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  1. Belittling Saints fans once again. It doesnt make you big, wee man. Never mind wrong thread, you're in the wrong forum. Try follow follow.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He booked a hotel room to spend all day drinking babycham and posting non stop on the forum of a football team he doesnt support. Whats up with the wendy hoose, sorry garden room ?
  3. Shull , where are you ? We need some scores and guesses to get this thread back on topic. It's been infiltrated by drunken boring and trolling muckers of toxic titch from Arbroath . They have added nothing . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Keep up the good and inoffensive work shullster.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JEEZO !!!!!!!! The sidekick of Toxic Titch of Arbroath who started the trolling shite this morning. He keeps very bad company on this forum. What a plonker.
  5. Most of us are here for a bit of humour and nothing too serious, just unfortunate you joined in with the forum trolls and abusers as they were in full flow.
  6. Try again, Arbroath already has a village idiot.
  7. He is more likely to get others banned by crying like a baby to Div. That is his style caused by his wee mans syndrome. He has got to act like top dog on everything he does in life although he is just a wee bullying squirt.
  8. Will you please stop abusing St Mirren supporters ye drunken disaster ?
  9. Good post. Toxic Titch is the forum mess.
  10. Yes, he is nearly broken. Poor Titch
  11. Radio Scotland is so beneath the big wee man from Arbroath. Can you not get Celtic TV on your top of the range mobile phone ?
  12. Toxic Titch, the supporter of sectarian Sevco, has certainly clusterf**ked this topic. He really hates St Mirren and all their fans.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ f**king Jeezo !!!!!!! Its a group troll by Smokie and his bandits. Toxic Titch is an angry man and out of control and a horrible little cretin. The " likes " scandal " nearly finished him but he grassed and got his problem solved. The wee mans syndrome he suffers from keeps his hatred going. I expect more grassing from him to remove his other problem. At the moment he is floundering . So his abuse, trolling and belittling continues.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JEEZO !!!!!!!
  15. Another one who likes to give it to a pensioner.
  16. Not Shull. You will be surprised when you find out who I really am. Anyway, why do you not ignore Shull and Rascal instead of abusing and trolling them and condoning the bully from Arbroath ?
  17. Rascal was only replying to a post. You continue to troll him while condoning the pathetic abusing bully from Arbroath. You van ignore anybody who hurts your wee feelings.
  18. Three abusers bullying and trolling a St Mirren supporting pensioner. None dont want to ignore Rascal. They enjoy being bullies.
  19. The pathetic little bully from Arbroath continues to troll Rascal. Rascal is a decent St Mirren supporting pensioner. The idiot from Arbroath is not decent and certainly not a St Mirren fan.
  20. The Sevco/Celtic gloryhunter out for his regular daily troll. He will soon be settling down with his green and blue scarf round his neck to watch the bigotfest on his absolutely huge television ( its taller than him ). Pathetic and irrelevant tiny jobby.
  21. And his trolling and bullying continues. What a despicable character.
  22. You have never been bullied on here. You're the forum bully, abuser and troll, absolutely no doubt about it. It has taken a while for forum members to answer your shite back and quite right. Try leaving St Mirren fans alone and I bet they don't bite back at you.
  23. Why shouldnt he edit ? He may have made a simple mistake. What your problem you trolling and belittling idiot ?
  24. As you continue to abuse and troll him even though you have him on ignore. His decency and good manners is destroying you , you little irrelevant nobody.
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