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  1. A muscle spasm in his back if I remember 🤔
  2. It was one of my uncles who told me years ago it was Monaco but I've never seen any evidence to back this up.
  3. The sand pit was at the other end of the main stand [emoji846]
  4. Not a heavenly angel yet, definitely ancient though! [emoji23]
  5. I remember Len Crabtree and Bob Park!! [emoji56]
  6. We were in the main stand, 6 rows from the front and still got soaked! [emoji23]
  7. Words like stream, straight, stretch etc that are pronounced shtream, shtraight, shtretch!!
  8. [emoji23][emoji23]. I got the name mixed up with Ian Gillan .. doh!
  9. Bobby Holmes and Tommy Gemmell for Saints
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