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  1. Just got the Championship winning one for my new Samsung phone. Have to say that the quality is excellent
  2. I've got it working, but terrible stuff so far
  3. Jonathan Sutherland describes us as toothless. Do we have a coach for the strikers? If yes, should we sack him and get another? If no, should we get one? Does McCoist not live nearby. A couple of sessions a week couldn't do any harm
  4. You wonder if they turn up well in advance to check the equipment, or 5 minutes before broadcast and wing it? As amateurish as ever
  5. Finally got SMTV working but the camera work looks like a drunk chimps doing it
  6. Commentary there but sound levels all over the place. Amateur hour yet again
  7. Yes, got pictures and sound but no commentary
  8. What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was fearing getting battered by Hibs, now I'm thinking that we really have a chance of getting something against Aberdeen
  9. Greg tweeted today that he's "fit and raring to go". When questioned about this , he said he'd had the op in June. Seems strange that it took so long to release him.
  10. McGarvey as well. He was signed from Kilsyth Rangers. Imagine the meltdown if we signed a player from The Juniors nowadays
  11. As per usual. Showing half time interviews with stadium music /announcements drowning them out
  12. Sound levels are crap. A good kick of the ball and its sounds like a gun shot
  13. There's very feint commentary. Just need to adjust the volume levels. Very amateurish
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