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  1. Goodwin embarrased every Saints fan on Sunday with his utter shit baggery. Manager that has that attitude in my opinion should not be at club.
  2. Does website not give option to buy student season ticket?
  3. Stubbs was a total waste of space....Saints do need some quality signings to push further up the table. Very little in quality signings....
  4. Ffs, surely we should be trying harder to get some quality in than Waters. Very average and championship quality left-back, nowhere near good enough for top flight...if this is what Saints aspire to sign then another poor season ahead...
  5. Wee Howf is best pub in Paisley.
  6. Bank house is crap, the layout for the bar and toilets is poor. Waste of time going in for a pint...
  7. Hes still a wanker the way he walked out not telling the club his intentions or returning phone calls, hes a mutant!
  8. How can u possibly get early bird tickets? With the chances slim of fans getting in then surely season ticket prices should be well reduced...
  9. You attended the occasional game for years so never bought a ticket, now you have bought a ticket and can't attend any games🤣🤣
  10. 👍good that u remember it in some shape or form, back in the 80's it was fecking nuts in there🥳🥳
  11. Can I ask seriously what age you are? Interested to know if you stood in Northbank...
  12. Feck McGinn, didn't give a fuk about Saints when he walked out on them, cant stand the meatball mutant...
  13. How do you work that out? We have no left back, centre half options are poor if any injuries. Signed two kids for midfield who have hardly kicked a ball with Mcgennis and Flynn injured. Only have one striker at present and imo Morias and Erahon way off level required...McAllister injury prone so carrying passengers to start with...I think the squad is very very average and wouldnt be confident winning championship with it...
  14. The squad at present has relegation dog-fight all over it...
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