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  1. That’s a fair point. That being said, if you can convert 2 or 3 in a group of, say 20, long term it can still help the club in some way (if those 2 or 3 bought season tickets in future, even potentially when they become parents and get their own kids involved - obviously that won’t solve much of the current issues). The product on the park is not great for most teams in Scotland, that’s what makes it difficult. With good youth coaching focused on ball skills and technical ability instead of the lump it long mentality, the whole Scottish game would be better to watch. I always go back to mentioning Belgium when it comes to youth but I’ve found the Belgian League has been a decent watch in recent years thanks to the improvement in youth coaching, because most teams are now attack minded and trying to do good things with the ball. It does help that we have no dominant force drawing in 60K/50K Neanderthals, but the product is good to watch too.
  2. From yesterday: Euro U19 Qualifiers Scotland U19 4-0 Cyprus U19 Goals: Zak Rudden (13, 52, 60), Glenn Middleton (30) Serbia U19 0-2 Belgium U19 Goals: Lois Openda (39pen, 61) Euro U17 Qualifiers Russia U17 3-0 Scotland U17 Goals: Konyukhov (24), Savinov (32), Shapovalov (71) Scotland S/O: Ciaran Dickson (21), Jamie Smith (63) Euro U17 Women Norway U17 W 1-0 Scotland U17 W Goal: M.O. Haugen (76) Scotland S/O: K.McGovern 90+1
  3. St Johnstone are a perfect example of this. They’ve had some decent seasons and qualified for Europe too, but their fan base isn’t much bigger than ours anyway. Support for all of us is stifled by the bigots. One of the things I would like to see us do more of is to give more free tickets away to schools, youth clubs etc. If we aren’t filling up the Fanily Stand we won’t be losing anything anyway. While they are young, it’s an opportunity to turn them away from the bigot clubs and towards their local club instead. Most adults won’t change who they support, nor will they suddenly turn up to watch their local side. Kids are easier to convince to change their mind, and that’s got to be a target area.
  4. Agree with all of this. The Kazakh result was diabolical and the defending for all three goals was shambolic. Bad games happen, but in his one competitive group so far, McLeish led us to 3 wins from 4 matches against sides of similar ability. I’m not his biggest fan but calls for him to go are unnecessary right now.
  5. I believe if any of the four nations mentioned qualify through their group, then they don’t take part in the playoff and will be replaced by Bulgaria. I think League A is the only one where the teams will remain the same as that’s for the actual trophy. As for Scotland, people have short memories. Before the disaster in Kazakhstan we done the double over Albania (including a 4-0 away win) and beat Israel at home, thus securing top of the group and promotion to League B. We might not win big in San Marino but I think it’s silly some are suggesting Scotland will lose this one, our recent competitive results were decent enough before the Kazakh raping.
  6. Belgium 3-1 Russia Youri Tielemans 15 Eden Hazard 45pen, 88 Russia Goal - Cheryshev 16 Golovin S/O 90 Solid win to start the campaign against what’s probably the most dangerous opposition in the group. No Lukaku, De Bruyne or Meunier for this match, and a new look midfield four with Castagne on the right, Thorgan Hazard on the left and Tielemans/Dendoncker in the middle. Biggest concern is that we are still playing f**king Boyata. With Alderweireld and Vertonghen in their 30s now (who played with Boyata in the back 3), we need some better players coming through as soon as possible. Pleased with the win either way - just wish Scotland would make an effort to make the Top 2 alongside Belgium instead of playing utter shite. At least they’ve got the Nations League playoff as a fallback...
  7. It does seem pointless having you in here with no actual time limit set. It would make more sense to have 1 Week, 2 Week, 1 Month “sentences” for those who end up in here.
  8. Glad to see them giving him high praise so the fans know they’ve got a good coach in him. I presume this was the doing of Brian Caldwell, good move indeed.
  9. I do love how the French (or any of the others) can veto the UK’s extension after all these Brexiteer claims that the EU forced everything on us
  10. Scores today Euro U19 Qualifiers Turkey U19 1-3 Scotland U19 TUR Goal: Jordan Houston og 45+1 SCO Goals: Zak Rudden 7, Robbie Deas 52, Jack Burroughs 87 Italy U19 2-2 Belgium U19 Both Belgium goals by Lois Openda (25pen, 52pen) Euro U17 Qualifiers Portugal U17 2-0 Scotland U17 POR Goals: Gerson Sanches 4, Fabio Silva 25 Euro U17 Women Germany U17 W 5-0 Scotland U17 W GER Goals: S.Weidauer 11, 49, N.Woldmann 31, C.Wamser 32, J.Pollak 38
  11. Cheers for that. I still think 13 is too young but I think it used to be younger than that. Things possibly changed after I moved down, it’s been a few years now.
  12. Around 15/16 I think. Going by what Belgium did, we improved after revamping the youth system completely. Part of that revamp was to introduces bigger pitches and bigger teams as they progressed in age. That way, all players are getting plenty of ball time at a young age, and they all have to learn how to move quickly, pass quickly and cope in tighter spaces. Meanwhile in Scotland small players are too small, if in doubt punt it and so forth. The proof is there that the smaller teams/smaller pitches does develop players better, it’s a big part behind Belgium’s success and it’s a big reason the Dutch were one of the world’s best for a long time (albeit they are suffering atm). Even the Portuguese team in the six-a-side league I play in look much more comfortable and composed than their (mainly) English counterparts, because they’ve grown up playing this kind of football.
  13. While Scotland continues to have kids playing on massive pitches, nothing is going to change unfortunately.
  14. The EU can block an extension if just 1 country vetoes it. Hence why Farage/Banks etc have been bumming the facists among Italy/Hungary/Poland, trying to convince them to do it so the UK is forced into No Deal. Ironic considering they’ve spent so long claiming the UK government had no power, then openly aim to deny the UK parliament making its own decision on this.
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