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  1. 🤣🤣, Do I feel like a fud now or what..
  2. Hands up, anyone else struggling with this.. Probably gonna sound like a dafty but I need an explanation on this one...😬
  3. Yeah I heard him losing the nut at the press conference, comedy gold...😂
  4. He scored an injury time winner only for the ref to rule it didn't cross the line when it clearly did, no wonder he was raging at the final whistle....
  5. Nope it was "defo" onside
  6. A couple of bad results and his bottle will crash........ 😬
  7. Fcukin gutted..... but hardly surprised, I've been putting up with this disappointment pish for over 45 years, This seasons been a hard watch, I'll be glad when it over..
  8. Our last 4 games would get football stopped, absolutely boring as feck all of them, truly awful displays...
  9. I actually played against big Gordon for a Feegie select, he brought a St Mirren under 21s team down to the Ferguslie astroturf must have been early 90s, I'm sure he was a coach with us for a short time, he played about half n hour of the 2nd half, the game ended 2-2 iirc. I remember he came into our dressing room after the game and wished us all the best....Nice guy, such a shame..
  10. Yeah Frank was my first real footballing hero as a kid, I even told him that, I've met him on many occasions and he always speaks highly of St Mirren, said he loves the club and the fans.. great guy and a superb player..
  11. Was wondering because he never played for Airdrie, it's a testimonial apparently..
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