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  1. Good player and a great signing for a club our size.... Best of luck Declan..
  2. I believe clubs like to release there kits once the majority of there season tickets have been sold.. selling them too early could result in fans buying one or the other...
  3. Would this have been around 2003 or 4 at Xmas/new year time? If so I was probably on that minibus, I'm sure I remember that happening...
  4. How that boy Hickey got a game before Ralston or O'Donnell is beyond me... He's f**kin rotten..
  5. Ha f**kin Ha... What a result...🤣
  6. Totally agree, I said as much after that disaster at Fir park....
  7. Truly awful game, gave up at half time to go out for a pre planned dinner, frees up more time for my alcohol intake tonight..,..😁
  8. Yeah I know mate, an even more sadder fact is that there's nearly 180.000 (Renfrewshire council) within a 5 mile radius of our stadium.... Sickening... Strangely there's loads of guys from north/east Ayrshire in my work and I've yet to meet a Killie fan... All bigot lovers.
  9. Well done to the Smokies for bringing such a big support down on a Friday night but if Killie have sold out there 3 stands that must be close to 14.000, absolutely unreal numbers, especially when we struggled to sell 6.500 for our play-off against Dun Utd and few years ago.... Superb from both teams..
  10. Didn't Fitzy own a newsagents in Causeyside street near where cash converters is the now?
  11. Totally agree, both have been utter honking... I'm convinced we're cert's to fall into the play-off spot now, I'm not sure wtf is going on at the training ground but Robinson's looks as if he's been dragged in off the street and has never seen a game of football in his puff.. absolute chronic stuff...
  12. 2 awful football teams, we've turned to absolute shite since Robinson took over..
  13. Came across this on YT.. enjoy.
  14. Chicken flavoured alcohol beverages? Now that would leave a foul taste in you're mouth..
  15. I'm pretty sure Goodwin tried to sign him last season but he choose Motherwell... Was thinking when watching him we haven't missed out on much, hopefully I was wrong..
  16. As others have said we played really well In the 1st half but that 2nd half performance was beyond belief.... Dundee are certs for relegation but with the form that we're in it wouldn't surprise me if we replace St Johnstone for that play-off spot... What a shite few weeks it's been..
  17. Great 1st half, we're playing some excellent stuff and young Jay's goal was an absolute belter... Mon Saints keep this up...
  18. So disappointed, we offered nothing after we equilised, Hearts deserved there win but Dunne was f**kin howling with at least 2 of there goals... GUTTED...
  19. Remember that game, Hearts were flying that season but we played really well that day and the scoreline was no real reflection on the game .. Anyway we're smashing that mob tonight.... 2-0 to the Saints....
  20. I think they put a roof on that terracing In the early 80s, so most likely sometime in the 70s
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