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  1. Or just miserable bassturts! I mean it’s no like we don’t have plenty of them 🤣
  2. How do you know that displaced fans would’ve turned up in another part of the ground? I’d say there’s a fair chance that they wouldn’t have. Can’t believe that after the numbers prove we are not really any worse off than the last game, you’re still championing that stance. You’re having a shocker mate.
  3. Not often I say anything nice about Kris Boyd, but fair play to him. He’s making sure the emphasis is on how good we were rather than how poor Celtic were.
  4. I’m speechless. That’s the best performance I’ve seen from us in many a year. Every single player played their part. Almost impossible to pick out individual players, but I thought Strain was superb and the shift put in by Main and Ayunga up front was incredible.
  5. Erm….I know. That’s why I said in my post “the football authorities”. Not sure what your point was there.
  6. I read it differently. Football has been cancelled because it is deemed inappropriate by the football authorities at a time when we should all be mourning the death of her madge.
  7. What do normal people do on a Saturday afternoon? Any tips?
  8. Ha ha. I was reading your post and was about to reply saying “I don’t want you in my pub quiz team” but then I finished reading it 🤣🤣
  9. Well depending on how much you’re prepared to stretch a point, you could say that the Scottish football authorities are forcing clubs to mourn.
  10. Robert Snodgrass is a thoroughly decent human being and a better role model for young players you could not find. He was also a bloody good player. I will be surprised though if he makes much of an impact in the Scottish Premiership at this stage in his career. Although I’d have taken a punt on him in a heartbeat.
  11. The Shamrock Rovers fans thing was truly horrible. Hundreds of grown adults singing that pish. I struggle to know what goes through some folks heads. Its mob mentality too. I bet not one of them would’ve stood in the street and sung that by themselves.
  12. I’m sorry Doug, you’re a good lad, but that is a load of completely over the top shite. What gives you the right to decide what people should think. I completely agree that some stuff (which there has been almost none of on here) is totally unacceptable, but how dare you pontificate about how sad people ought to feel or how important this event ought to be to them. I for one will say the bloody fitba matches being cancelled is a joke. Absolutely no need for it. You “grieve” your loss in your way and leave others to decide for themselves. As you will no doubt be able to tell, your post has f**kin annoyed me.
  13. No convinced who the bigger fannies are. The one shouting f**k the Queen or the ones singing GSTQ.
  14. Sad yes, but no sadder than any old codger passing away. My auld maw was younger than Liz but I missed her TV coverage. Beyond any basic human emotion that it’s sad when anyone dies, I couldn’t give a monkeys.
  15. Absolute garbage today. Gubbed by one of the worst teams in the league. Got to disagree with @faraway saint. As good as we’ve been the last couple of weeks, we were awful today. Bad day at the office. Move on.
  16. This is like the first game of the season against Motherwell.
  17. The old Main has well and truly returned today. Dreadful.
  18. My IPTV is showing our game. It’s unreal how often it’s our game that’s the only one not working.
  19. I went to a combination of Langcraigs and Foxbar primary schools between 1971 and 1978 and most of my pals were Saints fans. In fact I’m struggling to think of any who actively supported the old firm. And @antrin, before you have a go at me for using the term “old firm”, they definitely did exist back then 😀😀
  20. I would never buy a ticket for a Saturday home game against either of the OF if I knew I could only make the Saturday. Almost certain to be subject to some disruption. When will folk stop being surprised by this??
  21. Hibs v Rangers last weekend was midday on Saturday.
  22. Of course! That goes without saying 🤣
  23. Think my pride will be getting swallowed and I’ll be ready to take the plunge next Saturday if we beat St. Johnstone.
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