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  1. Id there a way to run a report of ip logins and see who has multiple aliases? I think we are all the same person at times
  2. She was born in 1910. She must be ages with Goody and Thommo
  3. If he continues to play and plays well. Maybe a pre season to pick up his match fitness would be a completley different player. Him being injured all that time would have annoyed him more than anyone else Well untill he went to the ATM to lift his wages. I wouldnt rule out a better fitter Gow next year. It would be tragic if the "old gow" came back to bite us if he signed for the likes of Raith, Falkirk or even Morton. Still plenty games to earn a new deal.
  4. Yeah they should i think though not too sure on the finance bit. Theres usually always a way to raise some cash or shift budget. Im not claiming to know it all but what i do know is that the council house options are very limited and it would be good to see them stock up.
  5. Read my post again. I never said they should get the repo homes on the cheap. I said they sold all thiers on the cheap. To your point..I know of people who bought ex council homes for as little as 12k which nowadays couldnt build a treehouse so thier model to reinvest was baws from the start.
  6. Local authorities should get first option on all repo homes. They need to stock up again after selling all thier houses on the cheap.
  7. A pal of mine used them. Severe whiplash was the end result.
  8. Maybe he could show the strikers how to pot.
  9. If anyone is good with numbers. Had the team under murray taken as many points as under rae where would we be sitting roughly? EDIT: Tried and got to somewhere in the region of 48 points. Clear 4th and thats without deducting any from others. im crap at ma sums At least this past few months has been more enjoyable than the season start and the last few years in the SPL. Kinda exciting knowing every game could end up with any team on top.
  10. Location seems to be a big thing. I think the attendances would have been higher if we moved to somewhere more central. Or stayed at love street. For me the thought of walking down underwood road, murray street or thru feegie to get to the ground isnt as nice a journey than love street. I remember you could leave the pub at 5 to 3 and still be pretty much on time. And be back in the pub 5mins after the game.
  11. Even one of those costa coffee/ mcdonalds type pop up buildings. Cant imagine they cost too much. Maybe the club would let us tap into thier water/lekkie too Would be good if even just for 1 fay a week. Not been a good matchday boozer since the hole in the wa shut.
  12. Bring back red blayze. Make these pussies in modern day football earn thier thousands.
  13. We still need a boozer outside the stadium. More people, Open late, pool tables, noise, G4s on the door, big screens and The following beverages on tap.. Stella, Peroni, Tennants, and Budweiser.
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