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  1. Really disappointed in him this season. Isn't progressing at the moment
  2. Aye and they'll win next week too !. Even with all our "good players" back
  3. Hmm, I'm not so sure the opposition may not come from within the SNP itself ?
  4. Aye and Sturgeon would receive the same kick ?
  5. McGinn was an exceptional player for us best since the early 80s. McLean less so but still decent, more of a Championship player. McGrath is not Premiership level for me at all, not even convinced he is Championship level at the moment ?
  6. 50-50 match for me. It will be on the night and we need to turn up. Killie are better side under Wright and will hard to beat. Semi finals is as far as we will get though, can't see us beating anyone unless Untied win against Aberdeen which I doubt.
  7. Ross County win for me. Best we will get is a point if they don't score.
  8. I think we should have been top six this season. My view on Goodwin is mixed. Made some good signings in defence and midfield but up front poor. Tactics and team selections questionable also. Plays the media well but achieved nothing major this season in comparison to Davidson & Martindale. Blew top 6 and semi. Next season is a big one for him.
  9. Better concentrating on us. A lot of work needing done if we are to be top 6 next season ?
  10. Erwin is looking much fitter now. Wish he could finish though
  11. Hmm, I think you'll find that a major aim for the EU is political union in order to make monetary union work in their opinion ? Do you really think Scotland will dictate the terms that it will enter the EU if its allowed in? I think we will be in the Euro if we ever go independent, just my opinion. Ask Ireland how they got on with interest rates set by ECB and who controlled that !
  12. This is a bannana skin match. Inverness have improved under McCann and Dodds and turned RC over in Dingwall on Friday. We will need to play well to win anything else and we could be out on our ear.
  13. I think this will be a tough match and think best we will get is a draw, which will be decent result.
  14. Have you not got that twat on ignore. Everyone else has ?
  15. Be interesting seeing the Scottish public paying Scandinavian taxes. Bet that won't be in SNP manifesto. Also our culture is vastly different from Scandinavia. The comparison with Scandinavia is a bit of stretch for me.
  16. Yep next they will be telling me i'm not Scottish
  17. Oops i should have read the thread 😂
  18. Why do associate anyone who criticises the SNP as a tory ? Demonstrates a lot of what is wrong with nationalism
  19. Aye just when the schools are going back, you couldn't make it up. Maybe they could channel the resources into fixing the shambles they have made of education in Scotland. Its such a political decision its embarrassing
  20. Do you really need a manager to beat Luxembourg at home ? I get the point about Kenny being out of his depth at international level but surely at some point the blame must lie on the players ?
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