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  1. Jezzo mate what game were you watching tonight, certainly couldn't have been the same game I was..
  2. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get away with singing there bigoted songs in his taxi..
  3. Is anyone else reading these FS and SinE posts? Seriously how much of a freak is that dude from Arbroath, (don't reply to that post cos I've already done it)🤣🤣what a brass neck of a poster...
  4. That boy Paterson is honking, hope he gets pulled a HT..
  5. Superb result, well done lads.. Thought Alan Power was excellent today, great signing...
  6. I may be able to help you out through a friend of a friend, I'll let you know tomorrow... Has the place even opened back up yet?..... I haven't noticed much activity around it when driving past...
  7. No wins in 7 for Aberdeen.. You know what we're like, that gives me the fear..
  8. Deserved the point maybe more, great performance from the lads today, McAllister should have won that for us at the end...
  9. We are absolute chronic..... 2 days before the transfer window shuts and we don't have any wingers, it's a total shitshow,
  10. If there's any justice in this tournament that cheating wee diving cnut Sterling should be getting banned from playing in the final... But it would mean uefa admitting they made an arse of the VAR...
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