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  1. Pretty poor that this is not a ‘freebie’ for Season ticket holders - wouldn’t be too much to let us see the game as a gesture!!
  2. You really sold me with your day. Forest pub, nice beer and a barbecue- sounds phenomenal!!
  3. Can’t wait now for the second one - just been confirmed that it’s Jane McDonald that’s giving me it (the jab) [emoji7][emoji7]. That was some fever alright!!
  4. Feeling a good bit better now (took the 48 hours as FS suggested), arm still very sore though, had the full suite of ‘flu like’ symptoms yesterday culminating in sneezing and snotters!! Glad your feeling ok - just wonder what was in that jab - surely to god the second jab won’t have that impact!!
  5. Update - got jag at 2.30 on Friday, Saturday written off due to feeling very lousy indeed, I’ve had chills, aching joints and a fever most of Saturday - been up since 3am Sunday shivering. My arm is agony and I have a big red blotch where I got jab. Hopefully this will go away as Sunday progresses - beware Astra Zeneca vaccine, said to my wife last night that I wish I hadn’t bothered!!
  6. Very good point - the whole schedule was up in the air last night. If Jane McDonald gets bumped tonight for this I will not be a happy man!!
  7. So - got my vaccine yesterday (Astra Zeneca), young guy that administered the jab said if I feel really unwell dial 999 and the probability of blood clotting extremely low. Feel fine with the exception of a very sore arm.... Got it in Carnegie Hall (think it was called) in Eastwood- very nice part of the world!!
  8. Just read the whole thread there for first time and I can’t understand why anybody would get so excited over someone dying?
  9. I take exception to this dressing down being put to Oaky - you forgot to mention he dismissed people creepy and sleazy too...
  10. I got the same link with username etc, the system took all my info (green ticks all the way), then said my info was invalid. Called them up and tbf they were very helpful, said the system issues were common!!
  11. I go this Friday for 1st Jab, i have tried numerous times to access the system to change my appointment (I’m booked in for Eastwood), called them up lat week hoping for lagoon, they offered me Johnstone but 2 days later than Eastwood. I declined- want the jab ASAP, my wife gets her 2nd jan Sunday at the big hospital in Govan!!
  12. Just got this back:- NHS Scotland Test and Protect: Thank you for submitting your details to receive the COVID-19 vaccination as an unpaid carer. We have successfully matched your records and we will send you details of your first vaccination appointment soon. This can take up to 72 hours, so thank you for your patience. Please wait to be contacted. For more information about the vaccination programme visit https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid19vaccine or call 0800 030 8013 Looks like I got lucky!!
  13. Cheers for the feedback, looks to me that it might just come down to pot luck!!
  14. One of my mates told me that if you are an unpaid carer you can register for the vaccine. I have just registered (I care for my son) and await a response, thought I’d share because I bet many buds will currently qualify under that rule if they don’t already have the vaccine [emoji382]
  15. This would have been a cracking game to go to today, imagine that stand behind the goal packed out with buddies cheering the team on!! Crying shame we can’t be there.
  16. I did see that in the news last night but noted they would honour the jag to anyone that has a planned appointment. I’m always a wee bit sceptical about these things and do wonder if it’s actually down to manufacturing (rather than say politics of some sort), as it would have (or should) have been known weeks ago that this shortage would occur.
  17. It’s a hard one to gauge TBF, I’ve not had my jag yet but if someone said to me I could get the jag earlier than normally scheduled but say I had to go at say 3am I would.
  18. Indeed, 2 million is good going, take the point on logistics, guess there is only so many vaccination centres and vaccinators. I have however always wondered if they could go 24 hours at certain locations with allocated slots?
  19. I said to my wife last night if we could buy back all the Astra/Zeneca jabs that no one wants in Europe surely that could speed up our own program.
  20. My boy is Type 1 diabetic and after 8 years of finger pricking to check his blood glucose his fingers were essentially getting destroyed, I explain this to his specialist who advised this very cool sensor (Dexcom) that goes in his arm every 10 days and transmits a continuous reading. Truly life changing. Weird thing is I can inject him with insulin but cannot watch anyone else do it, I’m a woos when it comes to needles!!
  21. He looks really chuffed with his move.....
  22. Oops, innocent mistake honest Guv. Wouldn't want him reporting me.....(thread)...
  23. Morning everyone - That's Oaky off ignore now, I fully appreciate the old threat is gone - its like starting afresh.............
  24. Left or right pocket?, don’t judge me....asking for a friend.
  25. Yeah that stuff last night (and the other night too) was way off the scale for me, I like a good laugh, don’t mind disagreements and debate but self control should be utilised when posting. Oh and before Oaky calls me a hypocrite for mentioning debate I will be moving him off ignore tomorrow when I get on my work computer!! We can then debate.
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