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  1. Conor Goldson has got to be one of the worst diving cheating c**t in Scottish football
  2. One of Feegie's finest, brought up in the same street as my Dad and went to the same school... Very talented man. RIP.
  3. Looks like Alan Logan, but surely a bit early for him I think..
  4. I think you must have been partying harder than me back then..😂
  5. Wow, I have zero recollection of this game ever taking place.. then again I was in my early 20s and partying hard, things have always been a bit blurry around this time..😂
  6. Don't think this game would've been on the TV, it was a Saturday 3 o'clock game and I left work early to go to this, I'd planned to meet fellow workmates in the cellar bar after the game but they were involved in a bad car crash on the way home, luckily no one got seriously injured, I would have been in the crash if I hadn't went to the game..
  7. Another Gogic brain fart, very unlike himself tonight..
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