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  1. Cornwall_Saint

    Alias Use on The Forum

    *meant to post that under shull
  2. Cornwall_Saint

    Cowdenbeath Remain In The SPFL

    Better season this time around for Cowdenbeath, unlikely they’ll be fighting a third straight season in the relegation playoff. Promotion playoff is achievable for them, albeit it’s for 4th place as the top 3 are miles ahead. Could well be Albion Rovers trying to avoid relegation this time around, 7 points adrift and at risk of a second straight relegation. Cove could be back in the playoff though. Leading the way in the Highland League. East Kilbride looking good in the Lowland, last year’s champions Spartans down in 5th.
  3. Cornwall_Saint

    January Arrivals

    Good point. I’m shocked Kpekawa only went for 450K when QPR bought him. He’s worth ten times that. I REALLY hope we don’t receive a bid for him from someone like Celtic, that would be a massive loss for us... (Brendan, £2.5m and he’s yours)
  4. Cornwall_Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Can’t be too sure. It could be a matter of waiting on the other club to get someone in before they release a player to us. We might as well wait until the window shuts before making our assumptions.
  5. Cornwall_Saint

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Took a safer option on the bet today as I still have 4 days before the money is safe. Stuck the £2.90 on Novak Djokovic to defeat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, 21p added so I have £3.11 to use tomorrow. Not sure what my mate decided on today.
  6. Cornwall_Saint

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Ah shit, I thought you chalky1?
  7. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    The only reason I’m not claiming is because I split from my ex. If we were still together then I would not be able to sustain a family of four on those two jobs.
  8. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    In all fairness I can’t comment on the 70s as I wasn’t alive back then. Not going to argue on a point I don’t know. In my own lifetime, however short, I haven’t personally seen things as bad as this. Well for a start as a Belgian citizen I’ll have to pay £65, otherwise I’ll become illegal, wont be able to work, get a flat, anything tbh I know most of us on here won’t be in that situation but it certainly is the case for over 3 million people in the UK.
  9. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    Thankfully I don’t claim anything atm as I manage to get by on two jobs. That being said if I was still with my ex the chances are we would have still had to claim though. I did see that the Scottish government mitigated that, it was nice to finally hear of a government actually trying to help and protect the poorer among us. I’ve had temptations to move to either Scotland or Belgium. Scotland would be the easier option as I grew up there. If I moved to Belgium (my country of birth) I’d have aimed to move in with my grandpa, help him out around the house while picking up the language and start to make a life for myself over there. With all this in mind, I wish I could do it but I can’t leave my two boys behind and only see them a couple of times a year. If it wasn’t for them, I’d have been seriously looking at relocating. I have detailed it already in this thread. Bedroom tax, ATOS, privatisation for starters. You don’t need social media to see the damage these things have caused. Just because you’re begging doesn’t mean you don’t, or shouldn’t have a phone. Perhaps this person was once in a better position, but has been kicked out or evicted? Perhaps they’ve lost their job recently? Maybe this person is unwilling to sell their phone because it’s the only contact they have with a particular family member? Every individual is different, don’t make a judgement before you know their story.
  10. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    I’m not saying it was. What I’m saying is things have gotten worse, and by a distance.
  11. Cornwall_Saint

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    I’m usually quite shite so the months don’t bother me much but being top 1,000 atm, I want to keep it that way. Absolutely gutted I missed the 2nd round of the year, read it as the competition opening on the day instead of actually happening. Could have been even higher up.
  12. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    I don’t tend to watch the news often. Used to have it on a lot more. Unfortunately it is that bad. The UC situation with benefits is disastrous and the evidence is there that ATOS “fit to work” tests are a pile of absolute shite. Back when I was with my ex we got hit with the bedroom tax (they say if your two kids are the same gender they should share a room) and it pushed us on the verge of having nothing left financially. I’m thankful that between my two jobs I don’t need to claim right now, I dread the possibility of that changing and going through the nonsense meetings with “Work coaches” who want you to take a 12 hour contract miles out of town which does absolutely nothing to help you financially. Unfortunately many people have been suffering at the hands of these sanctions and cuts. I don’t want to be this negative, but I’m a realist.
  13. Cornwall_Saint

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Well played! My mate smashed out a tennis sixfold today and he’s now on £2.68 this week. Not decided my bet for tomorrow yet. ITV7 Today - 2 Winners, 2 Placed, 3 Unplaced. Top 10,000 so not too bad. 539th in the month so far and I missed a round as well. Hopefully improve that further.
  14. Cornwall_Saint

    January Arrivals

    I’d take him back. This season is now about survival and we need any asset possible to help us achieve this. Worry about proper squad building in the summer. Right now the priority is getting a squad together who can outdo Hamilton and Dundee.
  15. Cornwall_Saint

    Brexit Negotiations

    Where to begin? Claiming we have no money to fund things like the NHS. Then selling it off to private companies who prioritise profit over care. Example: we have billionaire Richard Branson sueing the NHS because he hasn’t been given more contracts. We have austerity measures but somehow they found £1bn to bung the DUP, they continue to find money for the ever pointless trident, they can write off MP expenses. The House of Lords continues to increase in size and with that increases the £300 dished out to each Lord who does the difficult task of clocking in. No austerity for them, funny that. Check some of the “expenses” lists MPs have claimed for. Absolute nonsense. Benefit claimants have seen money slashed. Bedroom tax is shambolic. The Rape Clause to claim tax credits for a third child is abhorrent. The ATOS “Fit for work” tests are not fit for purpose. Benefit sanctions leave people moneyless. Many have died either from starvation, or suicide when their debts have climbed too high. In some cases the threat of benefit cuts or being fit “found to work” when they really aren’t has also lead to suicides. The large amount of food banks opening shows how much the poor have suffered over the last 8 years. But who gets the blame for a lack of money? Foreigners, immigrants, asylum seekers. Benefit claimants. The EU is apparently at fault. The government has allowed these groups to take the blame to take the heat off themselves. As a result we have seen a more right wing Britain develop, increasing the hate of anyone foreign. You fine well know some leave voters voted in the hope EU citizens would be kicked out. The torrents of abuse aimed at refugees is sickening. This government has always deflected the real reasons for lack of money while spunking loads on shite elsewhere and allowing others to take the blame. The last 8 years has seen our beloved NHS being sold off, an increase in racism, an increase in poverty and an increase in homeless numbers. But also an increase in the pockets of the rich. Of course the Tories have f**king destabilised Britain.