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  1. Weatherman and all round good guy ( had a pint with him in a pub in Yorkshire many years ago) joins the 2016 list.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38294661
  2. Great weekend of gigging just gone. Placebo and Minor Victories at the Hydro on Friday (Minor Victories are feckin superb), then The Fannies at the Barras. Great stuff.
  3. Really sad to hear this. When I worked for Lucozade, Davy was one of my customers, working at Battery Park in Greenock. He was pissing himself when he found out I was a Buddie but had no idea who he was! A wee bit before my time to be fair... An absolute gentleman, a great laugh, a lovely customer and a very knowledgeable fitba guy. RIP big fella.
  4. Absolutely gutted by this. Inspirals are right up there in my top 5 bands and I've seen them countless times. RIP Gilly. ..
  5. Should also be said that if we win, the cash gets donated to Saints Youth Development Fund
  6. For what it's worth, I'm going along so we need two more team members. Come on troops. Might be a giggle.
  7. Ok. Here we go. I'm going to say it. The Meth Heads were actually very good tonight {takes deep breath and shakes head}. There are 3 or 4 players in their team I'd love to see at our club. They thoroughly deserved that victory. Bastards. Enough about that though and let's discuss what a disgusting performance that was from us. With the exception of Morgan and Magennis, every single one of that team out there can GTF as soon as possible. Clarkson and Irvine (and possibly Sutton) get points for trying hard but their performances were brutal. Langfield is a disaster, Mallan is one of the most overrated players I have ever had the misfortune to watch, Hutton is never a footballer in a million years, Shankland clearly doesn't want to be here (do any of them?), Naismith and Baird just haven't got it, but the things that worry me most? No heart. No fight. No dig. No passion. That's what hurts most and perversely is probably the easiest thing to fix. I can handle losing. Let's face it, 17 years undefeated is something those f**kers will never emulate but it was coming, and I can't handle losing in that manner. Shower of f**king pussies. At one point tonight, Quitongo held off his defender by gently placing a hand on his chest ffs. If he'd done that to someone like Aber he'd have got a broken ankle in return. Where is the fight? Where is the anger and aggression? Sort that out Jack and we might stay in this league. Just.
  8. Yeah. That's right Stuart. I bought my season ticket in June, knowing that this game's timing would be changed 2 months after that. Seriously. f**k off.
  9. Yup. That's me. I have a season ticket and could have made a 3pm kick off. Due to work, I could neither attend the game or watch it on TV. Cheers BBC/SFA. This type of tv deal is destroying our game.....
  10. Barry Smith spotted in Bridge of Weir today. I reckon that must make him favourite for the job with McBookie.....
  11. Let's just wait for Faraway Saint to tell us who we want. He knows and he'll see us right. He's the man!
  12. Billy would be very keen on the job, now that we have a new chairman. Allegedly.
  13. Billy Davies? Currently without a club. Lives two minutes away from the training ground. Ex Saints player....Just throwing it out there......
  14. It'll all be fine. I'm sure the club will come out with a comprehensive statement about why this deal was done and what the managers plans are. Erm. ..........
  15. To be fair mate, being an ex-player doesn't make you an expert. Look at Rae. How he can't see the glaring deficiencies in our midfield is utterly beyond me.
  16. Never been called for jury duty, but I did once attend an industrial tribunal as part of a course. A wee wifie from Johnstone claiming unfair dismissal. She'd been sacked from a chippy for smashing a bottle of vinegar over her boss's head. She lost..... ..
  17. I didn't have much of a choice really. Mum and Dad were rabid Saints fans (Mum still is, Dad chucked it after Dumbarton pumped us 3-0 in a cup replay) and I was taken along as a young pup and loved every minute of it. As I got older I stuck with it through some amazing teams and times, from the Anglo Scottish Cup win, to 1987 as a teenager and also through some real shit as well. I always remember though that it felt brilliant to be different. To not support either of those horrible cretins from along the M8. I had a sense of belonging and still do. I've made some great friends through supporting Saints, had some amazing away days and I wouldn't change it for the world. What does it mean to be a Saints fan though? All of the above, but topped off by the fact that my kids are now huge Saints fans as well. Seeing the look on my youngest's face in 2013 will stick with me forever. As they say in Eastenders, it's all about the family....
  18. Absolute legend of a player and a person. A nicer guy you could not meet. I remember in my first day on the road in my first sales job going to meet Jackie and winning my first sale at the old SMFC leisure club. I was grinning like a star struck teenager just to be sitting chatting to Jackie. Let's hope his HoF board goes up before we move stadium again......
  19. Yup. This is the crux of it. 90% of our team are decent players. What makes a good team though are tactics and teamwork. Both of these things are the responsibility of the management. We are sadly lacking in both and there are only two people to blame for that. I'm now seriously regretting renewing my season ticket.
  20. f**k off now. Tactically hopeless. You've had time and you've made an arse of it. Time and again. Early? Yes, but absolutely no green shoots of recovery.....
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