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  1. Today’s successful bet was thanks to the Vietnamese League of Legends eSports Championship. My mate went for a double on the table tennis.
  2. Never thought I’d say it but thank f**k for table tennis. This daily bet challenge has been a pain in the arse recently but thankfully table tennis has been very helpful 😂
  3. As it’s the first time I’ve gone down this route I’m acquiring help from a guy who’s an accountant. I know it was in the plans to meet up in the next few weeks to sort the figures out (that part itself will be easy enough as I need to take down total earnings before leasing costs anyway). As things draw nearer I will probably end up asking him about this, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer on the government websites for those who only became self employed in the past three years.
  4. Does this include earnings made from working in employment in those three years? I only started as self-employed at the end of September. My earnings proper to that were in normal employment. As such, HMRC currently have no figures of what I’ve earned since the change in job. Would this take in my earnings of the previous job, and likewise until I give them the earned figures post-Sep how would they get a figure on this?
  5. History is also littered with accusations made against innocent people. What these sexual assault claims do is destroy someone’s reputation regardless of innocence. Many have had their lives ruined, families broken apart and been labelled a “predator” for life because of false accusations, even when 100% clear and innocent. I could claim Salmond touched my cock in 2013, get him taken to court and obviously lose the case as it was nonsense. Some out there would genuinely believe it happened anyway. That’s the point of these false accusations - it tars these people for life even when fully innocent. I completely understand your point about the accusations thrown out for lack of evidence, when the assault happened, and I feel for every single victim of such a case. It must be horrific to see the person committing the assault walk free. What I’m saying is that for every case where a victim doesn’t see justice, there’s another case full of lies and deceit to try and destroy someone’s life and image.
  6. I’ve got every single poster on ignore, works a treat
  7. That’s true but it was also at Darkheid so it had a higher chance of gaining coverage from the off. My concern though is that everyone still paying £30 to get in while protesting the price isn’t going to change anything, a near empty away end would have sent a larger message.
  8. In truth I would suggest it be better to boycott a game away to the bigots than an midweek away match to Livi. For a start, the media covers anything involving the green bigots and Sevco whereas the Livi v Saints match was barely noticeable. Sending in two guys with a large banner to cover the empty seats displaying a message on pricing would gain so much more coverage across the media. Boycotting the Livi match has had little effect, and wasn’t really going to. Do it on the biggest stage on the game and the campaign has a better chance of making headway. I do find it pointless that they’ve attended this game in numbers while protesting the price. As I said above, keep it to two guys just so they can display a large banner, it makes more sense and conveys a bigger protest. We need this campaign to gain ground but we need to hit the right places to do it - if there’s another boycott the best thing they can do is to do it at one of the bigotdomes.
  9. The English leagues and Sky can afford the fines. Sky must see it as worth it financially, they’ll make more than they’ll pay up on the fines from showing these games. They won’t make the same money showing a Scottish game so we just get ignored. Until the fines increase massively Sky will continue to break the rules for their own benefit. ETA: It also hurts BT’s viewing figures which is why Sky also do it.
  10. Always the same when we have the expected loss away to the bigot sides. People need to calm down ffs, I don’t get why they get their knickers in a twist when we suffer another expected loss at the Bigot Dome.
  11. Some bigot fans are planning to do a minutes applause for a young lad who died this week (I think). 15 year old, so applause is on 15th minute for anybuddie wishing to visit the dome of scum and villainy.
  12. Ffs, thanks for tempting me ya prick 😂 I ain’t going either. Even if I was in Scotland I wouldn’t go to this. f**k Celtic, f**k their zombie brothers. FTOF.
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