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  1. On a wee tangent. The service provided by CurtisSport who do Saints programme is absolutely fantastic. I ordered tomorrow's programme yesterday afternoon in the pub, and received it this morning here on the South coast of Hampshire
  2. Can we all chip in a few quid to pay Sheron to go? He really is a complete waste of money
  3. Can I claim my £10 back from St Mirren under the trades description act, cos that's not football at all
  4. Time Goodwin did what Fitzy did years ago and fall on his sword. This is a complete shambles. Where's wage thief Sheron?
  5. Finally got an email with a new password. Didn't even know I was registered with QOS TV. Email states I'm now registerd with them and PARS TV !!!! And the password they've sent doesn't work !!! Almost as if they don't want my money
  6. Has anyone actually managed to register with Qos for tomorrow's game?
  7. Danny Welbeck's available on a free!!!
  8. Need to update the ad in the matchday programme
  9. Need a new photo for the matchday programme
  10. Thank God St Johnstone are worse than us for scoring
  11. Have we signed any player that your sources have recommended, you silly C**t
  12. There's a rumour on twitter than he's got a serious heart condition ( not that there's an unserious heart condition)
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