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  1. In truth I wouldn’t relocate my family for a football manager’s job. Very few in the game seem to stay at a club for over three years (ours don’t even make two years these days), and most clubs are chasing ambitions they can’t match, or get tired of the same old and feel change is needed when progress stifles. I’d prefer to travel and video call them instead of changing my kids schools every three years, unsettling them and impacting their childhood so heavily.
  2. Welcome back Dean. Did well as backup in his 4 games for us last season, and we were never going to find an improvement on Vaclav, so decent business on a backup and probably not too bad for the budget either. Also nice to see us with two permanent goalkeepers now (presuming we don’t sell Hladky).
  3. What’s the chances our Colts win this and our first team lose to EK in the League Cup
  4. BBC brilliant as always... ”It started well enough, with progress from the League Cup group stages” This about Alan Stubbs. Started well enough? We needed penalties to beat fecking Spartans and Queen’s Park.
  5. Glad to see we sorted this out before pre-season started, clearly learning from the mess of last sea- Ah na wait, we didn’t learn anything. Thanks Oran for The Great Escape Part 2. Would have loved to see what you could achieve with a full summer behind you, awrabest for the future.
  6. Perhaps it was written into Popescu’s contract that he wasn’t allowed to go back to Romania while he was on loan to us, hence why he’s still training with us
  7. Continuing the ex-Saints scoring internationally trend, Stephane Bahoken came off the bench to score for Cameroon’s 2-0 victory in their opening AFCON match against Guinea-Bissau.
  8. I know Rae is a fud, but people too often forget we were in another relegation battle which he did save us from. Our return to the Championship was horrendous, and Rae did dig us out of it. I know it was back to shit again the next season, and a lot of that was down to Rae, but he did manage to deny us going down for a second consecutive season. He’s a pish manager, and a Sevco loving fud, but I am thankful for the little positive he did manage here. For that I think it’s unfair to lump him in the same boat as that c**t Tommy Craig, who was just dreadful full stop.
  9. Why “fortunately?” He is one of only four men to bring Saints a major Scottish trophy, and led us to our highest finish since the 80s, a finish we haven’t bettered since. Wee Danny has been one of our best managers in many years.
  10. The fact Mihai was at training today definitely makes me think there are negotiations going on. As you say, where is the money coming from? Dinamo must have budged on their £350K, but by how much? And if we end up paying Kearney compo, then will that kill the Popescu deal off? I like Popescu a lot, but I really hope we’ve dropped that 350K by a large margin, no player is worth paying over the odds for in our position.
  11. While this is true, it would also be true for every other loan player we had. Loan players don’t often turn up for a week of training then return to their parent club, it would be pretty pointless. Technically you are correct, but it’s an unusual situation. Unless Dinamo are that financially f**ked they wanted us to pay Mihai’s wages until the very end!
  12. All this talk of commuting is pish. It’s clear that Rafa will have a bigger budget with us as Mike Ashley is a tight c**t, that was our big selling point. As for Kearney, it’s an opportunity in the EPL to make his name, and a cheap option for tight c**t Ashley. Both clubs agreed as we are on good terms due to their loaning of Paul Dummett and our ability to turn Dummett into a fantastic player. Lets be honest, I’m sure my version of events is just as true as most of the other versions out there
  13. Swap deal agreed between Newcastle and Saints - Rafa heading our way, Oran heading to Tyneside.
  14. I honestly think there’s more to this than being a PE teacher/away from home. Something must have come up in discussions between Oran and the board which one side has not been happy with the demands or expectations of the other. And GS/TF have previous for this.
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