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  1. Stubbs might have called it correct but you haven’t! Stubbs has never managed Adam Eckersley. EDIT.... Sorry Wendy Saints, I got that one wrong. He was managed by Stubbs but didn’t play under him. I hope I’ve got THAT right!
  2. As it stands, We’re currently sitting NINTH [emoji3]
  3. Have we just to forget Spartans, Queens Park and Sunderland then? Stubbs was in charge of 10 games, (one of which was a friendly fixture).
  4. Remember the time you were once a respected poster? Seems a long time ago now. Please update your profile to say 99% of your posts are garbage.
  5. Lurid fantasies? What planet are you on at the moment? Finish your funny cigarette and ask an adult to help you switch off the computer!
  6. That’s not slagging him off. Far from it. Look, Mr. Magoo could see he was making an arse of it. He ran out of ideas early doors. He said he learned lots from the Rotherham debacle but didn’t show it. Poor,poor recruitment policy. Alan Stubbs would probably be a better manager if he could spend. It’s not inconsistent to say you’ll give one manager time and not the other if one of those managers are making a pigs ear of it and seeming ill feeling running through the club. The feel good factor gone in a matter of weeks. No one chased Alan Stubbs out of town Bud The Dramatist, The Board had had enough. I don’t get why you are harping on about a manager that’s away anyway?? If you don’t like the new manager or new set up just say. You’ll look all the better when we get relegated and we can’t afford to sack the manager or TD. And we’ll all be reading the thread “we should have given Stubbs more time “.... by Top Cat the Baker!
  7. The rumour at the time was he was to be sold.
  8. I’m beginning to wonder if this is one of Top Cat’s aliases!! You have got to be kidding. Stubbs was killing our club from the inside out. His man management was dire. Recruitment shocking though his impersonation of Alex Rae was pretty good as it was all the players fault! It’ll take a bit of time to get things right just as it did for Jack Ross. If Stubbsy was given more time gawd knows what state the club would be in. No Cammy Smith for example? I’m not slagging Stubbs off, I think he was the wrong type of manager for us and Gordon Scott should carry the can for that. Stubbs has gone now. Why not try and get behind the new guys or cut to the chase and start a tick tock thread!
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