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  1. Not been any different from the rest of the team tbh, it’s all nice and well pinning the opposition back but you don’t do yourself any favours if the entire team forces one save from the opposition goalkeeper.
  2. Attacking is aimless - f**k knows what we are trying to achieve.
  3. Better side but still not really working the keeper. Aberdeen may be on the back foot a little but they’re comfortable.
  4. At least we are only one down. Need another half time boot up the backside and come out gunning for the second half. With Sevco out the cup opens up - we need to try and make the most of this. Whatever happens, come full time the players need to go in with no regrets.
  5. Tbf nicely taken by Ferguson but you canny leave a man space like that at the edge of the box.
  6. Sevco are out! Hibernian, Heart of Midlothian...St Mirren next please...
  7. Not sure, the UK has lost it’s veto in the EU now. Does that mean Coronavirus vetoes the UK, or the UK can’t veto Coronavirus?
  8. Two teams at the opposite end of the country. Hartlepool on their way down to face Boreham Wood, Argyle on their way up to take in Bradford. Taken yesterday.
  9. Saints 4-3 Aberdeen (Obika 12, Durmus 56, Famewo 59, Foley 87) Dons goals on 19, 27 and 90) 11 years since our last Scottish Cup semi final...end the drought tonight, COYS!
  10. Considering the ridiculous price hikes we see year on year £100,000 should be nothing to the railway companies 🙄
  11. Aye, we could just graffiti the sign at the station so it says “Mirren” instead of James
  12. FTOF GIRFUY C*LT*C FC KØBENHAVN are a wonderful bunch
  13. This is an excellent idea Tom. It would keep the club to it’s core beliefs and values whoever is in charge. One of your suggestions reminds me of when the Malaysian owners at Cardiff decided to change the club’s colours to red from blue. They played Hull at a similar time where their owners were suggesting the Hull Tigers name change, and in support of each other, Hull fans sang “you’ll always be blue” and Cardiff fans sang “you’ll always be Hull City” or something along those lines. With that in mind, I’d suggest “The Club Name will always be St Mirren Football Club, and this cannot be changed” It’s a very good thread though and a great idea, if someone forwarded this idea to SMISA then that would be brilliant. Well played Tom, well played indeed.
  14. Get it right f**king up Celtic. FC KØBENHAVN are wonderful
  15. I’ve seen many descriptions of our team and their performances over the years, but fair play, that’s brilliant 😂
  16. The same negative tactics that win us the First Division and Challenge Cup in the same season 🙄
  17. I just mention Albert Kidd to them, that usually shuts them up 😂
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