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  1. Mark Schwarzer reckons KB is in the team to man mark Messi.. good luck with that job......LOL.
  2. The boys a total fake, con man, scammer call him what you want, millionaire my arse..
  3. I called it straight away, not even got a mentioned on Sky...
  4. Don't know why Robinson persists with Gogic at CB when we have Shaughnessy on the bench... Fcuking awful tatics
  5. Great support we've took up to Dingwall by the looks of things.... Well done all....
  6. I think the ref thought it hit his other arm which was away from his body, it clearly didn't..... Never a penalty.
  7. Too easy for Hibs... Oops great defending I meant to say...lol
  8. I knew an Edgar family who lived in Ferguslie, there was a couple of brothers who were slightly older than me, one was called George, I'm pretty sure there father died in a house fire..
  9. He might be off in January, but must be right pished off the now..
  10. A friend sent me it, it's from Celtic tv, I'll find it and post it..
  11. Does anyone know if Frank is going to attend tomorrow's game? I watched a short interview Frank gave the other day, it seems he may not have long left, I'll admit it near brought me to tears...
  12. Horrid watch, barely deserved a draw, Very poor stuff..
  13. Killie been the better team in the first 25mins, we look a bit rushed when we have the ball and our passings been poor.. Bit better by Main..
  14. Scud books..😂 Can you still buy these FS?.…😂
  15. Oooft that was a severe beating, bit of a brass neck for Scottish fitba, but it's Sevco so f**kem..😆
  16. Absolute shocker to hear this, Frank was my hero growing up, shed tears when he left, was over the moon when he returned, also had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, great guy, obviously supported Celtic but loved the Buds aswell... Get well soon Frank..
  17. Was at the game yesterday, the ref must have been the only person in the stadium that thought it was a penalty.. even the Sevco fans look looked astonished with the decision..
  18. Would feckin love it if we took something off this mob today. Mon Saints, let's get tore right into these horrid cnuts....
  19. More likely the clowns that believe this MSM bollox are the ones who's mad..
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