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  1. I guess he should have had those reservations before he took the gig though.
  2. Look, Gordon Scott may well have f**ked this one up but you know that he can’t come out and say much of anything if a compromise agreement has been reached. IMO Oran has come very close to saying too much in his twitter post as he is pretty much saying he was booted out. Doesn’t matter much now. He’s out and hopefully Goody’s in by tomorrow followed by some signing news. ETA Just seen the signing of The Bank and Lyness[emoji106]
  3. Absolutely right and this has hardly been mentioned with all the shite that’s been going on over the last few days. Irrespective of where the blame lies for this shambles with Kearney the state of the squad is nothing short of a joke and that does sit with Scott, Fitzy and Gus. We managed to pick up players in the Jan window just fine so what’s the issue now?
  4. I’ve learned/reaffirmed a few things over the last couple of days. 1. Supporting this club is hard work.....harder than it needs to be. 2. Too many people enjoy revelling in that turmoil. 3. Letting supporters get a hold of this club will be the mother of all clusterf**ks Oh, and if I have an employment law issue I shouldn’t call Lookatme!🤣
  5. It’s completely on topic. The topic being the departure of the manager and you scrambling around using any source you can find to discredit the BOD. They may well have f**ked this one up royally and if so there will be a time and place for recriminations and you can have your day in the sun then. The point, that has now been made to you exhaustively, is why speculate so vociferously when you have no evidence to support your view?
  6. ^^^^^^^^^ 100% this His MO is to throw out as much shite in his posts that it becomes too time consuming to keep fact checking it and in his mind that means it’s true. He’s like the forum’s own Trump. Another blowhard who makes shit up and posits theory as fact.
  7. Employment Law is a specialism of his don’t you know?🤣
  8. You just don’t give up so you? You’re hellbent on painting the club in a bad light when you don’t know anything that happened. You’re so anti-GLS that even if the truth of the matter was that Kearney had requested an increase in commuting days and asked the club to pay for it (which is the rumour I heard but didn’t make a big deal about as it has as much credence as the rest of them) you’d still find a way to twist it. You state opinion as fact and, despite your assertion yesterday that “Employment Law is a specialism” can’t wrap your head around why the club haven’t come out and satisfied your petulant need for information during a period where it’s obvious there are legal and contractual implications. Holding the club to account is one thing (and I’m in favour of it BTW) but your incessant, negative, dribbling on almost any matter you don’t agree with is just tedious. “What manager worth his salt would walk into Greenhill Road”? Let’s wait and see shall we?
  9. Well, you’re a little ray of sunshine aren’t you?
  10. Well, you’re a little ray of sunshine aren’t you?
  11. I think Goodwin has been lined up for the role for some time. He’s a decent candidate and coming from a level where most of our decent managers have come from. I’m not advocating Goodwin above all else but he was a great shout for Manager of the Year last year for his exploits with Alloa and I think he’d do a job for us.
  12. Mate, you’re not going to corner the market on that one. We’ve all had our baws booted one time too many supporting this team. It’s character building. Take a breath and relax.
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