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  1. Was delighted when Cowdenbeath gave them a good hiding in the playoffs a few weeks back. They're a dirty cheating football club and they deserve everything that's happening to them and more.
  2. We'll just be delighted to get him off the wage bill. He's on big money, so him leaving frees up a good wage. Hopefully we will use it on someone who isn't a disinterested waster like Harkins this time.
  3. You really think our wage bill has decreased? I don't, certainly not by much. Last October we had the following senior pros in the squad, all of whom who were given contracts after proving themselves at this level, all of whom would have been on very decent money. Mair Harkins Goodwin Thompson Teale Kello McGowan Grainger In Gus's final season did we have as many proven top flight performers on top flight contracts as that?
  4. Delighted he's went to Dundee, it's great news for us and the other bottom 6 teams. Hartley clearly doesn't know what he's doing and they are destined for another Barry Smith-esque season IMHO.
  5. No no no no. Don't want any of the Hibs players.
  6. I don't think they do hate each other. It's been a staged and choreographed build up between the two, they've done a good job of convincing people they hate each other and thus selling the fight. I think Groves wins tonight, and sets up another winner takes all rematch between the two next year.
  7. I'll do a Danny's wasters team: Cornell Caprice-Haddad-Grainger-Hegarty Djemba-Djemba-Lynch Puri-Harkins-Imrie Bahoken SUBS Adam Guy McQuade Robertson McKee Dillon Mooy Each one of them brought to the club by Danny Lennon. Fecking impossible to do the defence cause he hardly signed any defenders
  8. Adam Campbell had one good game for us really, and it was against Stevenson at Easter Road. The wee man absolutely ripped him to shreds, then done nothing else in his time here. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.
  9. We will finish above Dundee for the 10th campaign on the spin, mark my words. Not bad for a team who's shite every season hm? Indeed now we have got rid of huge manager who was holding us back (IMO) I believe we will kick on and finish in the top 6.
  10. Two terrible players and I'm delighted they haven't signed for us. I think we will finish top 6 next year, there I said it.
  11. Yeah exactly. These are top players who will play at the very top level. Our guys are a good bit below them, not just McLean and McGinn, but May and the rest of the U21 squad too. Just shows you the difference between the two countries. I wonder why Scotland can't produce players like Holland can anymore?
  12. Ach he had 3 or 4 good games for us. Good but not here long enough to get in the 11 for me.
  13. I never seen any of the players you name playing for St Mirren, so I don't know what kind of potential they had, but back then the top teams in England were full of Scots. Look at the Forrest and Liverpool teams that conquered Europe in the 80's, both had large contingents of Scottish players. Sadly, for whatever reason, those days are now gone. Indeed the last Scot to play in a UCL final was Lambert, 17 years ago! The only top class player to come out of this country in the 21st is Fletcher, and he left Scotland at 14. This is not a slight on McGinn or McLean, they are without doubt two of the top young Scottish midfielders anywhere. The point is there's a clear difference between a top Scottish player and a top European player. You think it's realistic that either McGinn or McLean will be running out for a Chelsea or a Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League any time soon? Sorry, I don't. It's pretty probable that Quincy Promes will be though, he's the guy who scored a hat trick the other night. There's nothing wrong with being a solid Championship level player in England, you can make a lot of money in that league. I think and hope that's where both of them end up, and I think both will go on to represent Scotland at senior level.
  14. If Gerry Baker is in your team you're too old to be using the internet
  15. From players I've seen in the flesh, so from since 1997 or so: Samson Van Zanten-B McLaughlin-McGowne-Dummett Murray-Goodwin Mendes-Gillies-Lappin Thompson SUBS Roy Sutton McAusland J McGinn McLean McGarry McGowan I think that team could make top 6!
  16. Indeed. I don't think anyone is saying McGinn and McLean will go on to be Champions League level players. Anyone that seen the game last night will now see the difference between them and the real top young players in the continent. That Dutch team was full of players that could and will go on to play at the top table of world football. Not one Scottish player in that u21 team will. I think both of them could carve out decent careers for themselves at Championship level in England, perhaps for a lower EPL club if they push on. Nothing more though.
  17. Borja Perez plays for Tenerife, played 9 times for them last season. Would be surprised if we could get him.
  18. Ha, that is some sight. Was on that beach when one landed a few years ago. The one thing that struck me was the heat coming from the thing, it's like being under a giant hairdryer.
  19. None play with two out and out number 9 style strikers the way Thommo plays. If we are going to play 2 strikers it will be someone in the McGowan mould playing behind Thompson. We need someone who can play the lone striker role like Thommo does, but is willing to accept that he comes as back up.
  20. I agree. I think he's got 2 more seasons in him at least. Remember Teddy Sheringham was scoring goals in the EPL when he was 38/39, Thommo's 35. His game isn't based on pace, but positional awareness and experience.
  21. I'd be astounded if he did. How many teams play with two strikers these days? Plenty of decent players would be happy to come and be back up to Thommo. They know they're going to get plenty of opportunities and they could make themselves first choice in a year or so. Remember Higdon was backup to Mehmet for a season, yes really.
  22. I certainly agree. Point is any potential signing will know they aren't coming as first choice, which limits our scope. I just hope that when we sign someone like Fallon/Parkin/Magennis our fans don't get all outraged.
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