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  1. Don’t let Baz hear you say that 😁
  2. Gilmour is the only point of selection that I feel strongly about. I’ll be pretty relaxed about whoever starts in all other positions. I don’t really mind which two of the remaining centre backs start with Tierney in the back 3 and although I’d love Patterson to start ahead of O’Donnell, I don’t think he will and I’ll be perfectly happy with that.
  3. The sad thing is if he was head to head with virtually any one of our other first choice midfielders I’d probably understand him not starting. However, (and I don’t want to slag him off as he’s been good in the past) McGregor has been poor and offered very little for quite some time now, be it for Scotland or for Celtic. I’d hate to think that Gilmour remained unselected due to either a misplaced sense of duty or a lack of adventure on the part of Steve Clarke.
  4. Just thought I’d helpfully point out a very recent example of when FS did indeed admit he was wrong. 👍
  5. Agreed. When we first qualified I was very much of the “please God just don’t let us get humiliated” opinion. However, I am much more confident now. I think our top players appear to be on excellent form, our fair to middling players seem to be at the top of their game and I’m particularly pleased with the injection of youth into the squad as a potential way to change things up if required.
  6. Probably doesn’t do any harm to be away from the immediate glare of the Scottish media
  7. Honestly not doing my usual jump to the defence of the SG, but (genuine question) do you know for sure that it was definitely an SG decision. If so, it’s made even stranger by the fact that UEFA are allowed to have a souvenir stall open, but the pie stall has to shut. What’s the difference?
  8. I planned to watch the game myself but ended up going out for something to eat. Although it can’t be denied that 3-1 against Albania is an ok result, I’ve heard from many sources (including our own Jimmy H) that the Czechs were far from impressive. Also a lot of folk saying that they looked incredibly vulnerable down the flanks defensively and had zero width in attack. The inference being that a better team than Albania would have exposed these frailties more. Let’s hope that’s true, but we all know I guess that the only thing that matters is what happens on the day. I’m definitely a lot more confident than I was before.
  9. Disagree mate. for a start I don’t think both Dykes and Adams will start. I also think Cooper will replace Gallagher and possibly Hendry will replace Hanley. I think one of Christie, Armstrong or Fraser will come in for either Adams or Dykes. Probably Adams. Il not saying that’s the team I want to start, but I think it’s the team Clarke will pick.
  10. I don’t think either team is our first team.
  11. Ha ha. I think we all know that Luxembourg are a different prospect these days and a much tougher nut to crack than they used to be. I’d settle for a clean sheet and at least a couple of goals.
  12. Watching Italy v Czech Rep on Sky. I know Italy are a decent side and I’ve no idea to what extent the Czechs have a full strength side, but (famous last words) I’ve seen nothing to fear. They’ve hardly had a kick. 4-0 Italy with 8 minutes to go.
  13. Ha Ha. Naw she’s still alive and kicking. In fact I’m pretty sure you’ve met her in the Court Bar.
  14. This record broke my heart. Reason? My 7 inch single was sitting up against the record player (mind those record players where you could stack about half a dozen singles at a time but the sound got more wonky the more they dropped). Anyway, my big sister “accidentally” stood on it and snapped in two. Ring a ding a ding, no more Willie on the wing 😩 Never forgave her for that.
  15. This one got a bit of a panning for being overly negative. Never understood that. I thought it was brilliant song and on the contrary was optimistic.
  16. Comfortably the best for me....
  17. Shame about Durmus. Would’ve liked him to stay. If Connolly re-signs I’ll be quite happy. But get JDH to f**k. Nowhere near good enough to be pissing us around for this long. I’m not even that convinced that I’d want him to stay.
  18. Not sure if he touched the ball 🤷‍♂️ He certainly didn’t get a single commentator mention after he came on.
  19. They could bloody do with one. Struggling 0-0 at HT.
  20. Jamie on the bench for Ireland.
  21. Imagine also the backlash from non football fans complaining about vaccine queue jumping.
  22. No. I got offered one but it was too late in the day and the travel expenses were going to be ridiculous. Also wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like so reluctantly turned it down.
  23. I think they should congregate at the top of Northumberland Avenue. Give a wee wave to the key workers in Traf Square. Then have a Paris style march down The Mall and take over Green Park. Then Jubilee line from Green Park to Wembley Park. Toffee!!
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