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  1. Bounced in off his shin. Bound to happen with the amount of pressure and time we spent in their box. Big mans a goal scorer for sure.
  2. HT 0-0 Broxburn doing well, 11 men behind the ball and defending fine. We’ve had a couple of chances and should have scored, Obika in particular missing a cut back that looked harder to miss.. Sure the goal will come. Highlight of the half was the worst pitch invasion I’ve ever seen just before half time. Young lad out the Broxburn crowd jogged up to the edge of the D, got booed, turned round and jogged back off.
  3. At this stage of the cup last season we went out at home to a team from a lower league. We’ve came on a fair bit since then certainly. As long as we get through that’s all that matters, i’d take a 1-0.
  4. This is the kinda game we need to get all the new signings their starting debut in. Something like: Hladky McCarthy-Broadfoot [emoji767]* - Famewo Flynn-MacPherson-Foley-McGrath-Morais Obika-Cooke Bawsoot. *The sooner we correctly appoint St Mirren legend Kirk Broadfoot as club captain the better. And less awkward for all concerned.
  5. Priority has to be getting McGinn out. Big (biggest?) earner and can’t get a game when fit. I just fear no other club will touch him given how much he earns and how bad he is. Djorkaeff will surely be mutually consented and McAllister and Erahon (who’s only 18) hopefully put out on loan. They’re not ready this season but could be good enough in the future. Durmus will certainly stay, he’s one of our best players and a match winner. As his superb winning goals against Aberdeen and Kilmarnock have shown. Out of the four strikers the lowest in the pecking order is Mullen. Cooke seems to be third choice behInd Obika and Morais now. Also Andreu and I believe McGrath can play up there if required. Whether Danny wants to stay and fight for his place or leave will be up to him as much as anyone. As 4th choice strikers go he ain’t bad. If he does leave we will sign a replacement, I suspect he won’t and we won’t be signing any more strikers.
  6. Saints fans have always had a thing about signing ex players. How about we sign some players who’ve never played for us before and they turn out good. Anyone coming back is coming back for a reason - IE they haven’t made it elsewhere.
  7. You’d only be happy with our record high league finish for over 30 years? High bar.
  8. Well it’s our best league position at this stage in the season for 7 years. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than what we are used to? Yes. What position at this stage would make you happy? Personally I would be delighted with a 10th place finish this season.
  9. And we are 10th in the league...?
  10. The only way we sign another striker is if we punt Mullen. We have 4 strikers on the books, Obika, Morais, Cooke and Mullen. Andreu can also play there. We only sign one if one of those leave.
  11. When was that? Or are you just making things up, again? [emoji28] I believe the season you are referring to was our league winning year of 17/18. Reilly struggled to get a game after we had signed Mullen and scored 11 league goals. He did also score 11 cup goals, including those mentioned against LTHV and Hearts under 20’s for a season total of 22 in all competitions. The reason Mullen kept him out the team is cause Mullen is better than him. That’s the same Danny Mullen who is currently our 4th choice striker. Ergo, we shouldn’t be touching that dud with a ten foot barge pole.
  12. Shankland was absolutely hopeless for us, and is still unproven at our level. What was the whoosh? What do you think our strikers should be doing? We are 10th and our striker is the second best in the bottom 6. Our main striker us out performing our team, why do you have a problem with that?
  13. What a bizarre post, even by your standards. Are we judging strikers on whether they are in contention for BBC Sports Personality of the Year, or whether they do a good job for us?
  14. Fingers crossed we can get him off the wage bill. Getting rid of him would be a great help in bringing in someone who is actually up to it at Premiership level.
  15. Believe Obika is the second top scorer in the bottom 6? What failure!
  16. Yep it’s been a good window. What’s the problem with late signings? The only two misses have been Djorkaeff and McAllister, and Kyle is still a youngster so could come good. The rest of our signings have had various degrees of success, including Broadfoot who was immense before his injury. Best window we’ve had for a while I’d say.
  17. I’m judging the window as a whole, not part of the window. We are 7 points better off than last season, a huge improvement all round.
  18. Well August is still the summer... so...?
  19. We had a good window in the summer. As the improved points tally and league position shows.
  20. Surely we should always be preparing for the coming window? Bizarre if we weren’t. Anyway, looks like we’ve seen the last of Sean. Shame but not surprised. He’s a bit too good for us I think. Wish him all the best.
  21. FT 1-0 Second half was all St Mirren really, we missed several good chances and should have won by more in the end. Kept waiting for a Killie onslaught that never arrived, they were awful. That’s them just 4 points above us now, they look very catchable on today’s showing. Been a pretty decent December for us, certainly much improvement on last term. This time last season we had just lost 2-1 to Killie and were in 11th on 12 points, saved from bottom by the remarkable shiteness of Dundee. This year we are 10th with 19 points. Goody is doing a great job and if we have a half decent January window we will be fine. Would love to keep a hold of McLoughlin in particular, he’s brilliant.
  22. We are playing a 3-5-2 with Durmus and Morais as wing backs. Working quite well thus far, Foley looks surprisingly accomplished at centre half beside McLoughlin and McGinn.
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