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  1. Doesn’t matter what happened last season. They weren’t better. We created more chances. We scored they didn’t. They weren’t fitter. We kept going until the end and there wasn’t one single player that wasn’t driving us forward. They hoofed it up the park all day long. We arguably played better football in the last 20 mins of the first half once we got a measure of the conditions. Their brand of football if f**king painful to watch. That certainly hasn’t changed since last year. Thankfully they got what they deserved. We’ve now had three solid performances in a row that have given us a real chance of staying up. Just enjoy it for f**k sake.
  2. I genuinely don’t understand this point of view. We’re playing a team that’s 20 points or so ahead of us, has a solid defence and we’re trying to play in the midst of a gale force wind and driving rain. We did more with the ball than they did and got the goal our efforts and persistence deserved. I’d take another 5 or 6 like it between now and the end of the season.
  3. DLBud

    Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

    There’s plenty of time and games left mate. 12 points to play for against the two teams directly above us will have a massive bearing on our fate. If we go down we can have no complaints. The last two weeks must give everyone genuine hope.
  4. DLBud

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    The way he’s been playing recently a retrospective red card wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.
  5. DLBud

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Maybe we will mate, however, his salary IMO would have been better spent on the squad, specifically the midfield hard man we’ve needed for a loooong time now. In terms of the DOF role in general, I thought the idea was that you bring players in that will fit the style the club want to play therefore mitigating the impact of a new manager every couple of seasons. What are we trying to achieve with this current group? The personnel and formations/tactics seem to change every game and then very quickly in-game when we realise it’s another clusterf**k. Hard to see the light at the end of this particular tunnel right now.[emoji19]
  6. DLBud

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    I agree that the OK quote about Utd being favourites was poor. Not what I want to hear when a team from a lower division are visiting. I also agree that the BOD are delusional. The appointments of Stubbs, Kearney and “Moneyball” McPherson are evidence of that. However the notion that Jack could/should have rolled the dice with us to secure a lucrative future is nonsense. He’s already used us a platform for that by winning the championship. Sunderland are a massive club and if he’s lucky he might just take them back to the top league in England in the next few years. Every single game from here on will be an absolute shitfest and our upcoming games against Dundee and Accies will be virtual relegation deciders as I fully expect us to be further behind than we are right now. We are an appallingly run football club right now and are sliding inexorably toward another 10 year stint in the second tier. Anyone who thinks there’s hope to be taken from the second half against a team from a lower division with 10 f**king men just doesn’t want to accept the reality of our situation.
  7. DLBud

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    No mate, I wasn’t.
  8. DLBud

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    Usual overreaction by the same trolls who can’t wait to jump on after a defeat. There were some very encouraging signs today, however, we need to hope that this team of strangers gels quickly or we could be in bother. OK said on the radio afterward that we were looking to bring in a couple of forwards and another wide player? I’d suggest shelving the wide guy and getting a dirty bastard to support McGinn in the middle.
  9. He certainly helped us turn the game around today. I’m not sure he’s seen as the answer though if the rumours about other strikers are to be believed.
  10. I don’t understand a post like this. We were pish in the first half and were rightly behind. Not sure 0-2 was a fair reflection but that’s what the scoreboard said after 45 mins. 2nd half was different gravy. We moved the ball much quicker and didn’t allow Alloa to settle into their shape when they lost possession. We scored three goals and you’ll be hard pressed to see two better passes thanks McGinn’s to set both up and the finish for the 3rd was sublime. There’s your quality right there. How is that “jammy”? Add to that young Lyons showed flashes in his cameo, the keeper looked rock solid and Popescu was superb. With, at least, another 3 to come in there is definitely cause for cautious optimism. I’d certainly rather be in our shoes tonight than the fans of ‘Well, Accies and Dundee.
  11. DLBud

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    Well, that was a strange one. After 11 mins I thought we were going to get a complete shellacking but we stayed in it, got the goal and had more about us for the remainder of the game without really bothering Killie too much. McGinn was excellent and that was the only real bright spot. Not sure why OK waited so late to change it as we had a few that had run their race. If we get 5 in and Magennis back we have a fighting chance. If not......
  12. DLBud

    Reality check

    I’ve called it as I see it. You said you weren’t looking for excuses and then rattled off a few. In summary, Stubbs was shit, his squad was shit and I think OK should be doing better with what he has. You got your panties in a twist because I said forget Stubbs, mistakenly thinking that meant I absolved him of blame, and here we are. Just let it go FFS.
  13. DLBud

    Reality check

    “Squad not strong enough” “Players were tired” (My personal favourite🤣) “Weak bench” FFS, do you even proof check the shite you spout?
  14. DLBud

    Reality check

    The only one looking for an excuse here is you mate. OK inherited a shit squad but IMO he could have done better with what he has. I like him and I’m behind him but my original point was that we’re seeing quotes of 10 out and 4 in and if that’s the case I don’t think we’ll see much of a turnaround based on what I’ve seen from his team so far. That’s my opinion. Don’t put a spin on it or twist it as I can’t be arsed going back and forth with you.
  15. DLBud

    Reality check

    I’m not underestimating St Johnstone. They’re a top 6 team IMO. I said before the game on Saturday I’d take a point but the manner which we lost it, dropping deeper and deeper with no out ball was frustrating.