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  1. Yes. Really we shouldn’t be counting the Cowdenbeath game either IMO, they’re not really a proper team at the moment. its 10 defeats out of 15 against functioning football clubs. Wins home and away against McGhee’s Dundee, a decent win in Perth, and dead rubber draws against Livi and Aberdeen. The latter only due to one of the worst reffing decisions I’ve ever seen chopping off a perfectly good Dons goal. it’s quite remarkable levels of shite to be honest. It’s hard to imagine any other manager doing a worse job.
  2. Bizarre reply. I thought Robinson was a great appointment at the time. I thought Ian Murray was a great appointment at the time. In both cases, it became quite clear early on it was not going to work out. You understand that people can't predict the future? If they could no one would ever get an appointment wrong 😆 What's the magnificent run got to do with anything?
  3. Yeah some the excuses after losing two games against part time opponents without scoring a single goal within the space of ten days are quite something. There is no excuse. The reason we have lost both of those games is simple; Stephen Robinson.
  4. Are any posters on here going to this game? The only interesting thing about this game will be the crowd, post your predictions for it here. Is sub 1500 for a what is technically a competitive home game on a Saturday at 3pm possible? Sub 1000? Surely not. I’ll go for 1623.
  5. Had a couple people ask about a ‘Stephen Robinson Must Go’ thread last night, not yet in my opinion. He needs a good start to the season. A run in the league cup would have been one way to do that and given us some positive momentum and him some leeway. That disgrace of a campaign is another failure to add to his failures last season. He now need wins in the league and we need them early. First three games are Well at home, Aberdeen away and then County at home. A very kind start to the season and we should be targeting six points minimum from those matches, in my opinion.
  6. Yeah like I said before the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost this, and we did. Is anyone actually surprised by that scoreline? I’d guess not, and that fact alone is the really worrying one. The decline in the football club in the last five months is nothing short of remarkable. To be knocked out of a league cup group with four part time teams is an absolute disgrace. To be knocked out with a game to spare?
  7. I don't understand what you don't understand 😆 Read the post back, and get back to me. It's quite clear and everything in it is correct.
  8. 😆 Nice avoiding of the question tbf. What luck was in that run incidentally? There was luck that went against us of course, been forced to play Celtic with half the team out with COVID was an outrageously bad piece of luck, still got a result though. Tait not putting his foot through the ball against Motherwell stopped us winning that game. We were sitting sixth in the table at the end of that run. The desperation from sections of our fan base to try and talk down what was a generational high league position at that stage of the season as some kind of lucky break is quite something.
  9. Yes. I am obviously not counting the Hearts game that Robinson was in charge for at the bottom, and i am counting the Hibs draw that's not in the screen shot.
  10. Ten games, one defeat - at Ibrox. Wins over Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee United and St Johnstone. Draws with Celtic, Hibs (which was cut out the top of the screenshot) and Motherwell (which we should have won). Routine victories over potentially tricky lower league opponents in the cup, six goals and for two against. I believe Shaughnessy and Dunne started all of them. What runs in the top flight do you think were better than this in the last 30 years?
  11. That was our best centre half pairing last year, they played together on that magnificent run we went on at the turn of the year and kept several clean sheets.
  12. He doesn't appear to be part of Robbo's first team plans, he hasn't started either of the first two league cup games. He started Ryan Flynn instead of him on Saturday for goodness sake, and now Baccus has arrived. We now have Flynn, Erhahon, Baccus, O'Hara and Reid battling for two slots, and it seems Reid is fifth in line. Therefore him leaving now, in January or next summer is not going to make a huge difference to the team. One thing i am confident about is he will not be signing a new deal with us, why on earth would he?
  13. Hope Carson makes a recovery, but when you look at his recent record with injuries this latest break down of an existing injury is not much of a surprise. Wonder how he passed his medical. Alnwick was such a great signing he was always going to be tough to replace, but goalkeeper looks like yet another position that we will be significantly weaker in next season.
  14. Perfectly calm. Seen us relegated plenty of times before, and i will see us relegated plenty of times in the future. The frustration is we have went from such a good place (top six in February) to such a bad place so quickly.
