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  1. Just a fracas? http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/jeremy-clarkson-called-top-gear-5330155 Intoxicated at work. Poor punctuality. No respect for other work colleagues. No respect for members of the public. Physical violence (criminal?). Disregard for employer's reputation in public. Racism.
  2. He still won't get a yellow card and they won't show it on Sportscene.
  3. They made a special "Congratulations on the League Cup" biscuit 2 years ago. Still have mine in the fridge. Could not face eating it. I'm glad as it reminds me of those distant glory days every time I get the milk. Must be some amount of preservatives in it ..
  4. Saw the May 2003 annular eclipse from Durness. Thousands of folk on beach and cliffs drew a breath when the Scottish weather played fair for once and the morning sea mist cleared just in time. The seabirds went totally silent as it darkened. http://www.caithness.org/fpb/may2003/photogallery/index.php?gallery=36ℑ=6 Reminds me to get my old "print" photos out from this and scanned. The upcoming one will be over 90% in the west of Scotland, 95% in the Hebrides. Let's hope for clear skies.
  5. Seriously? Crufts is an abomination. It has nothing to do with dog welfare; encouraging breeding for looks, rather than behaviour or health. The RSPCA, Dogs Trust and PETA refuse to have anything to do with it now. It is, all about human vanity and greed.It's no surprise some of the humans associated with it will go to the lengths detailed in the article. If you want a dug, go to the home at Cardonald. There is plenty there with wonky tails, eyes, paws etc. And they will be better for it.
  6. Is white dug shite involved?
  7. Just like the good old days; you get to sit on gym benches and if it's pishing down you get soaked to the skin.
  8. Yes at the Renfrewshire Cup Final they actually had a block of square sausage. Bloke in van sliced it just right and fried it on demand and into roll. Made me forget free beans and crap bridies at SMP.
  9. The Argentinians signing an agreement to buy the club this week ......
  10. Today's paper in Girona states that the Argentinian group have formally withdrawn any interest in purchasing Girona FC. It also indicates that they are now looking at other clubs in Spain. No mention of St.Mirren. The only hope for Girona FC avoiding bankruptcy seems to be Pere Guardiola. Not a typo, it's his brother.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31134866 Up in front of SFA for post Dundee comments. Good for Gary. Danny and Tommy were far too passive. Managers of other "bigger" clubs get away with this all the time, and use it to their advantage.
  12. Sounds like a job for Andy Murray,but he is otherwise disposed. It'll be another great, Thommo plus Mallan and McLean for a straight sets victory. Also, Thistle will run out of pies in main stand due to 2000 Saints season ticket holders turning up.
  13. Just think of the effect a boycott would have on your burger bar. It's a 3 team league now. Saints will finish top; whether you attend or not.
  14. The men from Buenos Aries have said no to Girona. Went back home last night. They had agreed 2.3 million euros, with an extra 1.7 million if Girona gained promoted this season.Sticking point was a guarantee there were no nasty liabilities lurking in Girona's books.Seems the deal could still be completed long distance, but has to before Feb 19 when the club could be declared bankrupt. So neither Girona or St.Mirren appear to be getting sold this week.
  15. Yep, an ambiguous tweet but would make sense. Pini's pulling out of Girona deal, he is a Spanish speaking Scot, and lives near Girona. New Chief Exec? Hope not. Anyone seen the Pini's on the Ryanair flight tonight from Girona to Prestwick. Arrives 2245 so they might catch the last train to Gilmour St. Somebody tell them Kilwinning is their stop.
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