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  1. I hope they pick a non champions league for the re-arranged game. Won't be on tv and even saints tv gets blocked
  2. Soaked at Tynecastle a few times in the 80's
  3. Might be called off https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/interview/robinson-says-pitch-is-touch-and-go-for-motherwell-scottish-cup-clash-as-he-sends-james-scott-message/?fbclid=IwAR0VvycPSouvl1jiV28u_PVjAQS8DhyzQG57AOyE1tMx0HQMI3N55Rq6yj0
  4. https://twitter.com/ClydeSSB/status/1228661240467202048?s=20
  5. Win this one and we're home to Aberdeen/ Killie with a lovely 7:20pm kick off time on Saturday 29th Feb. Live on BBC Scotland
  6. So we're at Motherwell on Saturday 15th in the league then Tuesday 18th in the cup, then home to Hearts on Friday 21st. Expensive week if you're going to all 3.
  7. Spoiled by yet another incompetent performance by Dallas
  8. Our passing has been terrible in the 2nd half
  9. Getting a headache watching the shite camera work on SMTV today. Fans using there phone on periscope were better
  10. It's just lazy journalism. Any decent journalist would know the score
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