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  1. He'll be able to Rome around the central area and get a Pisa the action. From watching him in the past he'll be a right Venice to the opposition who likes to put Brescia on the other teams attackers. His best mate Bari told me he's a Genoa-ine character who'll Lecce speak to him and get pictures etc So if you manage to meet him don't be a Prato.
  2. So if we top the group with israel and albania it only means something if we then don't qualify from the "real" qualifying group which has still to be drawn? If this happened we would go into a play off with another 3rd tier team. None of this makes any sense! Plus all the teams will use the israel/albania type games as friendlies to try out new players etc in the build up to the real qualifying group when the whole point of these games was to get rid of friendlies and make games more competitive.
  3. What about Davis, Magennis, Morgan?? No mention, they'll be feeling left out if we keep singing the same 4 players. Interesting that Flynn who hadn't even played 1 minute for the club was included in the song!
  4. We only play with one striker. Mullen can't even get on the pitch so if we bring in another that'll just be another striker to sit on the bench or are people thinking we need another one because Mullen hasn't impressed or scored yet?
  5. Jai Quitongo and Danilson Da Cruz. Apparently Sean St Leger too
  6. Another centre half? We need a defensive and an attacking mid.
  7. Swansea and Crystal Palace think he may be worth signing, why all the negativity on here!
  8. Kirkpatrick was signed in the hope he could fill the mallan role having scored 17 goals from midfield last season. It's a shame its not working out for him because he's exactly the type of player we need in there.
  9. Not rubbishing just stating that we need to change up the midfield who are all very slow paced, sideways moving and too similar. I think we can all see we have dropped a level since Mallan left. We can do something about that by getting more direct players with pace into the team whether they are strikers playing just behind the front man or by moving Magennis int the McShane role.
  10. If he was say a Dumbarton player you'd all be desperate to get him to Greenhill Rd.
  11. Yeah laughable that nobody else on here can see what we could have by signing him!
  12. it's not all about scoring goals. His overall play is a constant threat, getting in behind defences, running the channels. At the minute we look stale in the midfield from McGinn onwards apart from Morgan. We can't just rely on one player all the time. Everything Mcginn and Mcshane did yesterday was side ways and when they got into trouble they would just pass it to morgan. No direct running forward. no forward passes to cut open defences. We need a new spark about us. Either move Magennis into the centre to link with the strikers or go out and sign Quitongo and Dobbie
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