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  1. I take it you've made allowances for a 'header' and 'footer'?
  2. Yeah so I hear. Can't wait! I'll sitck with Blindspot but will definitely check out Vikings. Another I've heard is worth a watch is Glitch.
  3. Personal opinion on Blindspot of course. IMO season 2 is a bit of a chore. Nothing comes close to GoT. Haven't watched Vikings yet.
  4. Agreed especially the first 5 seasons. Think it's picked up recently with the introduction of Negan .Worth a watch in any case. I'm currently watching Blindspot which really is dragging on .
  5. Both are really good. TWD just now is the best it's been (series 6 and 7). Negan is probably the best baddie I've seen in a long time.
  6. Not to mention the financial benefits.
  7. Danny Swanson released by Hearts. Worth a 6 month contract?
  8. I'm not totally against Friday night football but if the clubs are wanting to try something new then why not go for a Saturday evening kick off? The match could start at 5.30 allowing those who had already made plans to attend on the Saturday to still attend. It wouldnt be too late for the weans and those who want a pre / post match bevvy would have plenty of time to indulge. Possibly having a more positive affect on hospitality numbers as well. Seems a better option imho.
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