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  1. Still waiting Spanish and German Dont hold your breath 😁
  2. He was possibly the worst i have seen for saints and yet i've followed his career since now and again and seems like he's 1000 times better than he showed us ????
  3. Good point. Not a great performance. Awful park. Other results didn't happen for us. Motherwell in freefall and hopefully its continues next week.
  4. I'm an ex referee so really good to hear his views. Bright guy. Authorities don't like him as he tests them
  5. Great interview with Mark Clattenburg on his refereeing career. Well worth a listen https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p091jppw
  6. Not many doing a morning commute to work these days. Keep up
  7. Who is saying that ? Why do you have to phrase it like that, scoring silly points. I'm just giving an opinion on him that goes against the grain a bit in that i'm not overly impressed with him and how he has operated. Might be all wrong on it, not for the first time but so be it.
  8. Robinson and Jack Ross is totally different. I think Jim would do what Ross did, anyone with any sense would have done what Jack Ross did. Robinson's is different, protecting his reputation and leaving the club in a mess.
  9. Its his first sticky spell and he's bailed out. Really poor. He's left the club in a poor position as the window now opens and they have to get a new manager in place also. Timing is all wrong. He should have got his head down and done the job to the end of the season and then left properly. I'm glad we have a guy like Jim Goodwin and not Stephen Robinson as I would be very surprised if Jim was to act like Robinson has done. Most teams outside the OF are constantly rebuilding squads. Bosman and the fact we are all selling clubs dictates that.
  10. Interesting article here. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/31/the-left-brexit-economic-uk
  11. Stubbs to Celtic and Jackson to Rangers when Gerrard leaves. That would fix a lot of issues
  12. First two aren't experienced enough for those jobs. If I were Celtic I'd stick with Neil Lennon and the board want to. If the fans push him out I'd go for Michael O'Neil. Robinson, no comment 😀 You could be correct on the third one.
  13. I just feel he's taken the easy option. Instead of getting his head down and working through the issues. They are a decent side and should be doing better than they are. Good job for someone else as Motherwell are a well run club and good production line of talent. Not sure if he's protecting himself and his reputation but not impressed by him. If I was a director of Motherwell I'd have walked him out of the door.
  14. Yes that is Robinson in a nutshell
  15. What a gutless charade Robinson is. He's a had a good few seasons and touted for Hearts etc, now when the going get tough he jumps. He was prattling on about the new players being his signings, well get them playing then ! He should have dug in and got the team up the table over the next few months then decided at the end of the season that "I've taken the club as far as I can" If I was club chairman I'd ignore him from now on. Did a [email protected] job at Oldham previously too.
  16. Eh this is St Mirren we are talking about. Think we have a wee bit to go before we can start saying this type of comment. The next run of matches will show where we really are ?
  17. Looks like Kilmarnock are playing for their manager so this will be a tough game. We will need to have some sort of cutting edge this time
  18. Where is that Ricky guy these days. Used to post every second. Is he under another alias now ?
  19. Hopefully that disgrace of a letter about Dyer doesn't galvanize their team.
  20. Think everybody knows that including all the people that matter. Hopefully fixed in Jan.
  21. Classic BBC "St Mirren make three changes to the side that defeated Ross County 2-0 in Dingwall at the weekend as they return to the line-up that shocked Rangers 3-2 in the League Cup two weeks ago. On-loan Coventry City left-back Brandon Mason is back from suspension, while Dylan Connolly comes into midfield and Jonathan Obika is back up front. Dropping to the bench are Kyle McAllister, Lee Erwin and Junior Morias as manager Jim Gordon again goes for a team packed with defenders" Bringing Connolly, Obika and Mason is hardly packing the team with defenders. New manager too in Jim Gordon
  22. Yep similar to the human mutation that you are ?
  23. Figures from the Daily Mail should be the first red flag ?? 47k volunteers are just that volunteers, how many are medically qualified ? Potentially heading for a complete lockdown very soon unless government can get on top of new variant. Starting to over promise again with Handcock's utterances
  24. Hmm, they are 100,000 vacancies currently. With Brexit added on, might not be as easy as you thing ???
  25. You would think he'd sell a few and get his teeth fixed !. As for his workmate ..........
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