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  1. Considering Saints have now been eliminated from both cups and cannot win the league, he seemed quite unperturbed at a 1-5 defeat. Never mind, there’s always next season.
  2. Gave up on radio commentary at 0-3, so didn’t realise we had capitulated until later on. Won’t bother with the highlights either. Perhaps our next visit to Celtic should be preceded with a letter offering the 3 points . 😁. Next match on Wednesday will be a difficult one against a poor team fighting for their lives. Hope our recent bad run improves but I have my doubts.
  3. To this day, that match still holds the attendance record for football in Belgium.
  4. Wouldn’t bother going to this game either. As I don’t have ppv tv, it will be the wireless for me. May switch off if we are on a hiding though. 😁
  5. We had one great chance, and Main blazed it miles over the bar. IMO , well beaten. Just MY opinion.!
  6. Well beaten today, although weather was the real winner. I was at hospitality which may have broken the winning spell 😁. Likely another defeat next week so hope for an improvement in the coming weeks.
  7. Sorry to hear of such an injury but I don’t think he would have featured much anyway. Hoping Watt can help with goals and Main continues his good form.
  8. Will watch on Alba shortly. An expected win, particularly against ten men for nearly the whole match. Stay of execution for Robinson. Temporary of course.
  9. Well fans are in for a treat. 🤣. Sums up the paucity of our game when the likes of him can get a gig.
  10. Traditionally a visit to pittodrie yields similar results as those to the OF, but thankfully Aberdeen are currently hopeless so I expect us to win, given their heavy defeats in Edinburgh and inability to match a former junior team. The caveat, of course, is that we barely score any goals these days but it might be interesting to hear excuses from the manager, should we manage the unthinkable and fail to win.
  11. Agree with most of that, but we will never score that amount of goals with those forwards. Wouldn’t be surprised that a game we ought to win will be much harder than expected. Away form is woeful, remember.
  12. Three points which were very welcome. Thought it was an awful game and Motherwell were just as poor as in the first game down here. They could be in deep trouble. All our home games, despite having a good record, seem to be going in front then unable to improve on that and eventually have the fans biting the fingernails every time the opposition attack. Still feel our lack of a goal scorer will hurt us badly and it’s pretty certain we won’t sign anyone now. Regardless, the one good sign is the improved attendances which is heartening.
  13. No idea where goals might come from, but we have to beat Motherwell on Saturday or else I fear we will end up in or near the play off spot. I do hope, though, that Robinson does not try for a loan player from the lower leagues in England. That hasn’t ,and never will, be successful.
  14. Worst possible draw. Not in the least surprised, had a feeling it would be a tie like that.
  15. Further evidence that goal scoring is a real problem for us. We have to release those unable to find the net, particularly Ayunga and Brophy. I see a slide down the league as those teams with goal scorers go above us. Hoping for a home cup draw against whoever is the weakest team left.
  16. Never a penalty, ball played him. Game is painful to watch, men against boys, flyweight against a heavyweight. Tv ought to have picked a better game to screen live.
  17. Whilst Dundee are a league beneath us, I fully expect a tough game today. Defeat would be awful but not unthinkable, particularly bearing in mind our inability to score goals. I assume no transfer signings are to be expected either. Hoping for a good old fashioned cup tie and a win. Preferably to also avoid an away tie next at OF , Hearts, Aberdeen etc. 😁
  18. The implication,of course, is that I’m always pessimistic ?. I still attend all home games though, despite the pessimism. Anyway let’s not fall out.
  19. Just watched the highlights, Saints looked very poor at defending and well beaten as I’d suspected. Hate to be pessimistic but the team is slipping down the league and will likely continue thus as goal scoring looks to be a lost art. Survival and a possible cup run is the best we can hope for. That’s one win in eight games. Not good enough.
  20. I understand your disappointment, having gone to the match on such a freezing night, and enduring a heavy defeat. I merely listened to the first half on the wireless. Hope you can thaw out soon.
  21. Radio back on, gave up at half time. Saints back to Jellyfish FC. Useless.
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