yes is going to lose, have you changed your mind? As for getting a slaughtering on PNB, have a look at the thread you just started there. Even yes voters are laughing at you, even yes voters!
  3. He's also on trial with us, has been told by Hibs he can find a new club.
  4. Think that's a decent enough squad, certainly stronger than many of our rivals. We've got an experienced spine with Kello, McAusland, Goodwin, McLean and Thompson, and we've got some exciting youngsters too.Certainly need to add a couple more, but I'm relatively happy with where the squad is at the moment. It's certainly in a far better state now than it was this time last year.
  5. I'm a Morton fan because I'm not getting myself into a state because of a football strip...? St Mirren play in black and white, that's all I'm concerned about. If I like the strip, I'll buy it, if I don't I won't. Using this logic I've bought one replica strip new in the last ten years, that was the 12/13 strip in which we won the cup. If you don't like the strip, don't buy it. I'm more concerned about what we do on the park rather than what we wear. If we finish top six this year I doubt there will be much moaning about the strip we wore whilst doing it.
  6. Was more likely Jon Scullion. He's about 5'3 with blonde hair. I believe he was released last month.
  7. Defender recently at Livingston. Had played for Maribor in Champions League Qualifiers previously.
  8. Did it. 9 no, 1 yes. What was the point in that exactly?
  9. Well I'm not voting no for the status quo, and I don't know anyone who is. More power for Holyrood is inevitable in my opinion, and we will have it as a strong nation inside the UK. I think BT is in the box seat despite the campaign, not because of it. Yes has the better politicians, has been able to set the question and has spent far more money campaigning. Better Together has dull politicians, had been pretty skint till Miss Rowling stepped in and has been fighting against the negative connotations of the question set by The SNP. Had the referendum question been ' Should Scotland remain as part of the UK? ' the whole campaign dynamic would have been different. Yes is an inherently positive word, no is an inherently negative one. However, despite all the advantages yes have had, they've not been able to poll 50% anywhere. It's remarkable really.
  10. It's not just one pollster though, it's every single pollster, every single bookmaker. Do you genuinely believe all of them are so badly wrong?One poll had support for the status quo around 20%, I'd agree with that. I'm not voting no for the status quo, I would like to see more devolution and eventually full federalisation of the UK.
  11. That was a multi party election, there is a huge difference between that and a two choice referendum. Some Labour voters drifted to Lib, some to Green, some to SNP. There was a lot of options for the disillusioned labour voter. Here there's only two options, yes or no, the potential for voter drift is extremely limited. Also the no campaign isn't carrying the huge amount of baggage that Labour was carrying in 2010. From the start the yes campaign has always been about managing defeat, Salmond and his cronies aren't daft. In their HQ I bet they would have been targeting a yes vote of 45% and scope for another referendum in the next 20 years. The bad news for them is that it's now looking like an uphill struggle to even get that.
  12. I've been hearing that since May 2012, when the yes campaign was launched. That was more than 2 years ago, there's little over 2 months to go. How much longer do we need to wait for this dramatic swing?
  13. Oh, come on I would concede it's likely that yes is winning among football fans that post and vote in polls on online forums. Thankfully, this makes up a minuscule fraction of the voting populace. Does it concern you that YES is losing heavily in every single properly weighted and conducted poll? If it doesn't, it should.
  14. Another poll out today, TNS: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.Ku/sto/news/uk_news/article1431131.ece No 59 Yes 41 The union appears to be cantering home to a decisive victory. No complacency though, let's all get out there and vote and bury this nationalist nonsense once and for all. A 20 point win is more than achievable here, indeed wouldn't surprise me if it finished around 65-35.
  15. What a success story our training complex at Ralston has been. We've went to producing one first team player every few years to producing two or three every season. Great to see it being recognised as the third best in the country.
  16. Kello Naismith-McAusland-Plummer-Kelly McGinn-Goodwin Teale-McLean-Wylde Thompson Ridgers Marwood Reilly Williams Yaqub Hughes Brown
  17. What source has him available for loan incidentally?
  18. Well we had the 7th best defensive record in the country, not bad for a team who finished 8th. Reilly looked a great prospect when he first broke into the side. I remember he played excellently in a game at Easter Road playing wide right. Then he was ' Shaun Hutchison'd ' at Fir Park, had a lengthy lay off and never came back the same player. I watched him a few times for 20's last year and he struggled at that level. I would be astounded if he does enough in the next year to win a new contract, but I hope he proves me wrong.
  19. We've signed a kid keeper from Watford. Daniel Willis I think his name is.
  20. If we had scored loads of goals aswell as conceding loads... Would you say our problem was in attack? Because we conceded relatively few and never scored enough, yet somehow that's our defences fault...
  21. Ah he's a 20 year old kid. Wouldn't be averse to having a look at him for a year. Low risk and would give us a pace option from the bench.
  22. Disagree with you there. The defence wasn't the problem last season, it was scoring goals we struggled with.
  23. I would certainly sign him up. I, unlike others, have a lot of faith in McAusland, Kelly and Naismith and I'm sure they will be 3 of our back 4 next year. We'd need 1 of Plummer, Yaqub, Williams and perhaps this guy or another signing to step up and be good enough.
  24. I heard it was Callum Fordyce. Edit that Mevlija guy is a free agent, he was released by Livi.
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