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  1. I voted no. Every season there will probably always be a better player that we could use to push us that small extra step, be it to avoid relegation, push for a playoff spot, promotion, European spot. We will never have a perfect squad that couldn't be improved so I just didn't want this vote to set the precedent that the fans are integral in the future playing budget on a regular or constant basis. That's not what I wanted my monthly subscription to be used on. However, upon seeing the results of the poll I can see that I am in the vast minority! So I am happy to accept the will of the people. But if the same vote comes around again in a few months, I think I would still vote no for the same reason.
  2. This is the case for me. When living in Scotland I would be shelling out a lot more than 12 quid a month to go to the games so now that I am out the country I consider myself to be quids in when I combine my monthly BuyTheBuds subscription and St Mirren TV payments. I would probably be happy to continue letting it tick over if my circumstances don't dramatically change.
  3. Born in Paisley. Most of life spent in Bridge of Weir. Stints in Lochwinnoch, Tunisia, Toronto, Aberdeen. Now living in Paris for the past 3 years and foreseeable future where I know of one other St Mirren fan. I'm flying home for a 24hr weekend trip to catch the game tomorrow. COYS.
  4. I would also find it entirely appropriate to expect a fan representative to read the fans forum. What I do not find entirely appropriate is for the fans representative to be expected to use the public fans forum to deal with the clubs progress on legal matters concerning a specific fan when his help in the matter hasn't even been asked for by the fan in question! There are several fans forums, facebook groups and twitter accounts (and possibly others). It would be entirely unreasonable to expect the fans representative to keep abreast of all ongoing chatter and ensure that he is providing a timely update on all topics in these forums where his input has not even been requested. In fact, I would think that would be a big waste of his time. The previous board did not have any specific position to listen to and solely represent the fans. They represented the club, the shareholders and dealt with running the business. You could always email a few of them and hope for a reply, which you might get or might not. Now, we have a dedicated person on the board who should most definitely make it a top priority to ensure these emails or phonecalls are replied to and who will bring up any issue you want with the board. But first, you have to tell him specifically what you want to bring up! He can read the forums and contribute as a fan to keep on top of the general fans opinions on certain topics and these can be discussed with the board as he sees fit but if you want to find out about anything specific, then you have to ask. It's quite simple. The minutes of every meeting won't be hand delivered and read out to you in your living room each week. An entirely realistic scenario is that this issue has been brought up by David and he is working to come to a satisfactory resolution with the fan(s) in question, and the fact that you and me know nothing about it is completely appropriate. It's none of our business; unless Josh wants to make it our business.
  5. Do you honestly think that this forum is the correct place for David to publicly discuss this issue (assuming he has even read this thread)? If a fan has an issue that they would like raised with the club then they must contact the fan representative directly. I am astounded that this isn't taken for granted! You don't just post something on a public internet forum and assume that someone will magically come to your aid. He may or may not have a clue about what is being said on this thread, but posting details about an individual matter here would be wholly unprofessional in my opinion. If you have a problem with him being nominated by GS and TF then contact him directly. Tell him your vote is on the line. See if he can alleviate your fears. If he can't give you a decent response, fine. You have no idea if he has been at loggerheads with GS and TF in the boardroom so far or if they have been best buds. You are jumping to a lot of conclusions with very little evidence.
  6. This is exactly the kind of issue that should benefit from having a fan representative on the board; someone who can directly bridge the gap between the stands and the boardroom. I would strongly urge the person in question (or any other interested person) to directly contact the current fan representative for a clear understanding of the clubs position and what assistance he is providing. If you don't get a decent/timely response then the fan rep isn't doing their job well. The whole point of a fan representative is that we can individually contact him/her to voice these concerns and get direct information instead of gossiping in the forums and complaining. But if you haven't yet directly contact David Nicol (maybe you have, I don't know) letting him know exactly what you want/expect, then you will likely be left disappointed.
  7. BoWSaint

    Director Elections

    I am impressed with the quality of candidates and I'm not really left in any doubt that they all have the clubs best interests at heart and would be fully committed to the job so I don't think there is massive risk involved either way. However, I think Dave Nicol has come across very well during the previous SMISA information meetings and I think it would harsh to hold the backing of Fitzy and Gordon against him. He's been an integral part of the initial stages which I'm sure have involved teething problems and I'm very happy with the SMISA communication and voting process' to date. For me, this albeit short track record warrants a decent crack at the whip.
  8. Good to know Sutton still has this quality. Cracking shot.
  9. He never encouraged anyone to boycott Barrhead Travel. He just mentioned that he gets his euros elsewhere during a twitter discussion. Hardly a Hollyrood argument or political statement. Total non-story.
  10. So it's pretty much neck and neck then. A massive change from your previous gloating about how support for YES has never really crept higher than roughly 1/3. You have to admit that the last month or so has seen massive support for YES at the expense of NO. We won't know until next Friday but it could well be a photo finish.
