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  1. Ho-hum 🤣 Even I thought he’d do better than mid table English league two ffs. The reason bigger and better clubs wouldn’t touch him is simple. He’s just not that good.
  2. Jim’s juggernaut rolls back into Paisley town after a couple of away games. Imagine if we won this too? Why not. We beat the Staggies 2-1 in Paisley in November in the last meeting between the sides, a delightful late winner from our current captain Sam Foley. If we did win we would go third and - assuming Dundee Utd don’t beat Celtic - we would stay there for at least a week. Of course this will be a tough game, County had a good start to the season winning their first two games. Stuttered in the last two though. Took the lead against Killie midweek then drew and then took the lead against United yesterday and then lost. Means they’re only one point above us having played a game more. Our team will be full of confidence and I think we will do enough to edge it. I’m going to go for a fourth St Mirren 1-0 win in our last five games. Miss some chances to get the second then grind it out again.
  3. Hope he finds it before then the cup game’s aren’t till October... Regardless Jim has made no secret of his desire to sign a striker. We can’t - and won’t - have Obika and Morais as our only forward players by the end of the month. Morais is a good squad player who will get a lot of minutes for us this season, mostly from the bench.
  4. What about the double winning promotion in 2006? Keeping us up in 2004? Our first cup final in 33 years? Gus turned us from a club who spent most of its time in the second tier - one top flight season in the 15 years prior to us winning the league in 2006 - to a club who now spends most of its time in the top flight. Just three second tier campaigns in the last 14 years. What an improvement.
  5. Some of our fans man 🤣 ‘6 points is reasonable’ Christ on a bike.
  6. Particularly an away win in the top flight. Any away win at this level is a very good win regardless of circumstance. You’ll still get some of our fans going ‘I know we won, but’ though.
  7. Six points and two clean sheets from our first three games. What a start! Two of those games against two of last seasons top five aswell. What a job Jim has done. That’s us won three of our last four games one nil, you don’t do that at this level unless you’re a seriously well organised and well coached team. Question for the stattos... when did we last have six or more points after three games of a top flight campaign?
  8. Keepers are indeed an important part of any team, but all of his saves were fairly routine stops that I would expect him to make.
  9. And it worked perfectly. Brilliant stuff. Remember New Douglas Park was our bogey ground? Two 1-0 wins from two since Jim arrived [emoji173]️
  10. FT 0-1 Yeehaa what a three points that is. What a start to the season that is. Two wins and two clean sheets from our first three games, fantastic stuff from Jim and the team. To get six point cushion over Accies so early on is brilliant. Was quite similar to the Livi game in many ways. Get the goal first half, have chances for the second, don’t take them, end up grinding out the 1-0. Second half wasn’t pretty but that’s ok. Winning ugly is just fine and it’s what we are doing with regularity under Goodwin, he’s got the team so well drilled. Shaugnessy and Alnwick stand outs again, Obika lead the line brilliantly. Cammy his usual energetic self giving us so much in midfield. All in all a great performance from the team and a great win.
  11. Don’t want to jinx him but Alwnick looks a much better goalie than the free agent to me.
  12. This is good for us. More chance of county going down than United.
  13. HT 0-1 We’ve played well and are well worth our lead, if anything we should be further ahead. Accies started quite well and both keepers made decent saves before the goal. The goal itself is a cut back from Tait tapped in by our main man, Jon Obika. After the goal we’ve dominated and should have had at least another one. Accies have been poor but we could really do with that second goal to see it out.
  14. Fantastic effort from outside the box by Morais there, some save by accies keeper. We are well on top and should be more ahead. Playing really well.
  15. Can hear the saints fans up the hill singing the Obika song [emoji7]
  16. Scrappy goal, ball breaks to Tait back post after a free kick who does well to cut it back. There’s yer man Jon Obika to tap it in the net from close range. Lovely stuff. 0-1
  17. Good chance for us within the first minute from a corner, good save from accies keeper from shaungessy. Two Saints corners in opening two minutes.
  18. Quite remarkable isn’t it. We beat the fifth best team in Scotland on the first day and kept a clean sheet, yet some of our fans still aren’t happy 🤣
  19. Win would be fantastic, to go six points above Accies after three games would be quite the start. As with every away game in this league though, I’d take a point. Go for a cagey 0-0 and meltdowns aplenty.
  20. Best top league finish? You need a history lesson 🤣 And his managerial career since proved we really were long in letting him go eh. Back to part time football where be belongs.
  21. Lennon only had one season against Rangers due to them going bust. His record at Parkhead was awful though. I believe he lost every single game we played there under him over a 4 year period. Remarkable consistency if nothing else.
  22. 2nd February 2019. Rangers 4-0 St Mirren Manager Oran Kearney. It was worse when he was in charge, just like our league position. Feel free to dig out the thread and I can assure you that you won’t see any meltdowns from me.
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