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  1. Really strong first half performance. Hopefully get a couple more second half.
  2. I’m not questioning the fact those people will think it’s the right thing to do. I’m questioning their motives for thinking that.
  3. Anyone indulging in this virtue signalling, patronising, look at me look at me utter pish should be forever banned from Hampden. C’mon Scotland!!!! Right intae thum!!
  4. Absolutely, but as ClydebankSaint said, it was the correct decision for the wrong reason.
  5. Got what we deserved tonight despite creating so many openings in the final third. Our decision making (and let’s not kid ourselves ability) to find any sort of decent final ball is absolutely abysmal. It’s a shame because there really was some decent stuff played up to the final third that just went completely to waste time after time.
  6. Our unerring ability to fail to find a St. Mirren jersey in the box is something to behold. Quite stupendous.
  7. We’ve wasted so many great opportunities tonight through slightly (or sometimes horribly) misplaced final balls. I think it’s actually been a decent game with both teams just failing with the final pass/finish. Story of a St. Mirren supporters life I suppose.
  8. Anyone else’s stream very poor quality tonight?
  9. It’s not a laptop. It’s an iPad with a keyboard.
  10. In the Invergarry as promised. Guess who’s driving
  11. Ha ha. As Jimmy H is fond of saying “I resemble that remark!”.
  12. Cheers Buddie. Me and my mate go up that way quite often to do a few hills (or at least we did before Covid). Looking forward to getting back into although my current fitness levels leave a lot to be desired. You’re certainly right about the phone signal up there, but fortunately the lodges that we stay in have broadband 👍
  13. Driving up from Glasgow to Dornie today en route to Kylesku. Reckon by 3pm we’ll be round about Invergarry so we’ll pop into the Invergarry Hotel for a bit and I’ll fire the game up on my iPad. St. Johnstone 0 St. Mirren 7
  14. I'm putting this firmly in the "believe it when I see it" category.
  15. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it, but I’ve just noticed that the play off final second leg is on a Monday night. How shite is that?
  16. I used to berate Erwin and thought he was beyond rubbish. However, Main is on a whole new level of shiteness. I mean really, how can he possibly be drawing a wage in the Scottish Premiership. He has no discernible skill or ability whatsoever. He can’t even do the basics. I honestly wouldn’t give him a game in a league two. It’s one thing that we’re lumbered with him for the time being, but it’s another thing actually playing the c**t at all, let alone for 90 minutes. After a promising start, Greive hasn’t really done much, but if nothing else at least he’s a nuisance. How can Main possibly start ahead of him. It’s f**king mind boggling.
  17. Yup. Just 4 league games ago after he had already lost 3 league games. Tell you what, take out Celtic, Rangers and possibly Hearts and this has to be the worst top league in Scotland in living memory. Utter dross.
  18. The same person that gets blamed every week. The useless c**t in the dugout.
  19. As long as we don’t lose, that’s maybe a better result…….just in case Dundee catch us too.
  20. Ha ha. Main is actually comically bad.
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