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  1. Shull, f**k off No need for all these posts. Stop trying to big up your ego with loads of posts
  2. It'll be available on sites like hesgoals.com, apparently!
  3. Another off P&B. Seems to be a Dutchman living in Dundee who appears to know his stuff I love how they always come up with the good Dutch development and the fact that we have B-teams, as if they have had some major effect. We have had B-teams for about 10 years in The Netherlands and since then the Dutch national team only had one decent tournament: a 3rd place at the 2014 World Cup. But we had a lot of luck with that draw, squeezing through against Mexico after a dodgy penalty awarded to Robben and beaten Costa Rica on penalties while beating Brazil in the 3rd place play-off who were completely deflated after getting humiliated 7-1 by Germany. Other than that, we got knocked out of Euro 2012 after 3 defeats, didn't qualify for Euro 2016 & WC 2018 and had an uninspiring last 16 exit against Czech Republic at Euro 2020. For a country with more than triple Scotland's population, that shouldn't exactly be something to aspire to. There have obviously been some excellent generations and world-class talent coming through before the last decade. Think of the great teams of 1974, 1988 and 1998, plus great club sides like Ajax 1995 and some world class players in the 2000's. All of that has been achieved without any colt teams. Meanwhile, they ignore that all 34 Dutch full-time teams have been given the chance of having colts in the league system. Out of those, 22 never bothered, 6 had one at some point but concluded they didn't have the desired effect and only 6 remain that are still in there (4 in the 2nd tier, 2 in the 3rd tier). Even Feyenoord, arguably the club with the best youth system after Ajax, never bothered with it. They claim it's not that advantageous and prefer a system of loans. Obviously Ajax disagree and do support the colt system, but it's not this "undisputed" success if the 2 largest academies in the country don't even agree with each other on the issue...
  4. Pinched off P&B And Celtic’s first contribution to this brave new world is to sign a lad from Watford who is eligible for the Republic of Ireland. They have a cheek to dress it up as good for Scottish football when it isn’t about that at all. The irony of denying a lad coming through the system a place in the Colts team will be lost on them
  5. What's stopping pre-orders? , and selling other merchandise other than incompetence?
  6. Has anyone heard anything about when the strips, or anything at all , are likely to be available to buy? Even if the shop is not able to open yet , there's no reason why online sales can't be taking place. The club and Provan sports must be losing serious money
  7. Just had it confirmed by Stenhousemuir that WarriorsTV will stream the game. £10
  8. FFS https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-celtic-urged-keep-pushing-24536122
  9. Lee Erwin away ??? https://twitter.com/Record_Sport/status/1411606407342956545?s=20
  10. To me Kibble is the generic name for dry dog/cat food . Better not be the name on the front of the jersey or it's a no from me
  11. What TPAFKA Jersey said. Great goalie. Probably would've ended up at Rangers if they didn't have MacGregor
  12. Couldn't agree more. My local would rather put on an English League 1 game than the Rangers v Celtic
  13. Did trhey ever announce which strips won the vote? Was so long ago that I can't remember which ones I voted for
  14. Decent, but flattered to deceive. We can, and will get better
  15. Past caring if JDH stays. If he wanted to stay he'd have signed by now. Hopefully Jim has someone else in the pipeline
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