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  1. Agree with this, he's not a defensive forward he's just a forward. Wouldn't surprise me if he finishes the season with more league goals than both Ayunga and Main. That wouldn't be hard to be fair, they have the whopping tally of three goals each and we are more than halfway through the season.
  2. Genuinely one of the worst players I've ever seen at St Mirren. After his sub on sub off cameo against Hearts a couple of weeks ago i suspected we would never see him play for us again.
  3. What, you mean no one called it the simple digital arena? It is true though, I don't think anyone who isn't a St Mirren fan know what our stadium is called. Regularly hear other fans and pundits call it 'Greenhill Road' 'St Mirren Park' or even the dreaded 'New St Mirren Park'. Personally. I stick with Love St. If any future sponsor wants to throw some money at it they can have their brand in the name. Until then, it will officially be the SMISA stadium. Any formal name change would just put potential future sponsors off.
  4. Oh yeah definitely, it just shouldn't be called 'all time' Xl then 😁
  5. Is there anything i said you disagree with? If you're looking for insight you're in the wrong place
  6. All time Xl would surely have to include plenty of players that none of us ever seen play. Our all time top scorer 222 goals (!) in 319 games and 1926 cup winning legend Davie McCrae would be the first name on my team sheet. I'd have him upfront with the player he was signed to replace in 1924, Dunky Walker. Great article on them both here, those numbers are unreal, we could certainly be doing with strikers that could score at that rate these days... https://cairterscorner.com/davie-mccrae/ https://cairterscorner.com/dunky-walker/#:~:text=Better known as 'Dunky' of,the Army side and his If it's players we have seen in the flesh then it will just depend what generation you grew up in...
  7. I'm not sorry if the facts make you feel uncomfortable
  8. Going out at the first hurdle of both cups in the same season is the stuff nightmares are made of, from both a footballing and financial perspective. It hasn't happened since the dark days of Ian Murray in 2015, when we were struggling in the second tier. It won't happen this year either, KTF.
  9. I would say we haven't been great defensively either. In that run of 10 games we have only kept a clean sheet once, the draw against Kilmarnock. We've shipped two goals to St Johnstone, three to County, three to Hibs and four last night. The lack of quality in the forward department is certainly a problem however. Ayunga and Main are a lot of things, neither are a goal scorer, as their respective goal scoring records quite clearly show.
  10. Sure he will do great in MLS and make a tonne of money to boot. Was a bit unlucky that he was getting in the team under Bruno just when he got sacked. Loppetegui obviously doesn't fancy him so he'll need to move on.
  11. The form's poor. No wins in five, just one win in the last ten and we have fallen out of the top six as a result. If we don't turn it around quickly we simply won't make the top half cut and we could still be dragged into the mire below. A Motherwell win here and they will just be four behind us having played the same amount of games. We are just three points ahead of St Johnstone, who seem to be having a terrible season, according to their fans anyway. All in all, it's a big game and one we could certainly do with winning. I think we will. 1-0
  12. What utterly bizarre nonsense, as usual 😄 Dundee are a team from a lower league, they are therefore a lower league team, is this even a debatable point? They aren't even top of that lower league, currently sitting below Queens Park and they just got humped 4 at home to Arbroath. You're right it certainly would be a shock if they were to come to Paisley and knock us out. Can't see that happening though, keep your pampers dry. 3-0
  13. It's just a fact of life. Our players will see moving to a club like Aberdeen and Hibs as a big step upwards in their career, and it is. Their average attendances are both around 15k, ours is around 5k, we can't be expected to compete over the long term with clubs like them, they're just much bigger than we are and as a result their ceiling is much higher. Works both ways too, we are a much bigger club than Morton for example, and we will always be ahead of them in a long term and their players will see a move to St Mirren as a step up. Alloa fans must be sick of us taking their managers, but we can do it whenever we want, because we are much bigger than them. It's nothing new either. In the 80's Aberdeen signed about half our team and they went on to huge success. It was happening 40 years ago, it's happening now, and it will still be happening 40 years in the future. Best not stress about it Of course our players would rather move down south, but often that's not an option for them. This step up is a half way house and a bigger shop window to the English money. See Kenny McLean and John McGinn who both had to go to Aberdeen and Hibs respectively before they got their shot in England. FWIW I think Ethan will be an English Championship player by the summer at the latest, perhaps he will be one in a few weeks. If in the unlikely event he can't get a contract with an English club he will probably end up at Hibs or Aberdeen, and he'd do well there.
  14. Why? Both are significantly bigger clubs than us with many more supporters and far higher playing budgets.
  15. The stats are correct, if they make you uncomfortable that's on you. Of course not winning is much better than losing, I'd certainly take a draw next Saturday. It'd be a huge improvement on the zero points from six SR's delivered against his old club so far.
  16. i told you, one defeat in seven. We have since lost two in a row. Edit it was actually one defeat in the previous nine, i wasn't counting the two Scottish Cup games.
  17. We used to have a great record against Motherwell, then ex Motherwell manager Robinson arrived. Pumped 4-2 on our last visit to Fir Park and lost 0-1 to them in Paisley on the first day of the season. We had only lost one of the previous seven against them, prior to that. Could really do with something here, especially if we want to finish top six. Would take a draw. 1-1
  18. Erhahon has been in the team for almost five years and has played under four different managers, he's one of our most experienced players I didn't say he would or should be starting or even playing every week. My point is it would be better for us and him if he was in the first team squad getting minutes as and when instead of scoring goals against binmen in League 1 - which we already knew he was capable of doing. I was expecting - and indeed Robinson said - that more youngsters would get minutes this season. Instead the opposite has happened, the youth players that were getting minutes previously now aren't, and there's no sign of anyone else breaking through. Pity!
  19. He's playing in League 1, a level we know he's good more than enough for given his exploits with Clyde. All of our strikers have been missing with injuries and/or suspensions at some point this season, he'd have been better staying and getting minutes in the Premiership. We are learning nothing with him scoring goals for Airdrie. Like our other up and coming academy stars Henderson, Reid and Offord he's been bombed out completely. It's a pity.
  20. Should have had more of a chance this season.
  21. Why do you keep tagging me? Absolutely bizarre behaviour
  22. After the League Cup disgrace there is extra pressure on the Scottish Cup this season. We can't afford - from a footballing and it seems financial - stand point to be out early of both cups. A home draw to a lower league team is all you can ask for really. Huge game for the football club and we simply must win.
  23. I think Mbappe could eclipse all three of them...
  24. Maybe, we will never know. What we can say for certain is that Wales qualified for their third tournament out the last four, while we're sat at home. Southgate is a pragamatist and it's worked well for him in tournaments. Takes me back to the Scotland game at Wembley in Euro 2020, he wasn't caught up in the 'beating Scotland' hype train. He knew a point in that game got them through and he was absolutely fine with seeing the game out as a 0-0. They topped the group and then they made the final. He won't be the least bit arsed about the result in the Wales game if they've won the group, beat USA tonight and top spot is assured.
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