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  1. Fair enough, I also doubt Manchester United will qualify for the Europa League.
  2. Possibly. Saints win the Scottish Cup and qualify for the Europa League. Manchester United continue to have a shite season by their standards and qualify for the Europa League instead of the Champions League. Saints progress through a couple of rounds in the Europa League and then end up being drawn against Manchester United in the quest for European success.
  3. I didn’t know that. Every day is an education day.
  4. Aberdeen aiming for more than just the Scottish Cup...
  5. What the f**k was that result all about 😂 couldn’t believe it when I seen it.
  6. Birmingham City are a bunch of inbred wankers, denied me £58. They join Woking and Sunderland on this season’s useless wanker list.
  7. Hibs Forum Thread regarding them A quick google search threw this up. Many of course suggesting it was just Rangers fans jumping on Meadow’s good cup run, but it also appears they were large in numbers.
  8. Didn’t a bunch of Sevvie scum (or possibly Rangers as it might have been pre-2012) jump in on their success when they were drawn away to Hibs?
  9. Home go BSC would be ideal but they’ll probably get earmarked for one of the bigots.
  10. If Obika was capable of smashing the net on a regular basis with the chances people mention, we would never have landed him in the first place because he’d be playing at a higher level. Too many seem to forgot who we are and what level we are in comparison to others. For our level, Obika is decent and so far in the two seasons we’ve returned to the Prem, he’s better than anyone else we’ve had in terms of goal scoring. If he took the chances provided he’d be playing in the English Premier or Championship and we would never have been linked with him.
  11. That bit in bold. Finally someone has said it! A fair number of regular goalscorers are generally shite footballers, but have great instinct to position themselves correctly and earn a reputation for scoring goals. After all, the point of the game is to score more goals than the opposition and Obika is doing that better than anyone else for Saints in the Premier League (granted today was cup) since the days of Thommo as you rightly state. I don’t care if 5 of his goals are off his arse, the fact is he’s putting himself in the right positions when it matters most. We may love seeing goals like those ridiculous ones scored by Adam Hammill, the skill and composure Lewis Morgan had, or the free kicks from Stevie Mallan or Graham Carey. But whether it’s a 40 yard belter or accidentally smacked off the chest of Obika, it’s the same end result. You don’t gain any extra points or goals because it was a quality finish. As for the bit in underline, it’s like Michael Higdon all over again. We had fans raving over f**king Craig Dargo who was busy setting a club record for offsides and had a total inability to ever finish a 1v1 when through on goal, yet Higdon managed to outscore Dargo’s entire Saints career in one season but got bollocked on a regular basis because he didn’t “run around a lot”. Give me a goalscorer any day ffs. Did the Broxburn support have a Sevco supporting element trying to attach themselves to the club today? I’m sure the likes of Irvine Meadow and some of the other non-league sides have had this problem in the past. It’s a shame as it ruins it for the true diehard followers of the clubs, but it does seem to be commonplace that knuckledraggers who can’t afford to watch the scum sides latch onto the local non-league side instead and usually embarrass them.
  12. I do agree here. Declaring independence here and now would be the wrong way to go and would only harm the Yes movement. I agree with the second point also. I think the numbers will keep growing but the likes of 70% is not near us yet. 2014 should have been the wake up call. 45% of Scots were dissatisfied with the status quo. Long term the balance of a 5% swing isn’t much, and Westminster should have acted on that to show us the Union is worth it. Instead they’ve ignored Scotland’s MPs unless Tory, they totally ignored Scottish views on Brexit and we’ve seen absolutely no change in the treatment of Scotland. Westminster had their chance to prove the Union was good. They had their chance to treat us as an equal. Boris’ rejection of Indyref2 should be the final straw that proves Scotland is stuck under the Westminster dictatorship.
  13. Progress, excellent. Keep it going Obika, f**k the haters!
  14. Please keep them coming, I’m in stitches here 😂 Fixed your error.
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