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  1. I guess when the season finished I was proper excited about the new season ahead and what might be, feel disillusioned I guess
  2. While I don’t agrue the fact money is a big factor and all of us in a normal job would jump at that wage rise, I just feel disappointed in jack a wee bit with the big speech of that he’s wanting to build of things with us and take us to the next level, I guess I feel a little let down if he goes.
  3. Is it just me or is this all getting a little disappointing now, jack has took us back to the promised land and he chooses to bolt on us. The board have got a lot of explaining to do I feel.
  4. RIP Kenny, all love to Karin at this time
  5. My heart is breaking at the thought, come on fergie keep fighting
  6. I voted too, several times!! Hehe love it!!
  7. I see ziggy Gordon is free, always thought he was a decent player at Hamilton, what do we think?!
  8. Great signing and my player of the year
  9. Hehehe you did very well, that’s correct!! I play for bishopton ladies you see
  10. This is brilliant news, a dream come true, can’t wait to see how it all goes
  11. Lovely lady, had a lot of dealings with her with local school, a lovely lovely person
  12. Was 2 years when signed, surely deserves extension to keep away Dundee!!
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