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  1. We could always show holograms of how to score goals.
  2. Many Yes voters do generally agree with much of the SNP policies though, and for those who don’t, they know they can vote different in an independent Scotland so they aren’t tied to SNP rule. When Brexit happens we will still be stuck with the Tories. The NHS does need reform, I don’t disagree with that. What it doesn’t need is endless privatisation where profit matters more than healthcare, and that’s the endgame the Tories are gunning for.
  3. Tell the Brexiteers that. The amount of them saying they’ll vote Tory to get their Brexit is getting ridiculous. Never mind another 5 torturous years of Tory policy, a further depleted NHS and further poverty, as long as they get their Brexit it’s worth it.
  4. I agree with this. The only problem is the path to getting back in the EU - will it be part of a Indy Scotland pledge, or will it be a referendum in an Indy Scotland? The Euro is probably the best way going forward but can’t be guaranteed to begin with.
  5. Rooth the mooth knew it was time to go, Johnson coming in may have been the final straw (obviously as a Tory she needed to lie about the real reason, hence the family pish she spouted) but I think she also knew any snap election would be severely detrimental to the Tories in Scotland and it was easier to leave than face the reality. I’ve never known a politician to get as easy a ride as she has - all interviews with her were about her personal life, and absolutely f**k all to do with her “policies”. I use “policies” loosely as like the rest of the Scottish Tories, the only things she could say were “SNP”, “Independence” and “No referendum”.
  6. The funny thing is the main party bleating about independence is the Tories. All their election leaflets in Scotland bang on more about the SNP and independence than the SNP themselves. Does anyone actually know anything the Scottish Tories are planning to do, other than “vote us to stop the SNP”?
  7. I still can’t fathom why in this day and age it’s still an issue. Well done to New Zealand for putting the vote to the people.
  8. I think there’s a lot more to this exodus of Labour MPs than “anti-semitism”. From the minute Corbyn became leader he has been smashed from all corners. “Peace talks” is translated as “Terrorist sympathiser”, renationalisation of services, more equality and better pay for the low-paid equate to “communist”, and as said above, “Israel are bad” translate to “anti-Semite.” We continue to hear about this supposed problem in the party, yet we don’t actually seem to get full evidence of it other than word of mouth. They’ve been gunning to oust Corbyn from the start and when it comes to the establishment, they’ll do anything to make it happen. I believe the real reason behind the exodus has got nothing to do with anti-semitism and everything to do with kicking out Corbyn. We see the same shit regarding Trump in the US. Yes the man is a complete knobend, but all this random crap they throw at him in their bids to impeach him - it’s mainly pish. They tried doing him in for supposed Russian collusion while completely ignoring the actual hard evidence that the DNC were aiming to guarantee Clinton defeating Sanders. Until I see evidence of Corbyn or his supporters singing and talking about hating the Jews, I will believe it’s just the establishment gunning to boot this guy out because he isn’t who they want. I am still willing to say that the moment Corbyn is gone and replaced by the usual puppet, this “problem” will magically disappear.
  9. Is that the Prince of Whales that Trump was referring to?
  10. Many of the politicians who have quit Labour have been the typical establishment ones many would call “Red Tories.” Come on oaky, you are a person of science, a person who likes evidence. I have seen nothing so far to suggest the hatred of Jews is rife in the party other than the comments against Israel which seem to be some sort of hideous crime. It all seems coincidental that it’s kicked up after Corbyn came in. All corners of the media make him out to be this horrendous, terror loving, Jew hating communist. And yet most allegations against him are fruitless. There is actual evidence of what Johnson has said about others, but very little suggesting Corbyn is leading the charge against Jews. I did say the options down here were pretty poor, and my choice of Labour would be the best of a bad lot. There is nothing possible that would ever make me vote for a Farage party, and the only time I’d vote Conservative is if the other option was a Farage party, BNP or the Nazis. That would leave me between Lib Dem and Labour, and in my opinion the Lib Dems cannot be trusted by a leader who has voted so often along the Tory line, and a leader so hypocritical she supports a second EU referendum while dismissing a second Scottish one. We all have our opinions on whether there should be a second referendum in any sense, but to support one and not the other is just ridiculous. I wouldn’t be overly willing to vote Labour as I feel the moment Corbyn is booted out they will go back to their old ways, but the other three options are just a complete disaster right now. If I was in Scotland I’d be voting for SNP, and my preferred party down here is the Greens.
