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  1. [Expect we will see a lot more of the media tart on TV in the near future ! Ahem, were you not on Radio Scotland the other week Mr. McDonald............................
  2. If we had known that then Herbie & me would've converted you to the black & white way....... Not heard that in a long time. Need to look out the tape it's on !
  3. Blast from the past there my man. Remember seeing them in the legendary Clubhouse in Paisley.
  4. Happy buffday, you old chunt!

  5. Putting your new pocket book guide to good use I see Howard....
  6. Sounds like your advocating piracy Mr. H.........
  7. Only if the Best and Marsh remix is in there .........
  8. The Slits - Love Und Romance X Ray Spex - Art I Ficial Wire - Outdoor Miner Siouxsie - Israel Mmmmm, really need to get out more......
  9. Such language Howard...good tune Today's choice is Christine - House of Love
  10. The delights of typing The June Brides into Last FM. Fair took me back to a bygone era.....
  11. Always knew you had taste Howard.... Mr. Watt Said - The Church Grimms
  12. Driving down on Saturday so see you all there
  13. A top choice there dmc.. Today's choice Mr. Midnight - Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds
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