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  1. [Expect we will see a lot more of the media tart on TV in the near future ! Ahem, were you not on Radio Scotland the other week Mr. McDonald............................
  2. If we had known that then Herbie & me would've converted you to the black & white way....... Not heard that in a long time. Need to look out the tape it's on !
  3. Blast from the past there my man. Remember seeing them in the legendary Clubhouse in Paisley.
  4. Putting your new pocket book guide to good use I see Howard....
  5. Sounds like your advocating piracy Mr. H.........
  6. Only if the Best and Marsh remix is in there .........
  7. The Slits - Love Und Romance X Ray Spex - Art I Ficial Wire - Outdoor Miner Siouxsie - Israel Mmmmm, really need to get out more......
  8. Such language Howard...good tune Today's choice is Christine - House of Love
  9. The delights of typing The June Brides into Last FM. Fair took me back to a bygone era.....
  10. Always knew you had taste Howard.... Mr. Watt Said - The Church Grimms
  11. Driving down on Saturday so see you all there
  12. A top choice there dmc.. Today's choice Mr. Midnight - Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds
  13. In The Rain - The June Brides Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jnr.
  14. Today's Choices, Miss Modular - Stereolab Happy House - Siouxsie and her Banshees
  15. Ah , now there is a tune, the memories today's choice Delicious Demon - The Sugarcubes
  16. Todays choices, Dig Lazarus Dig!!! - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Ping Pong - Stereolab What's My Number - Toots And The Maytals
  17. Fantastic tune by one of the best bands ever. And Kermit does no a bad version of it also.........
  18. Indeed we have Howard, and indeed they were New Order clones. Bit of a Manchester thing dmc has going on with his last 3 posts Today's Choices Dance Critters - The Colourblind James Experience Prepostorous Tales - I Ludicrous Les Fleurs - Minnie Ripperton
  19. as a hangover cure - Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth
  20. Great choice there Howard. As for myself, Heaven by Club 8, courtesy of 6music last night.
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