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  1. Has any resident statto got % win rate for Goodwin vs our other top flight managers ?
  2. Depends on a lot of results over the last 2 round of fixtures for the seedings so hard to predict. We currently sit in a seeding position but I suspect we will end up needing a point from the Denmark game to be seeded in the end. (If we manage to secure 2nd place that is) There’s a table here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_–_UEFA_Second_Round
  3. If that’s the situation with Royal Mail then I guess it’s understandable to some extent. What is really required is for clubs to work together to find solutions that suit fans. There’s surely no reason that Saints fans couldn’t have purchased digital tickets from the Hibs and Ross County ticket platforms, similar to the way we were able to for Livi tickets. Likewise, St.Mirren ticket platform should have sold to Aberdeen fans rather than shipping them a load of tickets.
  4. Fair comment. There does seem to be a particular resentment toward Livi rippin the pash on pricing. It does seem as if every club (us included) seem to have bumped pricing by roughly 10% since pre-Covid.
  5. Thanks to the SLO for a more detailed update than that issued by the club. Would love to know what the issue with postal service is. Is it just that the club can’t organise themselves enough to actually post tickets? It wasn’t previously a problem. Why now?
  6. IMPORTANT INFO Ross County Tickets Due to previous issues with postal service, tickets will NOT be posted out by St. Mirren for this away match The ticket office is open tonight and next Thursday for those who are working during the day. The ticket prices as follows: Adult £25 Concession* £10 U18s £5 * - Over 65, 18-21 year-olds, wheelchair & ambulant - PA ticket is free of charge. The Ticket Office hours for the remainder of the week are as follows: Thu 7th Oct 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 Fri 8th Oct 10:00 to 14:00 Sat 9th Oct CLOSED Sun 10th Oct CLOSED St Mirren Ticket Office Tel: (0141) 840-6130. St Mirren Ticket Office E-Mail: [email protected]
  7. No real surprise in the decision. Given we had already decided to take the bigot shilling, we’re not going to reverse it. I genuinely don’t know why they’re dancing round the issue when it’s already clear as day. It creates a horrible environment for home fans. Giving them 1 stand and allowing for the inevitable OF fans that manage to acquire tickets for home stands is way better. At least that means that the scumbags have to tor the line and keep their trap shut rather than effectively taking over the stadium. Any daft proposal to have family groups of opposition fans in our own family stand is - let’s face it - only to try and find some halfway house to solving the OF question. I wouldn’t want the bigots in next to our fans. I’m also pretty certain that when St. Johnstone, Aberdeen, Motherwell, etc. come to town, they want to be in their own end.
  8. The Kibble, of course, can use their veto so in effect have the power to reject any Smisa nominated appointment. Doesn’t take much to join the dots as to the change of process happening to coincide with the 2020 proposal.
  9. Our last ticket system was locked down if I remember to have some logic around not allowing new registrations for old firm games or such? It’ll be interesting to see if the new system can implement the same now that the customer base is at least partially populated.
  10. Incidentally, it looks like Aberdeen have went to the trouble of either integrating with, or importing/replicating our seating map onto their ticket platform. This is allowing them to sell these tickets online to their fans. It’s not clear whether this is paper tickets that will be posted out of digital tickets. Either way, it’s miles ahead of our dealing with away game tickets judging by last week. https://tickets.afc.co.uk/en-GB/categories/away games
  11. I would reckon from past experience that there’s a fair chance Hibs may sell tickets on match day. There might be a late announcement from Saints to that effect. It’s happened before and if it happens again this time it will be a kick in the teeth for fans who have been told that the only way to get a ticket is to visit the SMFC ticket office. I guess we’ll know by Saturday but it’ll be too late or too much hassle either way for many people.
  12. You’re clearly a very decent Buddie trying to offer solutions to this. It really shouldn’t be up to fans doing favours like this to try and coordinate ticket sales. The club needs to sort itself out.
  13. Correct. This is why some are so short sighted in defending continual failures as simply teething issues. These are mounting up. You’ve got a crazy situation of someone saying that sub-standard strips are fine and shouldn’t be discounted - we should give the club full price so they don’t lose out financially. Only to then see the club literally lose out financially in multiple other circumstances by not managing the basics such as tickets and crowds. It’s depressing.
