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  1. Of course they made it over the course of the season, but the three wins against us were in the run up to the split. Had any one of them lost to us they don't get enough to make it. Poor Hibs and Livi had to play us before Robinson got appointed, and missed out as a result ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Yeah from memory neither United, Motherwell or County were in the top six when they beat us. They all made it though, because they beat us.
  3. We literally didn't have to beat them to make top six, we were in the top six having not beaten them. Motherwell have won just one game since Boxing Day (against us of course) and they're in the top six. You remember the County game very differently from me incidentally: More posession, more shots on goal (27 ffs), more shots on target. We weren't great that night but if anyone deserved to win it, it was us. We had two shots on target on Saturday by the way, the drop off has been unreal.
  4. So in summary, you can't compare them because they were different games of football happening at different times. But if you did compare them Robinson is doing worse.
  5. Yep he was a great signing by Jim. He's the best goalie i've ever seen at Saints and i'm not surprised he's getting a big deal down south. Good luck to him ๐Ÿ‘
  6. That's part of the variable we have considered. You're spot on, we used to have a manager who the players loved playing for and as such he had them punching above their weight. We were 4th on PPG the day he left, that was not the 4th best squad in the country. Last paragraph is pointless waffle. Things may have turned worse? Maybe. Maybe they'd have got better. Most likely they'd have stayed about the same, and we would now be in the top six and fighting for Europe. We will never know. Yeah why compare anything? Might aswell just close football down because it's all pointless anyway This forum man ๐Ÿ˜†
  7. Might aswell do away with league tables then if nothing is directly comparable ๐Ÿ˜† So if Robinson wins his last four games (he won't) against teams from the bottom half he will still have a lower PPG than Goodwin? My word, never realised it was that bad!
  8. Well you could pick the worst eight game run from that eleven game sequence and it's still more than the three points that Robinson has got. You're right though, they aren't really comparable. Particularly now when we are in post split world and we are coming up against the worst other five teams in the league, and three of them are at home. Robinson has so far delivered a worse run than Goodwin's worst, with an easier set of games.
  9. We'd been leaking goals like nobodies business before the weekend (14 in 4 games) so you can tell Robbo thought we need to keep a clean sheet for starters. He stuck five at the back and three in deep midfield. Of course we still lost without keeping a clean sheet, and the flip side was we hardly created a single chance. In the games we had lost just prior (rangers excpeted) we had been scoring (2 v Well, 2 v Hearts and 1 v Dundee Utd), but he took that threat away on Saturday, without plugging the gap at the back. I felt one of the main reasons for that was Ronan playing in a much deeper role, which doesn't suit him. Connor is one of the best Saints players I've ever seen, the team must be built specifically to maximise his game winning ability, after all he has won us games himself several times. We must get him further forward on Saturday, where he can best hurt St Johnstone: Alnwick Fraser-Shaughnessy-Dunne-Tanser Gogic-Power Jones-Ronan-Henderson Greive Squad wise we are stronger than the Saintees. If our attitude is right we don't lose (we haven't lost any of the three previous games between us this season). My problem is i just don't think the attitude will be right and the Saintees will want it more than we do, and as such we will lose again. I hope I'm wrong!
  10. He has been, he wasn't getting a game at QP so no point in him being there. Definitely one for the future, not the present.
  11. Mutual consent is as it says on the tin really. Say the value remaining on Erwin's contract was ยฃ50k, we may have offered him ยฃ25k to leave, there's been a bit of negotiation and he's taken ยฃ30k. So it will be less than the value of the contract, but still a lump sum. Our golden era of the mutual consent was Danny Lennon, he was giving them out like sweeties toward the end of his reign. Good to see Lee doing well abroad, i feel his game may be better suited to outside Scotland.
  12. The Motherwell game when we were winning till the 94th minute? County was 0-0 with nothing in it, didn't think either team deserved to win that. None of the performances this season under Goodwin (apart from Dundee at home) were anything like as bad as what we've seen in the last month IMO.
  13. But they haven't though. Six draws and five defeats is not a shocking run. It's a bad run, but we still aren't losing most games. Eight defeats out of nine certainly is a shocking run. You must see that the current run under Robinson is much worse than the run from October to December?
