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  1. There is a new, and very nervous student co-commentating today.
  2. I spoke with my brother today, who was interviewing Tony Fitzpatrick for the 30th anniversary cup win. The feeling is that the Celtic game took it's toll. That is 3 high intensity games they have played prior to last night, and I have spoken to a few Celtic fans who were really impressed by the Saints. As he was leaving my brother met an angry Stephen McGinn, who said that the fans will see a positive reaction after last night's loss. Obviously not a good position to be in, but I feel there is enough talent and determination in the team to survive and avoid the drop.
  3. Another league win tonight will really unnerve the 3 teams currently above us. Win and I think we can start to realistically look towards an end of season 7th place. My prediction for tonight 0-2. COYS.
  4. Fully deserved result from a brilliant performance. Delighted for the team and all the fans. Did anyone notice on the BBC Sports app, in the live scores section, that our result was immediately above Barcelona's result? Barcelona were in good company tonight, is all I can say. C.O.Y.S.
  5. There will be 4 very worried teams in our league tonight! Hope they all have sleepless nights until the end of the season, for with this performance, they are all catchable. C.O.Y.S.
  6. C.O.Y.S. Fight for every point, the fans are behind you. You can still save the season. Will be listening in to the game on the radio.
  7. It's got absolutely nothing to do with speed, but from a marketing perspective, it has everything to do with the experience.
  8. They might turn into pirates, if they get the river to become commercially viable.
  9. I was just going to say that until I read your post. The river is a unique feature, not many towns have one running through the centre. I think open up the river and pedestrianize both sides with terraced bars, cafes, restaurants, specialty shops. The river can be dredged, no reason why water taxis similar to Amsterdam cannot run between Paisley and Glasgow. In fact to and from anywhere on the Clyde. If Paisley really wants to attract more people, it has to offer something really unique. The river holds the key.
  10. Totally agree with that. However I have been saying that since the beginning of the year. Onward and upward as my school used to sing.
  11. I agree, the Morgan substitution was instrumental. The team played with great confidence in the 2nd half. Lets hope that they can continue to produce what they have shown to be capable of.
  12. Am hoping that the confidence in play today, especially in the second half, can be repeated throughout our remaining league fixtures.
  13. Born in Paisley in 1956 and emigrated to Canada in 1974 when I was 18. Have lived around the world, including 18 years in Madrid, where I regularly attended the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Hala Madrid! Currently in London, before heading back to Canada. My brother is one of the commentators for St.Mirren radio and I listen to all the games. I attended my very first game at Love Street in 1962 with my father.
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