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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-mirren-not-pursuing-loan-23350695
  2. On Saturday afternoon before the games, Tom English said Kilmarnock reached their £5000 target in an hour. I think our target went from £5000 to £2500
  3. WTF was the tactics there? Saw the team and thought we were going 2 up front then Erwin (our least mobile/effective) striker out wide !!! Either 2 up front or Durmus /MacAllister out wide not Erwin
  4. No Obika and Sheron back in the squad FFS
  5. Brophy is 9/2 first goalscorer and 21/10 anytime scorer on Betfair. Waiting to see line-up before having a flutter
  6. Totally agree. As much as Ethan has improved he is so one footed.
  7. Boreham Wood fans seem very excited , on Twitter , to be getting Junior back. Just checked his wikipedia,20 goals in 70 apps for them in 2 previous spells. Maybe they played him as a No9 rather than out wide?
  8. That Ross Draper really is a tit. He was only getting a booking but refused to go back to the ref. Thought the ref was gonna wear out his pea in his whistle the way he kept blowing to get Drapers attention !!!!
  9. International subscriber. Got the Morton and Aberdeen games included in subscription
  10. Anyone watching on SMTV, are you getting anything yet? I'm just getting a picture with both clubs badges and background noise sounding like they're showing clips of our goals. Someone's probably forgot to flip a switch, which is par for the course with amateur SMTV
  11. Not sure how they were allocating tickets, but I'm sure I read that Inverness were struggling to get 300 fans to take tickets for 2 games so far, and have announced it's now "first come, first served"1
  12. I was gonna vote for away 4, but put off with all the little triangles. went for 4 and 2
  13. Not on betfair either, though it's on skybet. We're 7/2 to win, Livi 8/11 and draw 13/5
  14. Never knew that. Thanks. I always thought he just looked like someone playing out of position
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