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  1. Did the chairman not say at the time of the government loan being taken that we didn’t need it - but it made sense to take it due to the favourable terms? That’s my recollection, but happy to be corrected. Were Covid costs worse than expected if they’re saying the full £1.7m went on Covid costs? I believe it was said that the Ralston improvements ran to 2x the initial budget as well.
  2. Maboza

    Mr Gilmour

    First refusal at what price though?
  3. This is the important point when it comes to the accounts being released. What was the drop in Revenue due to Covid? How did that balance against Expenditure (which was also greatly reduced)? And if there was a shortfall/gap - how does that compare balance with the ScotGov loan balance?
  4. Tend to agree on all of this. However, if there are 4 to be appointed then we will have at least one of SG, or the 2 younger chaps. Am I right in thinking that these 4 being nominated to the SMISA board are completely separate to the nomination of the SMISA representatives (Directors) for the club board?
  5. Was looking the other day at what it had taken in previous years to secure top 6… Most years I think it was low 40’s but one year needed 50 points for Hearts. Albeit it was the season that us, Dundee and Hamilton were all dung shit and caught adrift so all the others picked up lots of points.
  6. Considering we signed Gogic so late on in the window, it would hardly make you thinking we’re at breaking point or a club spiralling to oblivion. Would like to think that worst case scenario was that we expected to move 2-3 players on and that fell through. Dunne and Erhahon also could have attracted a fee if we were in any way banking on anticipated money. Shaugnessy/Kiltie also looked like potentially going. I’m sure we’ll have exits in January if needed. On the plus side - if we can make a real go at continuing this form, every league place is worth £80k? Every year we throw league position away while scrimping and saving in other areas.
  7. I said after the game last week that it’s great that we’ve looked good, with a game plan and effective counter attacking. That suited the Dundee Utd and Hibs games, and will do for half the teams in this league. The real test of us will come against teams who play us at our own game - sitting in waiting to counter attack - or when we need to come from behind in a game. That’s where our Plan A of not needing a possession is out the window. The test is how dynamic we can be, and whether we can build pressure, penetrate opposition defences and create real good opportunities. Motherwell game we drew a blank after going behind. Same again today.
  8. Approx. 10% increase in cost is a bit wild. Also agree that the statement is full of soundbite, waffling pish. If there was any intention of addressing the OF issue it would have been done lone ago. They’ve deliberately played for time here as can be seen by the fact that the family stand ST’s are once again being sold at a rate that excludes OF games. They’re terrified to actually get their finances in order and effectively build revenue streams rather than taking the easy bigot pound. Even against the wishes of the support that own the club.
  9. Kinda shows the sort of level that someone should be getting a first managerial opportunity. Yet we still have Scottish pundits trying to get players like him waltzing into a SPL club like Saints. Thankfully the club were sensible about thinking better of that.
  10. I don’t think he was ever established as 1st choice at Ipswich ?
  11. I think you’re a tad mistaken. We went 8 games undefeated. 2/8 were wins against lower league clubs. 2/8 were draws. The reason the number 11 might be in your head is because that’s how many games we played without winning, pre-christmas. We were never a good side. Goodwin got talked up last season when he got a decent run and a lots of things went in his favour around the Rangers cup win. Same again happed this seasons and the long, turgid spells were quickly forgotten. He left when his stock was high because he didn’t fancy his chances of delivering top 6, just like his failure last year.
  12. You’ve got to love the folk that think we were going to finish 4th under Goodwin and also giving pats on the back to the team for beating Ayr and Kelly to get to a QF! Clearly can’t remember pre-Christmas, and certainly can’t remember back to shiting the bed from pole position for top 6 last year, and 2 semi finals against bog standard opposition.
  13. Johnny McMillan. Remember it well sitting up in the corner of the main stand at Dens. Think that was maybe the game that Campbell Money had to wear a Dundee goalie kit for some reason.
  14. I think Jones is almost nullifying the threat of Tanser. I noticed on Saturday that Tanser more or less always supplies the ball to Jones as he’s got this star man tag. I reckon he’d to well on the right for us as he definitely has something albeit frustrating at times.