  15. Yeah agree with this. We had goal scoring midfielders in McGrath and Ronan the past two seasons and it was their goals that kept us clear of the relegation battle both times. They've both left and there's seemingly no replacement, none of these players Robinson has signed is a goal scoring midfielder. Unless Kiltie can step up that's a huge hole in the goals for column. We are relying on perma crock Brophy and the boo boys favourite target Main to deliver the goods. Terrifying.
  16. Well add in the win against Cowdenbeath if you want, beating a team of part time teenagers from the lowland league is not really relevant to the prediction thread. Our youth team would have won that game.
  17. Based on the 14 games against teams in the top two leagues since he arrived. Nine defeats, three wins. two draws. That's relegation form over an extended period, plain and simple.
  18. Robinson targeted top six and Europe when he was appointed, that's what he said in his initial interview. To be honest, i'd bite your hand off for 10th now. The regression from the day of his appointment to now has been remarkable. So yes, i'll be optimistic and have us in 10th too. Killie 11th St Johnstone 12th
  19. The last time we played Edinburgh City was also in the last game of the group stage of the league cup, in July 2016. On that day goals from Shankland, Walsh and Baird got us a 3-0 win to get us 9 points out of 12, but due to an earlier defeat it wasn't enough to get us through and out we went. The manager had been appointed during the season before, but he hadn't exactly inspired confidence in his tenure and failure to get out the league cup group was another big blot on the copy book. The poor form continued into the ensuing league campaign, and just six games into it he was fired. Funny old game, isn't it?
  20. Never seen the game, but my word these stats make for grim reading: Two shots on target against a team of teenagers from the Lowland League? Huge improvement needed, quickly.
  21. I suppose it's a sign of where we are, that on the eve of a game against a depleted part time league 1 team with a 29 year old player-manager, I'm not at all confident we are going to win. I mean we should win, and we probably will, but i won't be the least bit surprised if we don't. It goes without saying that anything that is not three points all but puts out the cup, and would really put a big cherry on top of Robinson's poor start as St Mirren manager. There is a slim chance we could go through with eight points if we drew, won the penalty shout out and then beat Edinburgh. But it's unlikely, especially with our poor goal difference. It's a big game for the club, need to get the best available on the pitch and go all out for a much needed win: Urminsky Strain-Shaughnessy-Dunne-Tanser Erhahon-O'Hara Henderson-Kiltie-Grieve Ayunga 1-1 (St Mirren to win 3-2 on pens)
  22. Brophy's had issues with his fitness long before he joined us, he was injured at Kilmarnock before he came. Infact the only season in his career where has made more than 30 league appearances was last season, so that injury hit campaign was actually the least injured he's ever been over a full term. Quite remarkable for a 26 year old really. Are these continual fitness issues for three separate clubs suddenly going to resolve themselves? Maybe, hopefully. It's certainly more likely that he will continue to miss several games a season due to injury., he's already missed the first one. Is either one of Ayunga, Main or Grieve capable of scoring 10+ goals next season? They'll need to be. Without Ronan and McGrath's goals from midfield we need someone capable of hitting the net on a regular basis and staying fit. I'm not sure we have someone like that in the squad to be honest. If i had to bet on our top scorer next season i'd go for Kiltie.
  23. Their last six results: Cowdenbeath 0-1 v Albion Rovers Bonnyrigg Rose 3-0 Cowdenbeath Cowdenbeath 0-1 Bonnyrigg Rose East Fife 3-0 Cowdenbeath (friendly) Cowdenbeath 0-3 Airdrie Arbroath 3-0 Cowdenbeath Six games against fellow part time teams, zero goals scored, 14 conceded 😄 We will win this game...
  24. My word.. the thought is enough. Panic not, we will win this game and it is surely just a question of by how much. The Airdire and Edinburgh City games i am not so confident about..
  25. Yeah i'd say a 3-0 win is a par score here, but we really should be winning by more. I can't see Arbroath not getting at least four points from their games against Edinburgh City and Airdrie, and if they do we can no longer win the group. To get through we will surely need nine points and a best runner up slot. With that in mind, goal difference may be important as there is likely to be a few second placed teams with 9 points. This game is the ideal chance to run up a score and get the goal difference that may be needed. By all accounts Cowdenbeath are expected to struggle in the lowland league next season.
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