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  1. Just went to book my train ticket up.... 126 pounds return. What the actual f**k?
  2. Well indeed, these are the rules we have to play by. Makes a pretty strong case for changing the game though.
  3. Has a St Mirren player ever been sent to Morton on loan before (or vice versa?) Morton fans are usually going to be on his back after a couple of mistakes.
  4. Do you understand what WTO rules are? It is the worst possible trading position, not something to be happy about!
  5. 1. Thats not the question. People did not vote to leave the most damaging way possible to the economy. 2. Correct, the UK will not maintain its position in the global economy. I don't think there is much doubt at this, it is going to enter a serious period of decline and wont be in the top 20 in future. "One that benefits the UK". You actually believe all the guff you come out with? Once the UK leaves the EU without a deal it will need to go round begging for whatever deals it can get. What a starting point for any negotiation. The EU isn't going to abandon Ireland to make the Tory party happy either, the final deal is no way going to "benefit the UK".
  6. The SNP are elected to defend and promote the interests of Scotland. What a bunch of moon howling pensioners in England & Wales want is none of their concern.
  7. There must be a few promising youngsters coming through if they are able to get these results against senior teams. Well done lads!
  8. Good lord, this just shows how poorly informed most of the public are on this, yourself included. Leaving the EU and single market does not equate to leaving it with no deal for what comes next. Do you genuinely not understand that?
  9. This is nonsense. They constantly talked up how easy new trade deals would be struck. Crippling the country by leaving us unable to properly import / export goods for an extended period of time is not what people voted for.
  10. McLoughlin will be getting fitted right on to the bench going by his performance at Livingston.
  11. Yes along with County they are all clubs we should aiming to compete against. We won't beat all of them though, I think 9th is a realistic target for this season.
  12. Well something we can all agree on for once.
  13. Having lost to Hibs & Livingston I would say it is fair to assume we won't be getting anywhere near the top 6. Hearts, however, are there for the taking. If they stick with Levein we should be targeting finishing ahead of them. St Johnstone and Killie likewise.
  14. We shall agree to disagree. Well, you probably won't actually.
  15. I was very concerned over the centre of defence, hopefully Broadfoot solves that worry. Like others concerned about the wastefulness of our strikers so far. I see good link up play but poor finishing. I'd actually rather have Cooke and Mullen up there thus far. Hopefully we will see more from them in the upcoming games. Left back is a problem still, but this is what happens when you have to cobble a squad together so quickly. Pleased with our 25 central midfield options. Kyle McAllister is an outstanding player. He won't be here for 3 full years. Looking forward to Djorkaeff breaking in to the team at some point, and hopefully seeing more of Cammy Breadner too.
  16. How did they manage to get so much wrong in one sentence? I assume the author of the piece is one of the buffoons that clog up this forum with their ill-informed shite!
  17. "the 20-year-old could again well prove the difference in keeping St Mirren in the Premiership – just as he did by scoring in the playoff win over Hamilton at the end of last season." Utterly clueless!
  18. It's not complicated, Jack Baird will need to learn basic passing skills to get a game. JG wants to play a fast counter attacking game. That would be difficult if every pass your centre back plays is directly back to the opposition. Best of luck to Jack and hopefully he comes back a better player.
  19. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kirk-broadfoot-savages-angelo-alessios-19390017?1
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