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  1. I would steer clear. You have chosen the wrong one.
  2. He is digging his own grave, so to speak. Keep your eyes on the aliased thread.
  3. Long John Baldy is one of Faraway Saint's aliases.
  4. Faraway Saint says Shull had multiple aliases and that Shull used them to like his own posts. There is no denial from Shull and he accepted his aliases getting removed by Div. The problem is why did it bother Faraway Saint so much ? Faraway Saint ? Talking of aliases, Long John Baldy is Faraway Saint. For you Antrin.
  5. Hey the Arbroath Fake Saint, who are the two Saints legends above ?
  6. Faraway s obsession with likes. He will survive. He is top of the list now. Some achievement. How did he manage it ?
  7. Obviously. Well manipulated. It's what you wanted, by any means. What a star you are.
  8. You will remember Darts and Snooker players from decades ago but you wont have a clue who Fergie's Furies were . Tell us your memories of our Scottish Cup games in 1977 ? Fake Saint
  9. Although, Faraway Saint cried his eyes out as Shull piled up the likes.
  10. This Thread has ran for nearly 5 years. Faraway Saint the Forum Troll has not contributed any St Mirren minded post to it He has no Saints memories at all. He wouldn't know any of the players whose photos are posted. He is not and never has been a St Mirren Supporter. Never been to Love Street or Greenhill Road. Would get zero in a St Mirren quiz. Fake Saint.
  11. So why were you crying about likes. Why get Shull banned ?
  12. Why did you report Shull to Div regarding likes ?
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