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  1. Looks like Joma have thought "We've got the contract so minimum effort required"
  2. St Inconsistent strike again. Absolutely pish. no player getting more than 4/10
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if he goes there. Livi have just lost their goalie that's on loan from Norwich. Been diagnosed with testicular cancer
  4. watching Saints Tv but getting at least 3 commentaries all out of sync
  5. Anyone else getting about 3 commentaries all out of sync ??
  6. No, just t-shirts. Had previously returned 2 strips, wasn't risking it again
  7. Order placed Thursday morning, delivered Friday morning. Drunken order placed Thursday night just been delivered. Great service, although it's helped Royal Mail have been on the ball for a change. T-shirts and shorts all of a very good quality
  8. Are all relevant parties going to be at that one?
  9. How he managed to say that we're now acting like top 6 club off the pitch, keeping a straight face, is laughable. No season tickets yet, nae away fans when full houses elsewhere, kiosks still closed, shocking quality jerseys when eventually available, no online shop all summer, shoddy communication to the fans. Aye ,Tony, definitely top 6
  10. Just had a voicemail from Alan at Provan Sports. They're expecting a new delivery of jerseys in a few days. Unfortunately, it's more of the Skyview with stuck on logo ones. Would take too long to get a complete new batch made and the number that would have to be ordered made this a non-starter
  11. Email [email protected] sying your going to return it stating the logo's "crap" .They might send you an email with a prepaid postage label to print off
  12. Received my refund for the faulty jerseys today and as luck would have it my size is out of stock. I have asked if/when a new lot will be available and if it will have a "screen Printed " Skyview type logo or suck on plastic . Will update when i receive a reply
  13. Must admit when I saw someone was posting on this topic again my heart sank. Was Marcus injured?Had another club came in for him? Had he asked to leave? Thankfully none of these and to read the story has made my day and it's not even 9am. well done Marcus and thanks for sharing your story Mainstand Sweary Mob
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