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  1. Only get to 5 or 6 home games a season but still buy my season ticket, won't give up my season ticket though. It's my way of still feeling part of St.Mirren wether I am there or not
  2. Have you ever heard of cup upsets [emoji848]
  3. am i right in saying that if utd beat aberdeen in the cup then our game on the 2nd would need to be rescheduled?
  4. Thank you for your constructive reply.....................
  5. Would we take Craig Storie back on loan? Type of player we need IMO
  6. kincardine bridge for me then the A985, A921 and the B9157. Anyone got any alternative routes? Avoid the ballieston interchange on the M8
  7. Forgive me for not jumping on the Alex Rae is brilliant bandwagon but our performances in this sequence of games doesn't fill me with hope, don't think he knows our best 11 or formation. These games should be used to make sure when we play Morton that we are fully prepared, that's not happening. Before u start to abuse me for my opinion please remember it is only my opinion
  8. to play the same 11 two games in a row was a mistake, these games imo are all geared up to hitting the ground running when we play the 1st game in the league. there are players on the bench who deserve a chance before then, what is AR learning by doing this? we could potentially have guys playing against morton who haven't played in 3wks.
  9. can McKenzie not play def mid?
  10. Don't care what players or manager get up to in their spare time, as long as it doesn't bring any shame on our club. Why people are getting uppity about someone sitting watching their team is beyond belief, get a grip FFS. Whoever started this topic needs to take a reality check or at least get out more often!!!!!
  11. If we get money for him let him go. Whats Dilo upto nowadays?
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