  15. Missed Ronan today and just weren’t at it or good enough. Robinson tinkering with the 4-2-3-1 to revert to a back 3/5 - after it having failed for the first half of the season - seems a bit bonkers. You’ve got to wonder what consultation has (or hasn’t) been had with Shaugnessy/Langfield/McManus to get an understanding of the evolution of our season. That should have highlighted the failed experiment of earlier in the season. Can’t help thinking that it’s either trying to put an necessary stamp on the team, or maybe that he fancies McCarthy as too good to sit on bench and wants to squeeze him in. Either way, it’s pish. He needs to realise pronto that Main isn’t an answer, albeit that Grieve hasn’t had a kick in the last few games (bar a cameo at Celtic) and Brophy still returning. Erhahon also looking more error strewn the less he plays. Finally, no great surprise to see us struggle after going behind. Typical Goodwin legacy that we struggle to create so don’t lay all the blame on Robinson for today. Took 5 mins too long to throw up Shaugnessy at the end - yet another thing that should have been flagged up to him as our get out of jail card that had worked before.
  16. That wasn’t their reaction when they were surrounding the ref. Also, That wank Neilson was stood about 4 inches away from Beaton already in his ear from the previous challenge. It was Beaton that gave the red.
  17. I was in main stand and couldn’t believe it was a red. Having watched the replays on sky sports mini-highlights it certainly looks like it was justified from the angles. What i think it doesn’t capture is that it’s almost the side of Ronan’s boot that catches and glances down the front of the Hearts players shin. I’m not convinced that he put the boot/studs into the man or was recklessn or out of control. It was a clumsy challenge but pretty unfortunate if you ask me.
  18. Flat from us until we got the equaliser. Terrible 1st half and we took too long to change things. Grieve wasn’t getting a sniff up front today. Good grit to earn a decent point in the end. It was probably mentally quite important not to lose today so shows a bit of character and were finishing the game well until cuntface Collum killed the game for us by finally getting his moment of glory that he was determined for all game.
  19. Get brown so far to f**k. If the club think this is a good idea they don’t have much ability to temperature check the fans. Smacks of another Misty-eyed appointment from those on our board who like the green & white. Same mistake as Stubbs. Hopefully this doesn’t come to fruition.
  20. Not confirmed yet. But yes, he’s gone. As for others asking what players are out of contract and/or could be targets for Aberdeen. I’d guess Alnwick definitely, possibly Tanser (who he seems to like) and maybe Brophy at a push? Apart from Alnwick, I couldn’t really say we have anyone that would be ‘Aberdeen class’, in terms of their ambitions at least, rather than their current position. Ps. Could see him making a play for JJ certainly and maybe Gogic / Ronan. None of whom we could expect to keep.
  21. Disappointing to lose Goodie. As likeable and decent a manager that we’ll ever have and someone who really knows and loves the club. Tough gig for him at Aberdeen but I genuinely wish him well and wouldn’t want him to fail. Got to respect his ambition to go to another level and earn a much higher salary for his family. Just a shame that it’s coming about on such a good run of form. It would have been good to see if he could’ve delivered top 6 for us. There’s a bit of this that is him leaving while his stock is high, rather than some of the long lows we’ve tolerated without being under any major pressure. Credit deserved where it’s due for stabilising and improving SMFC. Football and tactics weren’t great for spells and was never the most open and expansive football, but his league position last year is the standout in our recent history. Slight disappointment that he didn’t land the top 6 from the position we were in and at least a cup final after getting SF’s against 2 non old-firm clubs. It’s a shame that he’s not staying long enough to see what this season can deliver. I guess that’s the nature of it. Any of our players or managers going on to a bigger club will have done us a decent turn unlike plenty of wage thieves we’ve had over the years.
  22. That’s what I was wondering as well. All I see is paper noise so far without even the confirmation that Aberdeen have agreed to pay the release clause which would be the pre-requisite for us granting permission to speak. Even then - nothing to suggest JG is first choice. Seems to be more than a few people thinking this is a done deal without anything to show for it yet.
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