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  1. Ha ha. That got the wee munch I was after 😘.
  2. Anybody watchin the tie tonight in the self proclaimed greatest cup competition in the world, contested by two teams from the self proclaimed best league in the world? What a f**kin snorefest.
  3. How come? What was the point of putting it in place?
  4. I’m happy for you to make this valid claim PB as it only serves to further make the basic point I’m trying to make i.e that the EPL isnae the best. That said, you highlight a relatively small group of top players and I bet they’ll all play n England at some point. I still think that overall the money will mean that there is a greater concentration of “top” players in England than anywhere else, but as I’ve already said, I don’t believe that makes EPL better, or more entertaining than the others. Anyway!!! Murn 2 Celtic 0 👍
  5. Just to be clear, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it here and there. I just won’t have it that it’s universally good and I don’t think it’s as good as it’s made out to be. As for tussles between the likes of Fulham and Brighton. Of course you’ll get some good ones. You’ll also get some absolutely shite ones. Just the same as you do between Motherwell and Hibs, or St. Mirren and Ross County etc etc.
  6. In fairness FS, of course Pep is going to talk up the league that pays his wages. Do you think if he was still at Barcelona he’d be saying the EPL is the best? I think all Antrin is saying is that of course the best players are playing in England because that’s where the biggest wages are. That (in itself) does not make it “the best” league. For what it’s worth I think all the top divisions in Europe are f**ked and all for the same reason. The Champions League. Every top league in Europe is now dominated by the same tiny group of clubs and the gap just continues to grow. Don’t let the perceived competition in the EPL this season cloud that. For one this season it totally f**ked up for all the reasons we know and that competition appears to be dissipating now as the creme rises to the top.
  7. Gerrard will get manager of the year without any shadow of a doubt. They’ll make out that it’s some big achievement. Phoenix from the flames and all that shite.
  8. Ha ha. It’s amazing what a fuss folk can make about something when they haven’t even bothered to find out the facts.
  9. It’s a cracking song. Don’t think I’ll be breakin out the moves anytime soon though.
  10. I’m at the guarded optimism stage at the moment. If we win on Wednesday night, I will instantly become a rosy cheeked lunatic and will be shouting for us to put pressure on Celtic for the second Champions League slot. 🥳 That’s how easily swayed I am. It’s quite pathetic really. 😁
  11. Was there clarification in the end over the length of Alnwick’s suspension?
  12. Two words to describe today’s victory. Toe Fee.
  13. Exactly! Livi are above us so why would you want them to win?
  14. Agree. I wouldn’t bench him if his attitude is ok. I would remove the contract offer though if he doesn’t want to sign it. Then if he doesn’t get a better offer elsewhere, we offer him a contact on lesser terms than the one he’s being offered now.
  15. If we can believe what we’re told and a contract has been on the table for a few weeks now, I’d tell him he has until the middle of next week to sign it, or it will be removed. Then he can go in the summer with our best wishes. He’s a good player but he’s not that good that we should stand for him pissing about.
  16. You’re right. Believe it or not the away win I’d forgotten was Celtic!! 😳 Anyway, strengthens my question even more.
  17. I was thinking let’s beat Killie this Saturday ahead of two difficult games at home to Celtic and away to Aberdeen. After that we have a run of 4 home games. Then I thought, f**k! Of the 8 wins we’ve had this season, 5 of them have been away from home. So are we no very good at home? 🤔
  18. That’s the point I’m making. It’s NOT a sending off as long as he’s deemed to have made a genuine attempt to win the ball. Daft as it sounds, that’s the new rule.
  19. That’s news to me. I always assumed it was something that was just written into most loan agreements between the clubs concerned. Didn’t realise it was a actual rule. Learn something new every day as they say.
  20. Oaky and God, you need to update yourselves on the rules I think. Delpierro has merit in his post. The “last man” thing is no longer a guaranteed red card. If the tackler is deemed to have made a genuine attempt to get the ball, then the offence is now a yellow card. If you think Alnwick made no attempt to win the ball, then fair enough it’s a red. I personally think he did make a fair attempt to get it and was just a little late. I don’t think his intent was to bring the man down. In that scenario, it’s a yellow. This was discussed at length after the Man Utd game last night after the Southampton boy got sent off and David Luiz earlier for the same type of offence. Both were deemed to have made no attempt to get the ball. This was particularly ridiculous in the case of the Southampton lad, as in his efforts to pull out of the tackle altogether, he was deemed to have made no attempt to tackle so was sent off. If he’d continued with the tackle, even if he’d fouled the man, it would have been a yellow. Mental. But that’s football for you these days.
  21. Livi’s run is just getting ridiculous. Surely to f**k they can’t keep this up. Must be jotters time for McInnes now surely.
  22. On one hand you could say it’s really annoying because one brain fart cost us the game. Made doubly frustrating by the fact that neither of Hibs goals were really anything to do with being down to 10 men. Only upside it that we gave it a go. I just hope this doesn’t derail any momentum we had built up. Totally hypothetical I know, but I feel very strongly that we would’ve won that game tonight with 11 v 11.
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