  11. You call this an excellent article?! Seriously? It is quite possibly the biggest pile of pish you have posted yet. They guy actually thinks what happened in 1814 (200 years ago!) means an identical set of circumstances will happen in 2016 in Scotland! The guy has lost the plot!! Talk about comparing apples with oranges. He also doesn't seem too disappointed with Norways independence. Does he say that they shouldn't have voted for independence?
  12. I quoted you because you said it is normal to have these border checks but in a lot of cases it isn't normal as I showed. Just because we leave the UK doesn't mean a 50ft fence with barbed wire, search lights, sniffer dogs and armed guards. Why couldn't it just be like the borders I described? Read the post again.
  13. I think there is some town where you can stand and be in 3 countries at the same time....Netherlands, Belgium and Germany or something like that.
  14. I think the point that is portrayed by the yes campaign is that the Scottish vote doesn't really matter. Using the numbers on page 13 here you can see the effect that Scotland had on the outcome of each election. Basically if not a single person in Scotland bothered to vote then it mostly wouldn't have made any difference. It can be (and has been) spun both ways but with pretty much a two horse race since the war it would be pretty incredible if the UK government didn't coincide with what Scotland voted for often. Sometimes, however, we won't get what Scotland voted for and for some people, that is important. 1945 Labour govt (Attlee) ———————————— Labour majority: 146 Labour majority without any Scottish MPs in Parliament: 143 NO CHANGE WITHOUT SCOTTISH MPS 1950 Labour govt (Attlee) ———————————— Labour majority: 5 Without Scottish MPs: 2 NO CHANGE 1951 Conservative govt (Churchill/Eden) ——————————————————– Conservative majority: 17 Without Scottish MPs: 16 NO CHANGE 1955 Conservative govt (Eden/Macmillan) ——————————————————– Conservative majority: 60 Without Scottish MPs: 61 NO CHANGE 1959 Conservative govt (Macmillan/Douglas-Home) ———————————————————————— Conservative majority: 100 Without Scottish MPs: 109 NO CHANGE 1964 Labour govt (Wilson) ———————————— Labour majority: 4 Without Scottish MPs: -11 CHANGE: LABOUR MAJORITY TO CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY OF 1 (Con 280, Lab 274, Lib 5) 1966 Labour govt (Wilson) ———————————— Labour majority: 98 Without Scottish MPs: 77 NO CHANGE 1970 Conservative govt (Heath) ——————————————– Conservative majority: 30 Without Scottish MPs: 55 NO CHANGE 1974 Minority Labour govt (Wilson) ———————————————— Labour majority: -33 Without Scottish MPs: -42 POSSIBLE CHANGE – LABOUR MINORITY TO CONSERVATIVE MINORITY (Without Scots: Con 276, Lab 261, Lib 11, Others 16) 1974b Labour govt (Wilson/Callaghan) —————————————————– Labour majority: 3 Without Scottish MPs: -8 CHANGE: LABOUR MAJORITY TO LABOUR MINORITY (Lab 278 Con 261 Lib 10 others 15) 1979 Conservative govt (Thatcher) ———————————————— Conservative majority: 43 Without Scottish MPs: 70 NO CHANGE 1983 Conservative govt (Thatcher) ———————————————— Conservative majority: 144 Without Scottish MPs: 174 NO CHANGE 1987 Conservative govt (Thatcher/Major) —————————————————— Conservative majority: 102 Without Scottish MPs: 154 NO CHANGE 1992 Conservative govt (Major) ——————————————— Conservative majority: 21 Without Scottish MPs: 71 NO CHANGE 1997 Labour govt (Blair) ———————————– Labour majority: 179 Without Scottish MPs: 139 NO CHANGE 2001 Labour govt (Blair) ———————————– Labour majority: 167 Without Scottish MPs: 129 NO CHANGE 2005 Labour govt (Blair/Brown) ——————————————– Labour majority: 66 Without Scottish MPs: 43 NO CHANGE 2010 Coalition govt (Cameron) —————————————— Conservative majority: -38 Without Scottish MPs: 19 CHANGE: CON-LIB COALITION TO CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY
  15. I drove from France to Belgium a few months ago and tried to find the border and couldn't. Again on the way back I couldn't find the border. Only when I noticed the language on the signs change did I know I had changed countries. Last Tuesday I flew from Sicily to France and upon landing at Orly airport I didn't have to show my passport to a single person or pass through any security checks whatsoever.
  16. The people voting yes do seem to be having more fun with the referendum. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153195842144896
  17. Is 500 quid a week below the poverty line? Do you think she gets too much in benefits or a fair amount?
  18. Touche! I was on holiday and missed this one.
  19. Is it agreed that all reasonable debate on the subject has been thrashed out on here and we can all happily resort to petty name calling?.... ....because I want to throw "Nawbag" into the ring.
  20. Yup. I think the scores were leveled tonight on the debate front with a win for Salmond. Darling tried to use the same script as last time and Salmond was prepared for it. Too much shouting over each other but I think it was more informative than the previous debate.
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