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  1. Scott doesn't seem to have the confidence to run at players, that was his big strength when he played for M'well, possibly he's struggling for fitness atm
  2. No shame in getting beat off Rangers but to lose conceding 2 goals like that are hard to take, we deserved something from that today..
  3. Yeah you would think after Ross County and Dundee getting positive results against them then we should be due one aswell, sadly it never seems to work out that way for us..☹️
  4. I'm also getting the Dundee game on SMTV, But working fine on Hearts TV.
  5. So wish I was there today, sadly I'm not... But I'll be tuning in as much as I can .. C'mon Saints let's get tore right into them....πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡ͺ
  6. We were the better team and should have won that today, Kiltie should have been hooked he was like a ghost out there today, 2 points dropped imo, disappointing..☹️
  7. Tanser's playing but I agree on the other 2, would have liked to have seen Kwon and Baccus start but as you say the bench is really strong..
  8. Surely we must have been close to if not over 3000 in the championship survival season, the 4-1 game at Cappielow and at Easter road last game of the season.. 2 brilliant away days...
  9. Better 2nd half and deserved the equalizer, but that was brutal on the eyes, any wonder why Sky rarely show games like these, Can't wait for Livi v M'well game tomorrow πŸ™„
  10. I see everyone's buzzing for this match, only the 3rd post in a thread that's over 6 weeks old tells it's own story, like most I despise home games against the arse cheeks.. Hopefully it'll get a lot busier tomorrow once we pump the cunts...πŸ™..C'mon Saint's.
  11. Shite draw... probably the worst possible tie, be aswell getting them away from home and getting a decent payday.
  12. That's good to hear mate, any foe of that club is a friend of ours..πŸ˜‚ I'm sure someone will help you out bud, good luck 🀞
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