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  1. Gareth Wardlaw. Wasn’t really good enough for the SPL but he always gave 100% every game and did the best he could.
  2. Murray deserves his place as a club legend. Never mind the appearance count, every time you thought he was past it and benched, the day he was back in the starting XI he was back to his best.
  3. We had a regular one in Bodmin always asking for change for “food”. It’s well known he has a place to stay and that he’s a heroin addict. He used to come up to me when I used to deliver in the evenings, even followed me back to my flat once in the hope I’d give him some change. He’s banned from begging in town now and his face is posted up in a number of shops to raise awareness of this ban. It’s been said that if he approaches you then you have to contact the police - but they want you to stand up in court against him for the evidence and most aren’t willing.
  4. I think McBrearty went to Stenhousemuir last season. Had a habit of getting sent off right enough.
  5. With you on this. I use Facebook but it is shite for discussing football. Proper forums are miles better. Edited for you 🙂
  6. It’s irritating because these days we seem to be “nearly” there quite regularly. Under Johnson and now Townsend we show signs where we look capable of doing well, capable of good results. There’s more fight in the team, the comeback at Twickenham earlier this year proved that. Even four years ago we were on the brink of the semis. Yet after good signs we still manage to finish this year 5th in the 6N and out of the World Cup in the groups. It seems typically Scottish but we can’t step up the game on a regular basis. Good results here and there, but never in the one run.
  7. At least we’ve qualified for 2023 😂
  8. Yeah, he’s ex-Peterhead, recognised the name. Surprised he managed to get a move to Wrexham right enough, Scots League 1 isn’t usually much of a target market for the English leagues.
  9. We are talking about a team mainly made up of young lads here. A fair number of these guys will probably never play at the level that Dumbarton/Stirling/EK all play at, so yes, they should be proud of their efforts as their cup run was a massive surprise. Of course though, I understand you have a major inability to comprehend basic things in life.
  10. Great effort from these young lads and for those who don’t end up making a career out of football, being part of a team who defeated Dumbarton, Stirling and EK (the same club our first team couldn’t beat) will be something to remember. Fantastic effort from the boys.
  11. Says the guy still crying tears of bitterness because a St Mirren manager moved to Sunderland 😂
  12. The amount of nonsensical shit in this one paragraph... It’s hard to believe you worked in the same place for 20 years, considering your bitterness is what I’d expect from a ten-year old who didn’t get Jack’s autograph after meeting him in passing and has held a grudge ever since.
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