  14. Yeah these runs aren't the same though, this run is much, much worse. In this famous 11 game winless run we drew six and lost five games, a bad run certainly, but it's not the losing every week run we have now. That's the results there, four of the games against teams in the top three. Drawing games against Livi (who scored a late equaliser) Saintees, Hibs and County is not great, but it's better than losing them, which is what we do now. I'd argue the Celtic and Motherwell games were two of the best performances of the season. Even when we weren't playing well, we were always in games and digging out valuable points. And of course the run was book ended by fantastic winning form before and after, which is why we were 4th on PPG and in the quarter final of the cup the day Jim left. Losing at Pittodrie is nothing new and certainly not unexpected, the scoreline was a bad one but it did flatter them. The real stinker was Dundee, and that was an undeniably bad performance. They got an early goal from nothing then sat back, and we couldn't get through. Incidentally those two defeats were the only games we lost to teams outside the top three in all competitions all season, till Robinson arrived. Since then he's played five games against teams outside the top three and lost four of them!
  15. He had a much better record than Robinson anyway
  16. This is the correct answer. My only caveat would be is if staying up meant beating Arbroath on penalties in the play off or something, I'm not sure i'd give him till Christmas the season after, Halloween maybe. Tenth or higher and he should get to Christmas. There is almost zero chance he will be sacked with two or three games to go.
  17. He's on record in his interview at the start saying he wanted top six and Europe and we had a good squad of players. Hard to imagine him saying any different in his interview. Can't believe he said ' I know you're in the top six and unbeaten in 2022, but the team's pish'
  18. Yeah i thought Ian Murray was a good appointment too. With Murray and now Robinson, it became clear quite early on that it wasn't going to work out. I think Robinson may have done well coming into a struggling team who needed a rocket up their arse. But we weren't struggling, we didn't need any rockets or upheaval. Robinson brought the fireworks anyway, pissed the team off, and here we are. Fourth on PPG in February and looking like we are going to be 11th in May. It's interesting watching his interviews change as things have got progressively worse. His first few interviews were all 'good squad of players, we are aiming for top six, europe etc' Perfectly reasonable quotes given the situation inherited. Then we start losing and it's 'I always knew we were in a relegation battle but we have the players to get us out it'. Then the losses keep coming and it's 'only 14 fit players (which is a lie)' and implying the squad isn't good enough. m You can tell by his recent quotes that he thinks relegation is very much on, and he's now trying to protect his reputation by claiming it's actually not his fault and we were going down regardless of his appointment. No one with eyes is buying it of course, it's pretty much all his fault. He knows he'll be sacked if he takes us down and he's now thinking of his future employment prospects in his interviews. Terry Butchers managerial career effectively ended when he took Hibs down in 2014. What Robinson is doing to us is much worse, and you can hear the fear in his voice,.
  19. The last time we won at McDiarmid was 2014 when Tommy Craig was in charge, goals from Adam Drury and Jason Naismith. I'll say the same thing i said before the recent Motherwell game, Rangers game and Hibs game: I fully expect yet another defeat, because our players aren't trying. I would be surprised if we got another point this season.
  20. Gogic has already came out and said he's moving back to Cyprus in the summer as he wants to bring up his young family there. Can't really blame a Cypriot for choosing Paphos over Paisley i suppose.
  21. The Renfrewshire team in that league also had a great season, The Burgh is going up
  22. He's going to be in charge for the next five (or seven๐Ÿ˜ฌ) games no matter what, so we just need to hope he can get some kind of positive reaction from the players. Not much evidence it will happen, the only thing he's done so far is made the team play much worse. If he does keep us up I think he might end up building a decent squad in the summer and he might still turn out fine. To get that chance he just needs to keep us in 10th or higher. If he somehow manages to relegate us then he'll simply have to go. Saturday is key. If we win we will go above Hibs and one of Aberdeen or Livi, we will end the day 8th and the season is effectively over. A draw would be a decent enough result, particularly if St Johnstone don't win in Dundee. An eighth loss in nine games is the not unrealistic nightmare scenario, if that happens it's going to get even more toxic than it already is, and then to Perth...
  23. Can't be signing anyone else until we know what league we are going to be in.
  24. Decent player, decent coach. Will he be any good as a COO? Who knows, completely different set of skills.
  25. Why hasn't he or she been appointed yet? We knew Tony was retiring in January, in an ideal world his replacement would have been announced before he left and there would have been some overlap to allow for an orderly transition. Not only did that not happen, it's now two weeks since Tony left and the club is going through a vital time both on and off the pitch with this key role being vacant. Why?
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