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  1. Is it not time for Flareybob to raise his head again??
  2. From the shops Twitter account on 2nd April 2021
  3. I'm sure it's been said elsewhere that the volunteers that run it are stepping down and the club's taking it "in-house"
  4. If Murray Davidson plays, I wonder what the odds the bookies would give that he a) gets a yellow/red card b) injures one of our players and c) injures himself? And all for the same challange!!
  5. Another abysmal/anonymous performance. Another "reasonable" player that's had his head turned by an agent in search of a bigger fee. Time to withdraw any contract offer and use it to keep Durmus and McGrath long term
  6. This game is showing what a big player Durmus is for us
  7. Ask on the International St Mirren Supporters Facebook page. Maybe there's a fan in Germany that may be able to help you
  8. It's an even worse clearance from Tait that ends up at McCarthy
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