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  1. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    In addition to Reilly, he’s told MacKenzie, Eckersley and McShane they can leave. Hippolyte has also been let go despite the fact we have no width or pace in the current team. I’m not saying the new guys won’t get a chance or my support but Saturday should have been one of those opportunities rather than bringing in 3 trialists who were obviously not at the standard required.
  2. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Really? Listen, even if you happened to run more in a wide position than a more central one (you don’t, BTW) why would you imbalance your team just to improve someone’s fitness? It’s the f**king 21st Century. Sports Science has surely evolved beyond that?[emoji23]
  3. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    We came very close to losing to Spartans on Tuesday on what was a competitive match. That would have been the worst result in our history. I don’t agree with the League Cup format but the season has started. Whether Saturday was a friendly or not I don’t expect to see my team ship six f**king goals at home to any team. So far, IMO, he’s made bad choices letting decent players go and brought in poor quality with little professional experience. He’s had a long time out of the game where I would have expected he’d have watched teams play (including us) so he would know where guys are best deployed (i.e. Cammy Smith) and who was available in the market to improve us. I appreciate a couple of loans will go down to the wire as we’re waiting on big clubs deciding who to let go but this team is devoid of experience and leadership that won’t be fixed by a couple of young guys from EPL U23 squads. No meltdown from me but, TBF, if I was going to meltdown a f**king 0-6 hosing at home would probably be the catalyst for it.
  4. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Who he’s hoping to sign is largely irrelevant. The guys he brought in as trialists were simply not good enough and if this is the calibre we’re looking at, even as squad players, then it’s concerning.
  5. DLBud

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    Assuming Eckersley and GMac won’t play, Sammy aside, thats probably our best XI right now which sacres the shit out of me.
  6. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    I’m not sure what your point is here? The squad he inherited was light already due to some loanees returning to parent clubs. He’s let another few go and replaced them with what, on the face of it, is poorer quality. The current team is arguably 4 or 5 starters short of being competitive in the league yet we are pissing about with traillists that are f**king rotten and have zero pedigree. Why? Stubbshas been f**king around for the best part of 18 months watching football up and down he country and when he finally gets a chance of redemption this is what he brings in to give him a chance of success? He promised signings that would excite us. Im not excited by the sight of my team being ripped apart and filled up with players who will travel anywhere to get a chance because they are pish and certainly not at the standard required to keep us in he Premiership. He was pretty clear after the game that they wouldn’t be getting another chance. My point is that he surely didn’t need to watch them play to know this. If he did then I’m really concerned as my 11 year old daughter asked 5 minutes in why the guy that looked like Cavani was so fat and slow. “Why not just play Danny up front” she continued. Out of the mouths of babes.........
  7. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Triallists don’t usually rock up on a Saturday and get a game. They are brought into train with the club and then maybe get some game time before they are offered a deal. If these guys had been with us for anymore than 20mins it would have been easy to see they were slow, unfit and clearly not the answer. The point that was being made is why release decent pros and replace them with this shite?
  8. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    I’m not advocating anything of the sort. I’m simply answering your question about Ross’s transfer window dealings and how they compare to Stubbs. I’m not impressed by Stubbs at all but to talk about replacing him is a bit daft.
  9. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Of course they do. What’s your point?
  10. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Crazy, isn’t it. We scored no goals in either game so what’s the difference?[emoji848]
  11. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    I said somewhere else that if players aren’t performing they can’t have much to complain about when left out of the team or punted. Ross inherited a team where losing had becoming the norm and at the first opportunity replaced a chunk of them with better quality. He then kept the core of that together in his second season. Stubbs has told a core of the championship winning side (Reilly, Eckersley, MacKenzie and McShane) they are not wanted and replaced them, so far, with poorer quality. Ross may have done the same but nobody will ever know that. Stubbs is in charge now, which makes it academic, and he’ll need to get his f**king finger out.
  12. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    That’s how I see it based on current form and personnel unfortunately.
  13. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    I actually agree with Drew on this. The interview was really poor. It was all the players fault was the message I heard. No personal accountability for team selection, tactics, playing guys out of position or f**king appalling triallists. The players gave up did they? I think I saw him off his arse twice looking to influence the game. Everything a leader does impacts the morale and performance of their people whatever the environment. I’ve no idea what the mood in the camp is but I’d imagine there may be a little resentment simmering from the way popular players have been cast aside and I also think here’s more than a chance players will not react well to being thrown under a bus at the first sign of trouble. FWIW, outside of McGinn and Coulson we were rank rotten yesterday IMO but the supporting cast was beyond poor and Stubbs pulled this together. As the club appointed interviewer Jimbo gave Stubbs an easy ride. He’s lucky one of us weren’t asking the questions. “Marquee Signings”? [emoji848]
  14. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    We need to find a way past Queen’s Park and Dumbarton first.[emoji120]
  15. DLBud

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    You wouldn’t have thought so. If we’re bringing this pish in on big money I’d be surprised.