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  1. Sorry predictive txt Petrofac cup. And me not wearing my specs
  2. 1st match 25th July Petronas Cup
  3. I can be as bold as saying that I am sure fans council will back this. Can I ask members of the forum what they would like it to be. Just throwing ideas around a "quich"? Thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Slash was thinking the same myself about getting LED to do something before the match. I will bring this up at Fans Council. Will post on here more info as soon as possible
  5. Was that not the White City Stadium. Used for greyhounds and speedway.
  6. Wife told me that yesterday morning. A tweet from the Beeb but 5 mins later tweet had disappeared
  7. Quick look on the PFA website has all players contract expiring 30th June 2015
  8. Think you need to get your facts right SD, from an email that Brian sent me during the week. And I think you can see he is not General Manager Brian Caldwell Chief Executive St. Mirren Football Club St. Mirren Park Greenhill Rd Paisley PA31RU Tel. 0141 889 2558 Fax. 0141 840 6139 (Direct) St. Mirren FC Official Website Buy St. Mirren FC Tickets Follow us on Twitter
  9. Very nice looking. 1st time that I will buy home & away since ur designs.
  10. There is only 2 strips. And some Fans Council members have seen sample of Home and Away strips.
  11. Way things are going poz, you will have a roll as manager, coach, ball boy, groundsman and PA announcer
  12. That is not correct. One of the prizes is that the 1st Home strip for next season was up for auction, but I can assure you that no strip was shown
  13. These photographs are not mine and are courtesy of Allan Picken Photography.
  14. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Some are up on Fans Council FB page just now
  15. As I said Jackie was contacted by the Fans Council and because it was for the fans he said he would come..... He did not attend but sent a Txt on Sunday apologising saying that he was ill. I can only take what Jackie has said in communication at face value. I will leave it at that
  16. Please look out for more events coming up. Hope to announce one for kids very soon. Just trying to confirm stuff up at the moment with various people. Another one involving Iain Munro?
  17. And the Casino night went down a storm with fans and players alike , loads of comments about it, few people were asking me if Top Hat would do their birthday parties. So maybe a casino is a good idea.
  18. Stark, Munro, Somner, Curran, Docherty, Dunlop, Richardson, Logan. Thompson, Ridgers, Mallan, Wylde, Gow, McLear
  19. Thanks to all that turned up and made last night such a success. Just to clear up an issue, Chris Stewart did turn up at last night's meeting. Jackie Copland did confirm that he was coming, Ricky McFarlane was a late call off. Campbell Money really wanted to come but had forgotten that his daughters engagement party was same night. Footnote the Fans Council are already planning some more events soon, hopefully some more news later on in year. Once again many thanks to all that made last night so special
  20. Latest info on night. Hope to hear from Frank McDougall. Remaining tickets still on sale need to be quick, Tomorrow and Friday last days to get some.
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