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  1. The ultimate in hypocrisy - you're the one who started this particular "fight". The epithets just keep piling up...
  2. 1. All I know is your online persona which is unpleasant, 2. See above.
  3. Well now ain't that a whopper and from the self declared "Smartest Guy on the Forum" too! You're the guy who labelled the Green Party's (the most left wing party in Scotland with MSPs) tax plans "ridiculous" hardly showing respect, "excessive" would have made the same point but been respectful at the same time - but a lack of self-awareness has always been one of your noticeable personality traits. You show little respect to anyone and deserve none in return, you bullied IOBS off the forum - however I admit to being indebted for the the phrase "morally repugnant" as it's a perfect fit for you.
  4. Yeah, that was a bit annoying fortunately my tea break was 10-10:30 so I caught the second half of E/T plus the penalties. Apologies if that sounds a bit smug.
  5. Oh, so you're joining in the game now - typical intervention from a lying, racist, sociopath, self declared "smartest man on the forum" and economic illiterate (you can't have a Scandinavian society on UK taxes and you branded proposals to fund this by the Greens as ridiculous) - let the fun continue!
  6. Boris is the Tory Foreign Secretary who said "fuck business" when they were lobbying for a softer Brexit back in the day, he's prone to using overblown language so who knows? Lotta enquiries going on at the moment and it seems to have the Tories a little bit rattled as they are all giving identical replies, the problem for us lefties is the criticism is all coming from outside the tent at the moment, unless one of the insiders (Gove?) delivers the fatal blow it's all destined for wrapping tomorrow's fish suppers - as us oldies say! ****************** Both BBC and ITV quoting "sources" saying BJ did make the alleged remark, with Peston on ITV also saying Cummings is not the "chatty rat".
  7. Yeah thousands dying to this virus in India each day and it's spring. He'll not be able to compute how that's happening. Probably the best way to tackle the disease in India & the Third World in general would to put a waiver on Covid vaccines....
  8. More fake pity Cap'n & no doubt ill informed - keep it up... ...and all this over a disease that doesn't exist!
  9. I knew it wouldn't take long for ICC to reveal himself as a racist just like shull - "Marxist" we know what you really mean.
  10. Interesting stat on Sportscene results which will cheer up @elvis - Killie's home form would put them in 6th position whereas their away form would leave them in bottom spot, unfortunately we're playing on their synthetic monstrosity.
  11. I don't believe it'll happen but if it does they've got to go completely, out of the League, the Cups and take their Colts teams too....
  12. Oooft - when friends fall out! Dominic Cumming whilst denying he has been briefing against his former besty has launched a open attack on the self styled King of the World... Dominic Cummings Blasts Boris Johnson Over His 'Competence And Integrity' And Denies Leaking Stories | HuffPost UK (huffingtonpost.co.uk)
  13. The man from the band that inspired Blitzkreig Bop by The Ramones. There will never be another S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night - RIP.
  14. Won't happen but part of me would like to see them go - even in a bad season Celtic have won 21/35 matches, would their fans be hap py to spend 4/5 season in the bottom half of the Superleague? 4/5 seasons where they might miss out on European football - that would be a glorious irony!
  15. Well that's a monkey off our backs - with GD effectively an extra point for us. 7 St Mirren 35 -7 43 8 Dundee Utd 35 -16 42 9 Motherwell 35 -17 41 10 Kilmarnock 35 -11 32 11 Ross County 35 -35 30 12 Hamilton 35 -31 27
  16. and moved up another spot for winning the game. Onto Monday night and the cup - COYS!
  17. Is Mr. Young changing into a werewolf in your avatar?
  18. Good news is that just by kicking off we have moved up a place on the BBC Table! COYS!
  19. All them karaoke klassix - to many to name. A bit hit'n'miss but it's the hits we'll remember- Bat out of Hell producer Todd Rundgren still maintains the album was a joke" saying "I can’t believe the world took it seriously”. In the end though who could fail to love a producer who worked with both The Sisters of Mercy & Take That? RIP Jim
  20. Offering himself on a plate?
  21. Folded quicker than I expected. it was entertaining to see various politicians etc dusting down their "ordinary bloke" personae over the last few days.
  22. You're using only in a different context to the one I used I never made the above claim but as we're here, we're queer, and drinking all your beer who else will benefit from extra entries being doled out to the "non-qualifiers" with the highest coefficients? Both proposals share the same ethos - the ESL one is just further down the path on a journey that began with the changes made in 97. I'll repeat my prediction that a compromise will be reached and a proposal similar to the current ESL offering will be back on the agenda 5 years from now - minus the current levels of outrage. Am I doing it right?
  23. 1. I thought I'd made it clear it was about which of the two formats is better not the entry requirements but Fairy Nuff. 2. The existing CL set-up also seems "kinda like a private members club for rich greedy cunts", heavily favouring clubs from the big countries and the changes UEFA are proposing will only increase this. The split will be different between the two proposals but overall I don't understand the level of "outrage" towards the ESL as we've been heading to this point since the decision to let in multiple entrants from big countries back in 97. The idea that the big clubs want to stabilize their income and avoid fluctuation due to form neither surprises nor disheartens me, it's a paradigm of a planned economy - good socialist thinking! I stopped watching European football about 30 years ago & only really notice it these days when it spills onto the main news programs, so I will watch neither format nor any hybrid that emerges.
  24. Are EUFAs plans for a revamped CL any/much better than what the ESL (both below) are proposing? I see the ESL proposals as putting down a marker for the next reshuffle
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