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  1. Gerry Baker. Is that v Glasgow University?
  2. I think initially, that bottles were being thrown by Celtic supporters from the back of the terracing and were landing in amongst their own support, who in turn climbed onto the running track to escape them. They soon encroached onto the pitch from all directions!! My dad and I were in the main stand and it was frightening to see the hail of bottles being thrown!
  3. 1950 according to the excellent Britain from above website! Here`s another one
  4. Love ones from this era! These are the guys my dad and uncles would have been watching [emoji56] [emoji56]
  5. …… Floodlights When I first saw the old lights, I thought they were the 8th Wonder of the World That was the game was against Peebles Rovers in 1959
  6. Carbrook St. I went to school there in the early Fifties Here`s one of Knox St., to the left of Carbrook St.
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