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  1. If there's any justice in this tournament that cheating wee diving cnut Sterling should be getting banned from playing in the final... But it would mean uefa admitting they made an arse of the VAR...
  2. I drove past the stadium yesterday afternoon as the players were all jumping aboard the 2 buses.... Was thinking to myself maybe they're off to some training camp somewhere, Strangely hush hush..
  3. As an essential worker (not healthcare) I was only off work the first 2 weeks of the lockdown so wasn't really housebound like many folk.... I thought I'd miss my usual nights out at the pub but surprisingly I didn't, really enjoyed sitting watching football with a few beers in front of the telly, I honestly don't think I'll be visiting the boozers a fraction of the amount as I did before.. The thing I'll remember most from this period is the amount of folk I know who passed away, it seemed like a weekly occurance at one point 3 of them were very close friends yet strangely I never knew a single person who died from covid although a couple of old residents in my wife's work did..
  4. Not such a bad idea that... With our big Irish connection atm, plus the fact St Mirin himself came from there it would be a 2nd kit with a bit of meaning..
  5. Yeah totally agree, don't think I've seen Flynn play badly for us in a long time, if the problem was issues over his fitness he shouldn't have been on the bench in the first place...
  6. Feel totally gutted after that, even though the Johnnies were the better team we missed some absolute sitters that should have won us the game.... I need a serious amount of alcohol now to numb this feeling...😪
  7. https://the72.co.uk/233291/peterborough-united-interested-in-st-mirren-midfielder/ Seems Aberdeen's got a bit of competition for Jamie,
  8. I've taken a few days off work so the beers will be getting hit big time tonight, a win and they'll be followed up by a few rum and cokes.... Mon Saints let's do this mob...
  9. Not sure what's so funny about saying that, every team left in the cup are certainly capable of beating any other...
  10. Lea McKeown former bay city rollers, dead aged 65...
  11. I'm pretty sure that was up the stairs from Watson's, it was also called Saints for a while..
  12. 🤣🤣, Do I feel like a fud now or what..
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