  11. How much truth is there to this though? Of course, the minute you stand up for Palestine and call out Israel for the atrocities committed, this is the label handed to you. But on an actual serious note, how rife is hatred against Jews in the Labour Party? We’ve heard nothing about it until Corbyn became leader where suddenly it’s a massive problem. But outside of calling out Israel, what actual evidence is there? Or is it just a label invented to protect Israel and allow them to continue destroying Palestine? Meanwhile we have a Tory leader who has been openly quoted as making racist comments, xenophobic comments and islamophobic comments. But he never seems to get the same crap from the media. The moment Corbyn steps down and the establishment manage to get another puppet back in charge of Labour, the “anti-semitism” will disappear.
  12. I don’t own any property in Cornwall, and definitely don’t have anything that would tally up to 125K. What I do know is how damaging 9 years of Tory austerity has been. In fairness, a party who creates a different minimum wage for over 25s compared to those who are younger clearly have no idea what they’re doing. I’m over 25 but I fine well know we don’t all live in our parent’s houses being spoon fed everything until 25.
  13. Gus also has plenty of experience working at this level, having managed us for 5 years in the top flight. Danny Lennon had never managed at this level before, yet would go on to be our most successful manager since the 80s.
  14. Just found out today there are only four candidates to vote for in North Cornwall. Brexit Party, Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats My view is irrelevant anyway as due to my nationality I can’t vote, but if I could: I’d rather be booted in the baws several times than vote for Brexshit Party or Tory. That leaves Lib Dem and Labour. Swinson is basically a Tory anyway and I feel she would jump at the chance to have another coalition with the Tories. She also holds the hypocritical view of saying yes to a second EU referendum while ruling out a second Scottish one. That leaves Labour, who actually have a bearable leader who isn’t a complete knobjockey. So down here, in this case I would be voting for Labour if I could.
  15. That’s not good. Last thing we need is another f**king Tory government.
  16. This is a fair comment. It’s all a matter of opinion. I believe Kearney was pushed, others believe he was aiming to leave of his own accord - the real question is whether we will ever find out the truth behind everything that has gone on. Until then we can only speculate.
  17. OK didn't have any transfer targets apart from Kyle McAllister and Popescu. He didn't even have any ideas on who should replace Jimmy Nicholl as his assistant. I would be taking a different view of the assistant position. Perhaps there was never a replacement for Nicholl because there was never an intention of keeping Kearney on for the new season? Why hire an assistant when you know you’ll be kicking the current manager out for the planned replacement?
  18. Just because we gained more points doesn’t necessarily mean we are better. It doesn’t stop the fact that we were bottom after the first round of games. There is no cannon fodder akin to that of ourselves, Accies and Dundee from last season. With Hibs and Hearts likely to pull away in the next few games, we will be left adrift. If we are lucky, the Fakes won’t get any better, and hopefully Accies or County can be kept down. But it doesn’t look like the same battle as last season, and as a result we need to be targeting 35+ points. If things don’t improve soon we aren’t going to be getting anywhere near that, and we haven’t got a Dundee this time around to bail us out.
  19. We made no pre-contract signings, even after safety was guaranteed. That says to me we weren’t really chasing OK’s targets at all, as surely we’d have been able to snap up at lea at one or two before pre-season began?
  20. I haven’t seen the goals but I highly doubt Jack was to blame for all 7 goals.
  21. It hasn’t seemed to do us any favours considering the board were long planning for Goodwin before forcing Kearney out of the door. The way things are going, this time next season we will be languishing back where we started in the Championship. This club is not progressing any more and hasn’t since Ross left, minus the brief Jan-May spell with Kearney.
  22. I would lie the blame at the hands of Gordon Scott. We could have easily gone into the summer with a manager ready placed to keep improving the squad. Some disagree on Kearney’s success last season but for a long time we thought we were goners, and staying up, regardless of the fact it was on penalties, was an expectation we never thought would happen after Stubbsfest. Kearney also proved in his time at Coleraine that over the years he can progress and build a team - they went from doing nothing to competing for trophies, ended up 2nd in the league IIRC and came out as N.Irish Cup winners. Danny Lennon’s first season with us was piss poor and we were saved by a woeful Accies side, but again, with time on his side he’d go on to be the most successful manager we’ve had since the 80s. Kearney has a track record of similar progress and should have been given a chance to keep on going. Scott also created the position of Technical Director to avoid the situation we had last summer. How did that work out this summer? We barely recruited before the League Cup, and that led us to a highly embarrassing exit in what should have been easy progress. Knowing the unlikelihood of winning the league, there are two cups we should be always aiming for success in, and we completely f**ked that up. We convinced ourselves the new signings would be worth the wait and the cup embarrassment. Instead it looks like yet again we will be cut adrift, lucky to make the playoff never mind survive. As far as I’m concerned, Gordon Scott is the fault behind this.
  23. Two goals in three games for Bairdy, today netting away to Partick.
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