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  1. Sky reporting Templeton to Accies.
  2. That's not nearly as bad as feared. Not great, but could certainly be a lot worse.
  3. I suspect he bottled out of following on from the huge success of Jack Ross. Easier to take a gig as successor to an absolute dud such as Laszlo.
  4. I wondered if it had happened recently and might explain why he was without a club for a few months and has opted for a change of scene. Evidently not.
  5. Great signing, and slots in to an area where we have been sorely lacking. Delighted with this one. Welcome to the Mighty Mirren Adam!
  6. Aye, quite possibly. Still, the point stands that they are probably a bit higher in terms of standard than we might have expected as out of contract options.
  7. Ferdinand, Jackson, and Hammill. Most of us would have been quite happy to have seen these payers sign during the window, so to bring them in now looks to be very sound business.
  8. I'm happy enough holding him in contempt
  9. Not that difficult. He is evidently a clueless buffoon.
  10. Geoffrey Hayes of Rainbow notoriety has shuffled off this mortal coil
  11. To be honest mate, I wouldn't be dignifying his post with a response.
  12. Official now: https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2215-saints-sign-simeon-jackson
  13. Jesus wept. What an eye blisteringly wearisome mess this thread has become.
  14. The club are waiting on full international clearance.
  15. Just demonstrates the absolute contempt that the authorities have for the clubs in Scotland outwith the bigots.
  16. I heard it was all but done yesterday and believe it has been finalised today. No reason to question the source of the info. Announcement to follow shortly.
  17. Jackson deal finalised, seemingly.
  18. Not so far (I've not finished the entire series yet). I'll update accordingly.
  19. Agree on all counts. Killing Eve is superb.
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