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  1. Penalty is awarded when a player is fouled in the box. There was no foul. Perhaps he just fell. 😄.
  2. Had a feeling we would lose this beforehand, but a draw is still an awful result. Yet again no goals from our forwards, pathetic. According to radio we came into it more in the second half but I think it’s maybe better to avoid the top six and save us more misery from the old firm. Leave that to big teams like Livi.
  3. Very bad decision to play Taylor, he is hopeless. Think we will lose to the worst team in the league.
  4. Pretty much as expected and maybe best to avoid having to meet this team again this season. Curious as to how Celtic define “big” as in Ange. Possibly when surrounded by diminutive Japanese players, but the portly Antipodean is certainly not as they describe him. Nevertheless, he will be gone next season to an English team, as will a few of their better players. As for us, 14 goals in three games against Celtic shows the difference in class. Still nothing up front.
  5. I’ve had that particular chap on ignore for over a year, so wouldn’t even see any response. Glad you also think so highly of me. 😁
  6. I carelessly hadn’t realised this match is on Sunday,so three of us who sit together can’t make the match. First home match this season I will miss, drat ! Wish they wouldn’t change dates and times.
  7. Watched those highlights, and whilst i thought we would lose the match originally, to fail yet again to see off a lower ranked team with a man short for half the game is pathetic. Then again, when you play without any goal scorers it’s no surprise. As for the next match, one shudders at the potential outcome. 😬
  8. I saw that info as well, saying only season ticket holders can purchase one. Why bother if you already have a season ticket ? Prices are also outrageous, very bad show by Saints.
  9. Recent form has been quite poor so think this will be another defeat as we can’t score goals. Prepared to be pleasantly surprised but rather doubt it.
  10. Thankfully Small is only a loan player, he looks pretty hopeless and was beaten every time by the Ross winger. Find it hard to fathom why an 18 year old reserve player goes straight into the team, even if we are struggling with injuries. Also think that Taylor looks a poor signing, and not up to playing at this level. Probably more of Robinsons signings than not, have been ok but those two should be gone asap.
  11. Three points is about as much as you could say about this game. Should have been miles ahead but as usual sweating towards the end. Entertainment value negligible. Yet again the forwards cannot score.
  12. Just a few short days ago most, myself included, were anticipating 6 points from the next two games. Now the excuses are in for our fourth defeat on the spin. Surely even reserve players will have a bit of fight and outdo those who are missing. Main thing is to avoid a relegation scrap as is usually the case. Fingers crossed.
  13. Agree with that. Blaming injured strikers (who never score anyway)and inexperienced defenders, whom HE signed, it seems he has conceded any prospect for top six. Maybe just as well because can you imagine the prospect of more OF games and the tankings that would ensue. Perhaps best leave top six to Ross Co, Livi, St Johnstone, Motherwell, who have all proved they can actually achieve that feat.
  14. Very bad result. Manager has a lot of explaining to do after this. Three defeats running and out the cup. Still nothing up front.
  15. Radio coverage has ceased so having to rely on you posters who are all at the game. Quite how you find the time to watch and type updates on your phones is commendable.
  16. Just like Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago, we are facing a team in the worst possible form so it’s a very winnable game, as is Saturday against Ross County. Six points is a must. Would be very difficult for the manager to explain anything less than that, I’m afraid.
  17. Just collapsed a bit near the end. A bit like saints who also crashed 1-5.
  18. Having watched the cup highlights (Saints game excepted) I find it amazing the none of the Thistle players were sent off for their assault on the Rangers player who scored the controversial goal. At least two should have been immediately dismissed.
  19. Considering Saints have now been eliminated from both cups and cannot win the league, he seemed quite unperturbed at a 1-5 defeat. Never mind, there’s always next season.
  20. Gave up on radio commentary at 0-3, so didn’t realise we had capitulated until later on. Won’t bother with the highlights either. Perhaps our next visit to Celtic should be preceded with a letter offering the 3 points . 😁. Next match on Wednesday will be a difficult one against a poor team fighting for their lives. Hope our recent bad run improves but I have my doubts.
  21. To this day, that match still holds the attendance record for football in Belgium.
  22. Wouldn’t bother going to this game either. As I don’t have ppv tv, it will be the wireless for me. May switch off if we are on a hiding though. 😁
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