  14. We previously were able to purchase away tickets on the SMFC ticket platform and have them posted out. That was a much criticised ticket platform but at least there was a process there that worked (except for some technical issues on specific browsers/devices). I guess the main question is why have we now regressed? Can the new ticket platform not handle away ticket sales? Or have SMFC just not bothered to make tickets available via that route? Do we not have staff trained to operate sales via the online system? If not, do the club not realise that this could help alleviate pressure and allow them to work more efficiently, reduce phone calls, answer the phone when it does go, and ultimately sell more tickets and have a happier customer base. How was this process lost in transition from one season to the next? Did the club not realise what the previous staff were actually handling as part of the job?
  15. I’m in the same position, sitting over an hour away from Paisley. I’ve already had a moan about the fact that we’re only releasing details about tickets 5 days before the game. Add in the lack of online sales and no details as to whether you can actually have them posted out (maybe you can if you are lucky enough to get through on the phone line). Apparently no sales on the day at the stadium - although we’ve been told that before and turned up at grounds to find a ticket booth in operation. That for me is a real disappointment having previously went out of my way to drive to Paisley to the ticket office, only to find match day sales at away stadiums. I get that clubs want to keep last minute match day sales to a minimum but find that a shambolic way to treat fans.
  16. I generally agree with the point you’re making but I’d say that the Aberdeen game is precisely the circumstance that does impact attendance. Similarly home games versus the OF where fans can choose to stay away from everything that goes with it and still see the game from home/pub. Agree that success on the park (or sometimes relegation battles) are the main driver of attendances. It’s also about marginal gains as well and that’s where we’ve not helped ourselves with late season tickets release, not getting fans into early games due to poor Covid admin, now delays at turnstiles, no away fans, etc. Add into the mix that this week we’ve not been advertised how to buy a ticket for an away game to Hibs on Sat. We’re really not getting the basics right and I just find it so disappointing.
  17. Yeah, it’s crap but I guess we can’t have it both ways. People complain about the old firm being featured almost every weekend by sky but then if we get a game like Saints v Dons it results in a loss on revenue like you say. Not ideal.
  18. Thought he was excellent on Saturday and plays well beyond his young age. Excited to see him develop.
  19. I’ve no idea Alan. You could try asking Tony.
  20. Over tannoy a few minutes after match finished so quite a few fans would have missed that announcement. Thanks. I think that kind of reinforces my point if that’s the case. We’ve got a website, Facebook, Twitter, email and access to the PDE. It’s shambolic that we’re sitting 6 days from a game and not conveying information about tickets. Even more so if we apparently know the information but have only chosen to put it out over a tannoy announcement at a noisy stadium after a match has finished.
  21. Yet another thing example of clubs treating fans like shit with this game on the horizon. Here we are, 6 days from the match, and we still have no ticket news from St. Mirren or Hibs. In what business is that acceptable to give customers such short notice?
  22. I was passing at the same moment and heard that. Didn’t quite pick up on whether it was home fans or away fans that had opened the gate but I did notice there was a DUFC supporters bus parked in the car park next to the west stand which is unusual. Those fans would have had to walk a long way round to get to that bus if they weren’t being allowed through the gate.
  23. It reads to me that the club applied on 23rd Aug and there’s been to & fro’ with the council since then and things to be corrected and addressed. The documents shown also state that the approval would apply moving forward for future games. Anyway, it appears that the game went ahead and was never ‘in doubt’. There’s plenty to criticise the club about just now without making stuff up specifically to cause trouble. Gie it a rest.
  24. You’d think that a number of the issues that they are now ironing out (I.e. mitigation of risk via face coverings) could have already have been addressed a long time ago. I think that’s why we saw most clubs gradually increasing their stadium capacities with approved exemptions over the course of pre-season friendlies, cup games, European games and then league matches. It appears we were left behind and are only now fully navigating that process. A simple answer to what exactly prevented this from being possible would be good. It appears that we didn’t welcome St.Johnstone fans last week and have only invited a very limited number of Dundee Utd fans this weekend, presumably to try and limit the crowd to under 5,000. Yet more money lost for the club.
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